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Belle Rose books. ♡

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Belle Rose Vangard was just 17 when she ran away from home. From the "evil" in the heart of Louisiana, from the sinister magic that infected the bayou. She lived alone when she came to Meadowsweet. The apartment she rented was just above a an old empty department store, and when she had the money she bought the available space and made it into a magic supply and book store. The only book store in town, in fact. New books line the walls to the right and left of the front door, the entrance to the "normal" books as Belle Rose tends to call it. It's brightly colored and spacious, and reminds most of the inside of a beach house. There's black arm chairs in the middle of the store and a few black leather love seats. In the midst of all the bright colors and popular books there's a doorless entry way into the back of the store, covered with dark tie-dye curtains. Into Vangard's Playland, as the wooden sign above it says. The words are painted with different shades of purple paint and splattered with bits of black paint, courtesy of the artist Belle Rose rents her apartment from. In Vangard's Playland the magic happens. Literally. She has mountains of books about magic, any kind of magic really, even black magic. She has basically anything you could possibly need for white magic, the only kind of magic she approves of. She also sells potions and protection charms for her customers. Vangard's Playland is decorated with dark colors and there's no room for sitting, unless you sit on the counter (like she does) or a pile of books (which she hates). The windows are covered with black curtains, seeing as parents were complaining some of the things inside spooked their children. There's three workers that are there on regular hours (9AM to 7PM on Tuesdays through Fridays) and Belle Rose is usually always in the back of the store, since she knows her witchy compadres do not keep normal hours (like herself). Workers: Jasmine - a long legged blonde haired blue eyed woman at the first register, to the right of the entrance of Vangard's Playland. Tyler - a smart mouthed brunette 16 year old with gorgeous green eyes, works second register and restocks. Louise - the red head, the feisty one with artistic talents. Of course. She works the third register and restocks Vangard's Playland when Belle Rose isn't there. This is a public topic, mainly created for my character Belle Rose.
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It'd been a slow day. Tyler mentioned something about a football game...right? Was she listening? No. She was preoccupied with work, like he was supposed to be. Since it was such a slow day she let him go early. Belle Rose sat on a the counter of in the back of the store, with a clear view to the front in case someone came in. She fingered through a book she brought with her from the bayou. It was centuries old and contained recipes for some serious black magic. Her back was hunched over as the book just pulled her in, black magic had that kind of effect on her. She'd never use it, she was against it, but she loved learning about it. It was like a thirst for it, one no matter how much she read she could never quench that thirst. Ever. The only time she'd ever felt that thirst subside was the one time she used a bit of black magic on an enemy of hers. It was a girl in seventh grade who said her hair was ugly; so, Belle Rose broke into the girls home and took a lock of her hair from her hair brush for a spell from one of the first black magic books she ever acquired. The next day the girl wore a wig to school. She said Belle Roses' hair was ugly and so Belle Rose made her hair fall out. It was childish, but it was so invigorating. The girl never messed with her again; mission accomplished.
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 Walking in with her trusty copy of Les Misérables tucked under her arm,
Molly's breath snagged in her throat. Myriads of books surrounded her - for a moment, she
wondered if she had died on the way here and went to literary heaven. The young teenager
walked in, a small smile on her lips, blind to any people; only books. Approaching a
shelf, she marvelled at the tomes before her. Her pale fingers ran across the spines in a
row as she moved, recognizing some titles as ones she owned, others not really piquing her
interest all that much. However, something else caught the fourteen-year-old's attention.
Tie-dye curtains in the back. A sign hung above it, reading Vangard's Playland. 

Molly, whose mind often resided in the gutter, felt her lips twist into a naughty smirk.
Must be the 'adult' section. Still, the workers here seem to not be paying attention.
Perhaps I should have a gander? It couldn't hurt. She made her way over, her shoes
softly pattering on the ground, and pulled back the curtain. The girl prepared to indulge
in laughter at cliche erotic novels.

She found none of the pornography she had expected and looked forward to reading. Instead,
she came upon books which claimed to educate in magic. Perplexed and puzzled, Molly
reached for a small, leather-bound book and opened it. Practical Spells. Raising
her eyebrow, she turned a page, still curious. Must be one of those weird Wicca or
hipster 'spell-book' things. 

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t('_'t) dedrick, duh.
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LOL WICCA pffffffffffffffffffffffft nah girl it's voodoo Belle Rose looked up at the girl as she walked into the store, the look on her face was nothing other than pure joy; this brought a smile to Belle Rose's pale face. She loved when younger kids would come into the store and be sucked in by all the books; it reminded her of her former self. Before she had to run away. Belle Rose turned her attention back to her book however, only looking up when she heard the girl's footsteps get closer. She looked up at her again to find a smirk on the girl's face. Most others assumed this part of the store would be where the pornography's hidden, and they were somewhat right. The only pornography here though was Belle Roses' 'vintage' collection and if anyone touched those boxes she'd cut off his or hers fingers one by one. They were vintage and expensive, someone might rip them afterall. "If you're looking for hipster books; you're in the wrong place little girl. Try the internet." Belle Rose just assumed, the words slipping off of her tongue before she even realized the almost aggravated tone she spoke in. After all, what interest would a young girl (by the looks of her) have in true magic? Then again Belle Rose always had an interest in it, even at the age of seven; when it all started.
☠ Danielle "Danny" Arielle Jones ☠ "I just want to touch you." ☣ Koda Michael Baer ☣ "Just shut up already." ★ Belle Rose Brooke Vangard ★ "I put a spell on you,"

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