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my story i am working on

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well its a horror and a mystery story. I was bored and decided to write one. i am not
finished yet but i will be soon. i hope you guys like it! plz comment!

HORROR 101 :

  Mary was a sweet and younge girl on the verge of becoming an adult. She couldnt wait for
the day when she turned 18. She has waited long enough.
Her parents cared for her for only a short time. When she turned 11, it all went down

 They often pushed her aside, putting television and shopping and other useless things
ahead of her. She tried to get the attension of her parents. But they always managed
to ignore her. She would end up sitting in her room alone. looking out the window, hoping
her parents would at least say they loved her. She waited. It never happened, but
she still waited. She was failing in school. She knew her parents didnt care, so she
thought that if she failed school they would be concerned. But they werent.

 She did drugs for a short period of time. She got drunk hundreds of times. They still
didnt care. She was getting fed up. She was really getting tired  of being brushed aside
ignored. So she decided. She knew when she turned 18 there wouldnt be a party, shed be
lucky if her parents would tell her happy birthday, or good luck in life. She knew it 
wouldnt happen.

 She left her parents house that night. But it didnt mean that she wouldnt come back,
cause she was coming back.

 Later that night.

 Her parents fell asleep. Mary slowly krept through the window. When she was inside she
quietly and softly knocked on the door. Just loud enough so her parents would be
able to hear. They did. Her mom made her dad go downstairs and see who ro what it was.

 Mary quickly hid. There was a knife sticking out of her pocket, which she soon gripped
tightly. Her dad slowly krept down the stairs and made his way to the door. He saw 
nothing. Mary took the knife and scratched the wall. She was writing something. She could
hear her mother walking down the steps to meet up with her husband.
They both heard the scratching noise. They were both too afraid to see what it was. But
they had to look. If they were smart, of  course.

 They slowly krept around the corner. Her dad grabbed the flashlight from the table. Mary
had finished writing. She ran quietly around the corner so she wouldnt be seen.
They tuned the flashlight on and faced it towards the area where they heard the scratching
noise. Then she noticed something strange written on the wall. He shined
the flashlight towards it.

 The scratches on the wall said HATE ME, LOVE ME

 They gasped. They didnt know what to think.  Her mother rushed towards the phone to dial
911, but there was no dial tone. She grabbed the cord and lifted it up.
The cord waas cut in half. She dropped the phone in panic and rushed to her husband.
Gripping him and didnt want to let go. He grabbed her and rushed her over towards the
bathroom. They ran in and locked the door. They locked the window as well and hid in the
back corner of the tub. Tears were flowing down her face.  They went silent for a moment.
They could hear footsteps. They got louder and louder. Then they stopped right in front of
the bathroom door. The door knob rattled and rattled. They were silent. They didnt move.
 the foot steps picked up again but they sounded like they were going far away. Moments
passed, and then her father stood up.
 "dont, they could still be there!!" she wimpered.
 "yah, but i have too. They could harm us.
"you know the phone dosent work and now we cant get a hold of the police. Its better if we
stay here till morning if we do we can leave and well get a hold of the police."

 He stood there in tought but didnt think differently. He slowly unlocked the door.
Then it creaked open.
sometimes in life, you need to hope for the best, but wait for the worst.

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