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9 January 2011, 12:11 PM   #1
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This is undisputed territory around Devil's Island. Its every spot between the citys, and
the edge of the Island, where no one goes due to fear.
It is a great place for meeting people.
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9 January 2011, 08:50 PM   #2
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 With the precious buckets of blue and green paint held tautly by the handle with his
hands, Acanthus skipped along the shimmering and peaceful area, smiling easily and out
about. The cities were at either sides but quite a bit away. A little plotting never hurt
anyone, so said the boy to the fragment of his mind. He dropped the blue paint roughly to
the ground then nudged it over with his foot, the colours shifting out all over the
ground. To the right of him was that empty wall he'd noticed earlier that day and the sole
reason he'd 'borrowed' some paint. He moved his hand above the blue colours, slowly
lifting it by that. And with a quick swing of his arm, it splattered onto the wall,
creating a rather strange and messy strike upon it. A wicked giggle came from the youkai.
"Good start, good start~" He said, kneeling down and pressing both hands into the color
then getting back up and - well - hand painting it if you would. 
 "Creative, oh, you joyous little one, be creative~" Acanthus sang out softly to himself.

OOC: not wanting get into other's business so went to empty topic, say wut.
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10 January 2011, 09:03 PM   #3
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Lisa walked between the towns on her way to the forest, deeply engrossed in her music and
seemingly only interested in the shuffle of her own feet. "I can't get nooo....
satisfaction..." she started to sing one of the songs, ignoring the warning to be
complertely alert and wary no matter what. These lands can be very dangerous, she was
warned. When your not in a city, yoiu aren't safe, she was warned. But still she walked
aimlessly along the road, forgetting her destination completely... until she ran into the
wall. "Gyah!" she immiediately clapped her hand to her forehead. It looked as if it were
bleeding, but that was merely the paint that had not yet dried. She paused the music and
started at Acanthus. "That was a very rude thing to do, letting me hit my head like that!"
she said, meaning to be triumphant, yet it came out as a whine.
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10 January 2011, 09:10 PM   #4
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Acanthus was naturally never ever aware of the people who'd swoon about here and there,
quite use to the passerby's by all means necessary. So when he heard the sounds of someone
faintly coming along, ignoring it was the only matter that seemed appropriate as he
hand-painted the wall, smashing his palms easily to its concrete to cause the destained
colour of blue to spread about, slipping to the colours in which were already there - or
colour I might say. Red and blue made purple - so where they met, it was purple. 
 Suddenly to a nearby, there was a thump that sounded about and quickly he looked over,
his brown eyes blinking with only slight surprise. It's not quite the every day you see
a moron thump to a stone, commented the boy easily in his mind. 
 But just as it had been thought forth, Acanthus returned his gaze back to what he was
doing as the girl whined about a matter that was clearly none of his fault. To an extent,
he was rather annoyed but was too much of a sharp fellow to actually gripe back to her.
"It's not of my business, little lady," Acanthus said with a languid tone of voice, almost
sounding stoic, "if you hit your head, you hit your head." This was said almost with a
hint of tone that seemed rather 'Captian Obvious'; hoping she'd get the mind from the
gutters and realize so much that a stranger's little bumped head didn't truly have any of
his concern.
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11 January 2011, 11:47 AM   #5
