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Awkward Hearts: Part 1

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Awkward Hearts
 A story by KC

	Katie Venrie stepped out of her red Mustang Convertible with a smirk on her beautiful
face. Her blond hair was in a high pony tail. All the boys made goggle-eyes and the girls
looked at her with jealousy and envy, but also respect. All but two people were entranced
in her gorgeous blue eyes, twins Jonathan and Taylor. They simply rolled their eyes every
time, with disgust. 
	“How sickening, no one cares how mean she is.” Taylor whispered under her breath.
Jonathan simply nodded in agreement, completely irritated by the scene that played every
morning. Jonathan and Taylor were, on the popularity poll, beneath Katie and her brigade
of trashy friends. They were both beautiful, but in the tanned, dark, and mysterious way.
Jonathan didn’t care about that, he was relaxed and laid back with confidence when if
comes to things like that. He could care less, but he had come to grow disgruntled every
time he saw Katie and her group. 
	“Hey guys, the Wicked is here, huh?” said a voice from behind. Jonathan and Taylor
turned around to see their friend. Brent was a scrawny, blond haired, goofball, who is
also Taylor’s boyfriend. Brent kissed Taylor’s cheek and hugged her. Jonathan looked
away, clearly not having anyone to do that sort of thing with. 
	“Dude,” Brent said looking at Jonathan. “I feel so bad for you, Jon. Having Katie
in all your classes must suck.” He put his arm around Taylor’s shoulder.
	“You remind me of that every day Brent.” He said smiling and shaking his head. The
three of them walked off to class as the bell rung. Brent and Taylor had the same classes,
so they were practically inseparable. 
	“Bye, guys.” Jon said. Jon walked into class; feeling, as usual, like a third wheel.
He sat down in his seat by the window two seats away from where Katie sat. He could feel
her demonic aura from where he sat and looked away. In less than five seconds people would
be surrounding both of them. Quickly, he stuffed his important papers, like homework, into
his binder. Hoards of people filed into the class talking and laughing. Jon smiled at the
sound of carefree laughter. But his smile quickly vanished as Katie stood up and walked
over to him.
	“Yes, Katie.” He said not looking from the window.
	“How did you know it was me? Well, whatever. You’re in my way.” She said in her
best preppy voice. Lazily, he moved his legs and tucked them under his seat.
	“Anything else,” he looked at her and smiled sarcastically, “Your Highness?” he
smirked. Katie’s head snapped up and she glared at him. Jon stared her dead in the eye
with a blank expression. Finally, he laughed.
	“What?!” she snapped.
	“See, something you like?” he said then smiled like a kid. He got up and walked over
to a group of boys in a corner as she stood there getting angrier. She took a few calming
breathes and strutted to the group of girls in the other corner. Jon joked, made weird,
noises, and laughed with the guys. He had won that match and was proud.

	By the end of the day, Jon wanted to just collapse on the ground and die. He met up with
Brent and Taylor to walk home. Brent lives a few streets away from them so he walks home
with Jon and Tay. Jon walked fast to get to their little house and to get to his bed.
While walking, he thought of his homework, friends, and his place in the world. He smacked
his forehead.
	“What am I thinking about this for?” he asked himself quietly. Reaching Brent’s
house, Jon waved to him and said goodbye. Taylor kissed him and caught up to Jon.
	“Something’s on your mind Jon, I can tell.” She looked at him and smiled softly.
Jon looked at her, but couldn’t resist smiling. 
	“Something’s going to happen soon. I don’t know what, but I have this feeling.”
He said shrugging it off. 
	“Don’t worry me too. I have a feeling we won’t really like it either…” she
muttered. Jon looked at her, but decided not to ask. When they got to their house, Jon
sighed relief and tossed his bag on the couch. He went to his room to change from his
uniform. They went to a private school, only people who were rich or people who were smart
could get in. Jon and Tay were part of the small group of smart people, plus Brent. Katie
is smart too, but she got in with money. There house was a small two bedroom house, full
bath, living room, kitchen, and a basement. Jon’s room was the basement; Tay and their
mom were in the bedrooms. Jon went down the stairs, on his way he saw his bearded dragon,
Gabe, on one of the steps. He bent down to pet him.
	“Looks like you went out for exercise, huh, buddy?” he whispered and laughed.
Continuing down the stairs, he yawned and jumped down the rest of the stairs. 
	After changing to a black t-shirt and jeans, Jon flopped down on his couch. He stared at
the blank TV screen, not really sure what to do now. Finally deciding, Jon got up, grabbed
his wallet, and went up stairs.
	“Where you off to?” Tay asked, amused since Jon doesn’t really up and go places.
Jon looked at her.
	“Honestly, I don’t know.” He said and stood there with a thinking expression.
	“Ah, I know. I want a corn dog.” He laughed with Tay.
“I want to come. Mom called and said she was going to be working late. So we have to eat
without her. Then we can go buy her something nice.” She suggested and Jon nodded. 
	They arrived at the mall a few minutes later. Walking inside, Jon stopped along with Tay.
They both felt the demonic aura coming from a high class store. Tay looked at Jon and they
both groaned.
	“Of all people in the school, the Wicked Witch just had to be here of all places and
times.” Tay said. 
	“I stared her down this morning and won. It was pretty hilarious. I told her ‘Like
what you see?’ and she got all flushed and angry.” Jon made a horrible impression,
causing Tay to laugh.
	“Well, let’s try to avoid her the best we can-“Jon sentence broke off, when
suddenly the demonic aura became so gloomy, that they both shuddered. A high pitch sob
followed the gloom and soon all you could hear was crying. Jon looked at Tay with an ‘Oh
no’ expression.

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This is really good. I couldn't really find anything wrong with it so far.

Good luck and keep posting!

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Thank you and I think I will!

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