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Hey Sammy chapter 1

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22 July 2009, 10:47 PM   #1
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"'I think I can change him. I really do,'" a brunette girl said in a mocking
   "She really said that?"
   "Yep. It was pathetic. She thinks she can 'change' you," the girl laughed as her friend
snorted and shook his head.
   "I don't get girls. Always tryin' to be 'different' from the others when they're all
the same," he ran his hand through his dark red hair. 
   "Hey, don't lump me with them. There's no changin' Tyler Morse, all-around jackass,"
she took another drink from the bottle between the two of them. He snatched the bottle.
   "Yeah, yeah. Don't hog the wine, Sammy. Where'dya get it, anyway?" he said, taking
another swig. 
   "I told'ya not to call me that. And I have my sources," Sam replied stealing back the
   "Dad's wine cellar again?" Tyler asked with a smirk. 
   "Yep. Anyway, what were we talkin' about?"
   "Miss 'I can change him'. Time to cut her off?"
   "She's just another clone. Just play around with her a lil' bit. I wanna see if she
cries easily,"
   "Yer a bitch. You know that?" Tyler said.
   "Life's a bitch," Sam stated, pointing the wine bottle at her friend. The boy rolled
his eyes and pulled the girl's hood from her sweatshirt over her head, taking the bottle
in the process. 
   "See'ya at school," he said before slipping into the building, leaving Sam to call a


   The appartment of Tyler Morse was quite a sight. Laundry was not a top priority to most
teens, and it wasn't for this one, either. Dirty t-shirts and jeans sat in a large pile at
the foot of the bed smelling of alcohol and smoke. The bed itself was pushed up against
the wall farthest from the window that had a great view of a brick wall. Beside the bed
was a small closet. Quickly, he chugged what was left of the stuff and threw the empty
bottle into the tiny space.
   Tyler checked his cellphone. One message:
   Hey, Ty-Ty. It's Kelsey. Just wanted to see if you were doing anything tonight. Call
   His girlfriend's cheerfulness made him want to barf. 
   "'Ty-Ty'? You gotta be kidding me," he muttered. Tyler shut his phone and sat on the
bed. "Stupid bitch."
   "Life's a bitch," Sam's voice retorted in his head. Tyler sat on the bed and
flipped open his phone. The wallpaper was a picture of Sam giving Tyler, the one taking
the picture, the middle finger. 
   "Yeah, but you're a bigger one." He shut the phone and tilted his head back until he
was staring at the ceiling. "Yeah, I'll say that next time."
   How many times Tyler had told himself that, he didn't know. The best comebacks always
seemed to wait until after it was too late.


'Hey Sammy' is a temporary title.
Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

22 July 2009, 11:43 PM   #2
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This was great girl...loved it.

No constructive criticism that I can see yet. It's good, though, really.

I love Sam's attitude about anything. And Tyler sounds a bit like your high school
football star jerk. It has great potential and is very funny.

23 July 2009, 09:22 AM    #3
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Keep writing! Its pretty good.

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