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She stared at him. "God, you are such a dick. A REAL man would ask me if I were OK, if
they didn't apologize!" she said. She took the paint buckets in her hand nad tried to
invisible them and herself, and it didn't work because that she couldn't use the ability
on paint. Her forehead where the paint was was also visible. She muttered something
undiscernable, then splashed the paint at him. If she couldn't hurt him using camouflage,
at least she could do this. Lisa was a very quick-tempered person, so if you hit her the
wrong way then she would blow. In her mind she had been heading to the forest and the man
had prevented her from doing so using some unknown powers that only he knew about. She had
seen illusionists, and she was sure that he couldn't be more than an amateur
illusionist... she knew that with the right tricks she could get him out of her mind.
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11 January 2011, 01:28 PM   #6
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 He merely looked over as he mulled over the whole idea of her words - which he found to
be uselessly entertaining by many means. When she splashed Acanthus with a the paint, a
silly little laugh came out from him. He rubbed some of the green colours from his white
shirt and merely pressed it to the blue, making teal with the strange little painting he
was doing on the concrete wall before him. It didn't much matter, but he didn't truly want
to make that colour. The boy wanted to do so with the red, that way he would come across
brown or grey, depending on which was suitable for the combination, but it seemed not
because some little klutzy girl had the mind to mess it up.
 "If he's not a dick, then would a man really be a man? Sounds quite like androgyny then."
It almost came out as a mutter, as if he was annoyed, which was unbearably true to an
extent. A sile swept across the youkai's facade and he leaned back, not giving the girl a
further glance. He rubbed some green from his sleek black hair as he spoke, "You've got
quite an eschewed mind, haven't you? I've nothing to apologize for in the meantime...
however, you are quite correct." A smirk came over but there was still no look over. He
put his hand on the wall in front of him, "Did the little lady hurt you? Are you fine?"
Acanthus crooned to it, then coming forth with a humored chuckle as he pulled back,
 "If anyone deserves the question or apologization, I'd vote the wall." Pause. He finally
looked over but not with an entertained expression, almost like a glare of void, "after
all, you did carelessly bump into it." "Anyywwwhhhooooo~" He looked back to the
wall and mindlessly began to paint over it with his hands, happily now, "It's not like I
knew some girl was... oh... there has to be a nice way to put it... hmmm~ Oblivious?
Mayhap so..." Acanthus seemed to mull over it aloud before finishing finally - "I didn't
know there would be a person, over all, oblivious enough to run into a painted wall. Nor
be immature enough to splatter paint like so, just because she 'believed' she deserved an
 "Isn't that correct? Or should I expect some more shortly-tempered humor from you or can
you mull it over and accept?" An insensitive grin came over and he snickered about it. 
 Well, this was just mindless mischief compared to the common acts of youkai's. Nothing
but an imp among monsters.
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11 January 2011, 08:24 PM   #7
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Lisa and everything around her turned a bright red color from anger. This did not
neccesarily  make her much more of a threat, but it just had kind of happened. She jumped
up and was behind him in a second, mimicing his moves till he got done with each sentence
. "1...2....3....4...5...6...7...8...9...10...11...12..." she counted the amount of hits
she was going to ram into him. She was determined to kill the boy but it wasn't in her
power to kill a yokai. She didn't know that of course, because that despite his
