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A Wish to be Free

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7 April 2010, 12:24 PM   #1
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I am a slave girl. Born to the master Joseph Miggleton. All the slaves call him Pappa,
because he is like a dad to us. He owns a large plantation, and he treats the slaves like
he would treat a person like himself. I am glad for that.  I am not happy that he is very
ill. He has not been looking over the plantation, his grandson has. His grandson's name is
Graham Miggleton. Graham is waiting for his grandfather to die, so that he inherits the
plantation. I am worried for what he might do to us....

Chapter 1:

Dear Diary,
The date is May 1, 1800. Pappa died last night. On the last day of April. It happened to
be his birthday, and mine too. He was an old man, the age of 76 when he died last night.
He would have been 77, but he died the minute before the time he was born. I didn't know
this until I heard Graham talking to his mate that Pappa died. I am not supposed to have
this diary. If anyone finds out that I can read or write, I will be dead. I learned to
read and write in a bookstore. Graham brought me on a leash to the store a few years ago,
I grabbed a book off the shelf about reading and writing.... so then I learned. Pappa and
I share the same birthday, which makes it so hard for me now that he is gone. I do not
want to get older Diary, do you understand what everybody except Pappa does to slaves?
They breed them like horses!They never wait for God forbid, "nature" to do it ourselves.
Actually, now that I am 14, I am old enough to be bred. Breeding season starts.....today.
I already saw Pester and Jannetta-Le get taken. I hope I am not next. At least for
Jannetta-Le, Pester is cute. Ah, the time! I must go to work in the field, where must I
hide you today? I will slip you behind one of the horses living areas in the barn. God
Bless You, Diary. May no one find you.
Rest assured,

Okay........ please comment on this. I hope you liked it!
I luv 2 write!

7 April 2010, 12:45 PM   #2
The Founder
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It's good so far! Did you make all those name up or are they real? (I LOVE making up
names, lol)
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11 April 2010, 10:58 AM    #3
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I like it so far. There is a guy in history name Joseph Mingle...which is what I thought
of when I read this story. Mingle was NOTHING like your guy. Mingle was a Nazi in WW2 and
he killed a lot of people let's just say and he drowned in a swimming pool. Yet, love the
story so far. Its pretty good and I love how you say how she feels...keep that up.

All in all keep writing!

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