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WIP - Some dude. ;D

19 July 2009, 03:27 AM   #1
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
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-touches you all- c: Okay, I made this a WIP because I might color it. /is hopefully getting one of those giant tablets of doom >:D So, just comment on the poor, almost nude boy. x] /shot. And sorry to you all that might have been wondering where I went from the club. D: -coughnoonecaresaboutmeanymorecough- I had a HUUUGE ballet performace today, fucking six-nine hours long. Practice, rehearsal and all. So yah, I'm going home tomorrow to scan some other stuff, I have been over at my friend's houses lately and stuff. ANYWHORE, critiques away~
Art is love. ♥

19 July 2009, 03:33 AM   #2
Guest Poster
Whohohahahaohoh ballet?
That sounds awesome!
Did you do good? : D

Anyways, about your picture, I really like it!
All your little drawing are really adorable :3
I love the outfit too (is this really supposed to be a boy? ahahah)

Also I think the head doesn't really seem to be connected 
to the body, but that's like it :O
Maybe you could just scoot it over to the right a bit~

19 July 2009, 03:38 AM   #3
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
Posts: 391
:D I did wonderful, and I was flawless. /COUGH AS USUAL COUGH.

c: Why thank you, dahling~
xD Yes, all my men are either gay or bisexualz. -unless they are liek, in the mafia or

The head is connected to the body, there is a little black choker that indicates where the
neck is. :o
It's hard to see because a spike of hair is covering it. LOL
I'll do that~
Art is love. ♥

19 July 2009, 03:50 AM   #4
Guest Poster
teehee :B

yar very welcom.
Lols, that's awesome. Yeah man, gay guys are pretty great C:


19 July 2009, 04:01 AM   #5
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
Posts: 391
ehehe. :B

oh yahz.
C: I'm bisexual~ I just dress in drag a lot. xD

Art is love. ♥

19 July 2009, 04:40 AM   #6
Guest Poster
Hurhur, I love your style! <3

The head feels a bit too big, but I think that's just the way you draw. 
Did you intentionally not put a nose in there too?

I like the long sleeves and the outfit. Sexy. Haha :P
The eyes are also very pretty and the expression is cute.

You mentioned you were getting a tablet...Do you know what types are good or what? 'Cause
I also really want to get a tablet, but I'm a bit clueless about them, lol.

19 July 2009, 05:33 PM   #7
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
Posts: 391
<3 Why thank you~

It's just because he has a huge crop of hair. x]
I did, well actually, with a nose he wouldn't have looked pretty.

xD Thanks.
I think the right eye looks a bit... kjsfdhvlkjs to me. :o

Art is love. ♥

20 July 2009, 11:07 AM   #8
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To love and be loved
To the point of going mad
The sweet and burning kiss is
Senses numbing
Consciousness fading away
The overflowing emotions and
Are painted over in black

20 July 2009, 08:32 PM    #9
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 The hair looks..A bit..Idk. Like how I look when I sleep with my hair up.




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