mizcheivousness, there was no discerning characteristics that made the boy much different
from any normal person... physically. first she punched him. "That's one." she said, then
kicked him in the balls. "That's twoo... you know, twelve is a very generous number. My
punches and kicks can do alot to the person. oh wait that was a bear. Well bears can kill
most people, can they not?" she smirked evilly.
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11 January 2011, 08:38 PM   #8
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 He hadn't much cared for the ations behind him that mocked. He was so much more
level-headed then most would believe - then there was a punch. It made him mess up what he
was doing which was irritating - but the kick was a final straw. Acanthus let out a sudden
sound, almost a gasp, and immediately doubled over, his knees knocking in together, legs
feeling like pudding, such as a school girl might've done so. His elbow and forearm was
upon the concrete wall, supporting him.
 The imp-like nature suddenly matured; and for anyone to mess with a youkai, was a clear
request to being devoured thoughtlessly, being no more than an appetizer. 
 A growl escaped from his wavering voice. But then he looked over, black hair covering an
eye but the visible one was disgustingly haunting - it was of a scarlet shade, mimicking
blood. His hand slid down the wall, red being sent off course in just the same fashion.
Pain skidded to a stop right away and he, with a slight paper-blown trill to his body,
straightened back up.
 "Bears are one thing..." He said then turned around, pushing her roughly away, enough to
make her fall down, carelessly, "but any moron would know better than to compare my
kind to a bear."
 "But that's all little and useless words -" His scarlet eyes narrowed, threateningly,
"you seem to be the type who likes proof. You see, my kind come from a large varieties...
varieties without a name, thus' a broad term..." He set his hand to the wall, then as he
moved it back away, the purple came from the wall like tar pouring from a drain, following
his hand but to air it fell to the ground. Above this ooze of purple shade he made a
slight twirl of his index, this substance building up. Within a matter of moments, his art
was done. He stepped aside, crossing his arms and look to her.
 There, next to him, stood a bubbling and hideous monster from this dark shade of purple -
in which slowly turned to black. It seemed ot have a red eye, but it moved about all over
its body, being able to do so easily. From its mouth it would spill this now disgusting,
tar-like substance. 
 But it suddenly splattered to the ground as nothing more than black ink.
 Acanthus made a shrug, showing forth that he wasn't going to do anything then - that it
was the slight warn despite it being possibly one of the smallest things he could do. "But
of all, a silly little Kid-Chameleon should know. I feel so childish having to tell you."
He went back to what he was doing with ease. "So you should lose your flimsy anger. It's
so childish." Acanthus looked over, unamused, "Princess should proll'y go off before she
breaks a vein. As pretty as blood is, I'd rather not deal with the mess right now."
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11 January 2011, 08:55 PM   #9
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She was completely unstraye dby this. she turned her music to the absolute highest,
droning out the boys ramblings. She was dead serious now. Several blows attacked him from
all sides, but now she was nowhere to be found. Lisa was completely unphased by the
highe3st of beings, as her fighting experience was at his peak. She longed to fight him
among the forest trees, close to one of the bottomless ponds that inhabited her precious
forest. But rather then running, she shrieked a horrible scream near to his ear, tangling
with the music that had gone from a quick-paced ballad to a metal song about death and
such. She quickly dodged before he could do anything, and then punched him again. This
person did not scare her. A silly 'yokai' never would. 

