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The Abandoned Hospital

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5 April 2011, 12:44 AM   #1
Guest Poster
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This Hospital used to be run by Scientists, plotting to create new life for human beings,
by mutating them with animal parts, thinking that the animal's lives would add onto the
human's life. However, whilst performing a mutation, they were caught by the police, and
locked up in prison for illegally mutating a human being. Although the police had searched
everywhere, they could not find the mutated human anywhere...
Now, the Hospital is abandoned, and rotting. The wallpaper is chipping off, the floors are
Grungy and filthy, and the hospital beds are infested with rats..! Shadows fill up mostly
all of the hospital. The dim, flickering lights are the only source of light in the
hospital now...!

5 April 2011, 12:54 AM   #2
Guest Poster
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Deep in the dark parts of the hospital, past the reception, past the wards, and past the
mutation rooms, lays an oddly shaped, tall box, in a dark corner, perfectly still. The box
had a keypad on it. To open the box, a person would need to know the password for the
keypad. If anyone was very observant, they would see a scrunched up, rotting piece of
paper sitting at the foot of the tall box. On that paper was the code to the keypad.
What lay inside the box was something that was created a long time ago. Something that was
created to try and help human kind develop and live longer. The scientists never got to
finish their first mutation project... So now lays a 'half finished Mutation' (apparently
they had more animal parts for her) in the strange box (which is really something like a
time freezer~)... Named Fujii Murasaki. Stuck inside the time freezer box for thousands of
years, not growing a day old.

5 April 2011, 01:20 AM   #3
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34-01 scurried through the air ducts. He was hungry. There had to be someone left here
for him to snack on. He turned a corner and slipped and fell down a shaft with a loud

5 April 2011, 02:15 AM   #4
Guest Poster
Meanwhile, Fujii was still lying in the time freezer box, unaware of what was happening
around her. She didn't know that she had been mutated, she didn't know that she had been
sleeping in a time freezer for the past thousands of years without aging or changing in
appearance. She didn't know anything. She just lay there in that box, dreaming, unable to
wake unless if someone was to release her from the box... But would that be a good
choice... Or a bad choice...?!?

12 April 2011, 12:13 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Lying on a hospital bed, Amy regains consciousness. Her wrists are strapped down, but the
leather is worn and cracked, and she breaks through them leaving only faint marks on her
arms. She tentatively stands and wobbles from not having used her legs for so long. She
stumbles to the door, knocking over several boxes and cages over in her wake. She walks
down the corridor, searching for something. She doesn't know why she's searching but a
deep need is telling her to. The scientists made sure of that.

12 April 2011, 12:18 PM   #6
Guest Poster
Fujii lay completely still in the time freezing box. Sleeping soundly. It was almost as
if she wasn't alive. But she would be.. If someone opened the doors to the time freezer
she was in. But how would Fujii react to awakening into a work thousands of years into the
future, without string one bit, and being mutated with animal parts..?!?

12 April 2011, 12:25 PM   #7
Guest Poster
Amy closes her eyes, letting her gut feeling lead her to a room labelled '2307'. She
pushes gently, leaving a handprint on the dust of the door. She walks mechanically towards
an oddly shaped box emitting a greenish blue glow. Kicking the piece of paper out of the
way, she opens her eyes and types '475-F-M' into the key pad. The scientists had done well
in ensuring that their experiment would be reawoken.

12 April 2011, 12:34 PM   #8
Guest Poster
For a few minutes nothing happened. Suddenly, Fujii's eyes opened quickly, and her eyes
lit up a bright red, like a computer screen switching on. She stared coldly at Amy, no
emotion in her glowing eyes at all. She twitched her fingers on her left hand, but her
right hand was a large bazooka like gun, named 'The Raven's Third Leg'. She lifted a leg
and stepped out the box slowly. She moved closer to a window and looked at her reflection.
Lynx ears on the top of her head, a large lizard tail on her back bone, and a large pair
of dragon wings coming out of each shoulder blade. She noticed her gun arm and looked down
at the ground, her facial expression not changing, even though she was confused. She
turned around quickly and looked down at Amy. Her large glowing red eyes staring straight
at Amy. Fujii could only see everything in the same colour of red as her eyes. She tried
to speak, but she couldn't... She had forgotten how to speak.

12 April 2011, 12:39 PM   #9
Guest Poster
Amy stares emotionlessly back at Fujii. Her purpose was done, she has nothing left to do
but wait for death. Keeping eye contact, she lowers herself to the cold hospital floor and
sits cross-legged.

12 April 2011, 12:44 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Fujii kept staring down at Amy. She then attempted to sit down, jabbing trouble because
of her lizard tail, and the weight of her large dragon wings. She finally sat down and
cocked her head to the side slightly.
"W-where am I..? What h-happened to me..?" she asked Amy in her low boyish voice,
struggling to remember how to speak properly.

12 April 2011, 12:51 PM   #11
Guest Poster
"My purpose was to release you." Amy says in a low, dead voice, using the only words she
was taught. She blinks, still looking into Fujii's red eyes with her own green ones.

12 April 2011, 12:58 PM   #12
Guest Poster
Fujii blinked several times and sighed. That didn't answer her questions at all. She went
to run her fingers through her short, messy hair, but by accident lifted her gun arm
instead of her normal hand. She knocked the gun arm hard against her head, and winced
slightly. It didn't knock her out..? Perhaps she was made stronger..? She shook her head,
and looked around the room. She wondered if there was anybody else there in the hospital.

12 April 2011, 01:38 PM   #13
Guest Poster
Amy suddenly realises that Fujii asked her questions, "You're in the hospital." She says.
She had been programmed with these most predictable answers too. "You are an experiment.
Body parts of animals have been grafted onto you to see whether it would enhance your

12 April 2011, 01:50 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹☢CAUTION!!☢›, 12 April 2011
Fujii stared at Amy again, her head cocked to the side. Her lynx ears began twitching
slightly as she thought.
"... if I'm here.. and the scientists aren't..." she mumbled.
She then remembered everything. Her parents had died, and the scientists had kidnapped her
and knocked her out.
"Whilst I was knocked out.. they did this to me..?" she mumbled.
Her eyes glowed a bright red with anger. Her passion for revenge on the humans was coming
back to her.

Aleana arrived outside the Abandoned Hospital. She looked up in amazement, not letting go
of Shirak's hand.
"Wow.... I wonder if there is anyone inside~" she smiled.

12 April 2011, 01:57 PM    #15
Guest Poster
Amy pauses, not really understanding, "The scientists grafted animal parts onto you to
see if it would enhance your lifespan." She repeats the phrase, hoping it would answer the
question. She looks down, feeling uncomfortable under the girl's stare, and guilty for not
being able to help more.

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