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the murder of crows

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9 June 2009, 07:09 AM   #1
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The crow screeched and settled
with a ceremony of flaring feathers
and flapping wings onto a perch
in the naked dead tree shedding
a hide of bark which hung in ribbons
and loose slabs as dead snake skin.
The long branches swung and clashed
at times as bleached antlers
in the gusting wind causing the
crow to sway against the sky
as wild kite. The crow held its perch
and cast its obsidian sober
stare to the west. The old bird
was impatient and let forth a rasping
expectant croak into the wind
and quickly let out another guttural
broken croak, swaying in its unsteady
perch where no leaves blocked
its critical gaze. There was silence
but for the gusts of wind and
the skeletal clash of some dead branches.
Again the solitary crow squawked
sternly. Moments later there was
a rush of wings as another crow
flew in from the east and found
a perch in the dead tree and 
swayed in the wind and faced 

the west 

as did its cousin. 
A third crow was seen flying
vigorously from the distant south
toward the tree that was dead
among the living trees. It too found
a perch in the company of its kind.
Two more crows flew in from
the other true points of the compass
and came to the dead tree infested
with parasites. The murder of crows
faced the west and held vigil over
the setting sun. They sounded a few
squawks and communicated thoughts
through their ebony eyes always facing
the west. They swayed in the wind
like five ominous kites bathed
in golden light beams. Finally
the old crow uttered a cranky
squawk. It was enough and
they all flew off.

the MURDER OF CROWS by matthew carleton

10 June 2009, 04:16 AM    #2
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oh its a poem btw o3o

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