ooc: maybe i should've had a less short tempered person approach him o.o
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11 January 2011, 09:02 PM   #10
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 The hits were undoubtably ineffective to him, it didn't even sway him. It was like
Acanthus was merely ignoring them. The scream didn't bother but what he did was move a
hand over, covered in green paint amongst his fingers, then snapped them apart, the
droplets landing to her direction, but he seemed unmoved. "The girls of this manner seem
so... despicable. A lose is like the end of the world, a scream doesn't make them seem any
less of the nature. Just a sign of their will to not lose; even with utterly stupid
disputes." Acanthus uttered a sigh but ignored the matter completely.
 Kind of made him wish his sister would hurry up. She could teach the irritable a thing or
two about being - well - level-headed and not quite the idiot. Oh well.

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11 January 2011, 09:17 PM   #11
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Soon, a great many unphasing blows later, Lisa fainted in unwilling defeat. She looked
nothing like the girl that was screaming and kicking and swearing, and looked like a
normal teenager, untouched by anything but peace and mild problems. She fainted because of
many things, most of them being fatigue, the fact that her blows were starting to affect
HER more than HIM. She was also running a slight fever, one of the reasons that she had
left her parents. To be in the one place she felt safe at a time of upcoming weakness. she
sobbed softly in her sleep, having a nightmare that she actually did surrender after all
that. More over, a nightmare in which he didn't care and still killed the girl, enjoying
the sensation of her blood seeping from many wounds.
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11 January 2011, 09:21 PM   #12
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 When she fainted, he let out almost a sigh of relief. Uncaring, but he made no certain
movements to it though except loking over his shoulder to make sure it was as had been
assumed, whether than being undoubtably wrong  - and this was true. She had fainted. As to
be expected really. A child Chameleon really didn't have the ways to defeat a youkai as in
their forms. But what was annoying was her sobbing in her unconciousness. 
 It was beyond almost his sanity. Acanthus had been angered from his imp-like nature, so
it was hard for him to eaisly go back in. He had no interest to her. "Oh, hush. I'm not
going to devour you. Stop nightmaring over something so stupid. You'd taste like rotten
eggs any who." He said in almost a harsh voice, trying to penetrate through her mind in
hopes she'd get it and give it up.
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11 January 2011, 09:38 PM   #13
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Seemingly as a responce, the sobs began to get softer and softer till they finally
stopped, turning into a peaceful sleep. she slept there for a long time, not really
affected by anything, until finally, perhaps an hour later, she woke up. She observed her
surroundings clearly, quiickly discarding the headset because of the still-blaring music,
and then re-spotted Acanthus. He memory had seriously blurred the start of the fight, so
she just went on good guessing. "Um, I'm sorry if I asked you to fight and everything kind
of went... I mean, i went.... kind of crazy. I don't like to lose." she said
expermentally. She sat up and turned the music system severely down then off. she yawned
then stretched, wondering if the boy might be mad about some of the things that she said
through the fight. She discarded the thought though, and waited for his answer.
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11 January 2011, 09:59 PM   #14
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 By the time with that, Acanthus was a bit down the wall. Strange designs had followed his
way, almost in a mosiac style, but with an interesting hint of creativity found withi it,
despite the fact it was seemingly 'ruined' by earlier. Soon, her voice came across in a
blatant kind of way that did vaguely any good to Acanthus but he was no longer at the edge
of his cliff anymore. Nice and laid back and ready to set aghast a few levelled words to
her own dismay - clearly she admitted her intolerance to losing, which was at least a
 "Losing isn't bad," Acanthus suddenly said aloud, not acknowledging the apology by any
means, finding no suit to, "besides, we weren't fighting. You were the only one."
He said to her, making it clear she'd failed to provoke him by really any means, "To the
note of losing, however, you need to learn that it's not a matter of life and death, that
it doesn't really mean anything until your life depends on that match. If you're wrong,"
He made a dark slash onto the wall with a shade of black, "then admit it, if you don't, it
only makes you look stupid. Especially if you can't hold up a good debate. Using fists and
feet as words is an utterly moronic debate. The truth of strength is in your words, not of
your physical-abilities. Everyone can do that," He looked over to her with a slight grin
to show he'd healed, "but not very many people can truly sit there have an intellectual
debate. And those people, when they've seen they're wrong, will back down, no matter how
embarrassing. The more you peel off clothes, the more embarrassed you'll feel if someone
sees you, right? Same goes with these types of fight. The more you give off, the more
uneasy it'll be once you realize it." Acanthus easily went back to what he was doing,
 "At least, it is what I've learned."
ACANTHUS KUNZE - Fifteen - Male - "Atomic-Based" Youkai

16 January 2011, 03:07 PM    #15
Guest Poster
Michin tipped a small, silver flask back, frowning when only a few drops came out
of the container and onto his tongue. “I’m all out, Dagger.” He whined, a mild
accent creeping into his voice. The ginger haired girl rolled her eyes at the display as
they continued on in the free space. “We can buy some later, right~? From that silly
angel town where everyone talks like a child~” He frowned when Dagger continued walking
without answering him, so he caught up with her and stepped in front of her path.
“Dagger, did Michin do something  wrong? Why aren’t you talking to Michin?” 

“You haven’t done anything wrong. I’m merely trying to stay alert. This is
considered dangerous territory after all…is that funny?” Dagger now held the frown as
Michin burst into a fit of giggles.

“Heh—that’s so funny Dagger! What could you do if we were attacked~? Get eaten?
Silly human. I’ll protect you.” Michin patted her on the cheek before moving out of
the way as they started walking again. 

“You know , sometimes you can be a bit of a bitch, Michin.” Dagger said dryly,
noticing flecks of red paint as they walked. [It was easily distinguishable from
blood—she had seen enough blood to know the difference.] “…whats this? Wild

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