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WRITING: Erotic: The Pit

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The Pit

No one believes me when I tell them I met Liz at the Fall Out Boy concert or that our hot
secret love affair got started that night. Of course only my closest friends even know
about us.  I know the whole thing sounds a bit unbelievable but it really happened just
like this.

I was lucky to get a ticket to the sold-out show and as usual I love being right down in
the middle of the floor crammed up before the stage dancing around just going crazy in the
mosh pit. That’s where I always am if I can manage it. Depending on the concert,
sometimes I’m one of a few adults in the pit and at others the crowd is more mixed. This
time there was a goodly mix but most of the people were definitely under 18.  I arrived
pretty early and got in with no problems. I wormed my way slowly very close to the front
of the stage. Being a broad-shouldered muscular guy helps a bit to nudge aside all
fairy-bodied teens what can I say? So I got up to the front and was just hanging out,
listening to the pre-concert tunes they were jamming over the speakers and on the video
screen. As subtlely as I could I was scanning those around me and that I could see,
checking out all the hot girls. I love coming to concerts. The girls dress like they want
to be fucked by the band immediately after the show and I guess some do I suppose.

Anyway, by the time the show had started what little personal space I had tried to
maintain was gone as throngs of pubescent teens pressed in from behind. I turned and
looked and could see that half the floor was crammed with people and the temperature was
definitely rising.  During the opening acts we all got thrown around quite a bit but it
seemed like the crowd was saving its energy for the main show. By the time that Pete Wentz
strummed out his first power chord we were being crushed from behind. I was very near the
front railing right just a little to the side of where Patrick Stump was belting out
“Sugar we’re going down” center stage when I found myself pressed in behind this
young teenage girl. She was tall like maybe 5’ 6” with shoulder length brown hair and
had a gorgeous thin body. The crowd behind and what seemed like a hundred arms behind me
were pressing me into her so hard that my face was practically beside hers over her
shoulder. I tried to give us some breathing room by reaching through her to the the
railing but it didn’t help much. Then suddenly we got pushed to the side a bit and out
of instinct I caught her my hand fully pressed over her small but perfectly round breast.
With my other arm reaching underneath and anchored to the railing I was able to keep us
from falling sideways and then just as suddenly we were pressed forward again with
scarcely an inch to move. The floor was dark and I no one could really see in the tangled
mass of bodies. I whispered, well more like shouted cause of the music, that I was sorry
and she just smiled at me and shook her head. I saw her mouth the words “It’s Ok”
and when her cherry red lipstick made the “O” I suddenly realized just how beautiful
this girl was. Her eyes were hazel but looking green tonight and she had perfectly shaped
lips and a tiny nose. Just as I was thinking that this situation was really interesting I
felt something brushing my thumb as it held the railing. I looked down and realized that
it was her hand as she held onto the railing too and she was deliberately playing with my
thumb with her pinky finger. Without thinking I stroked her finger back with my thumb and
we spent a few minutes playing this little private game of finger wrestling, brushing,
caressing and trying to pin each other. It was cute. Then she did something I will never
forget. She hooked my thumb with her pinky and pulled it away from the rail. I let her
guide me and she took my hand and placed it on her bare stomach just underneath the short
t-shirt she was wearing. Her stomach felt incredible. Smooth and flat but with just a
slight curve to it. She pressed her hand over mine and sort of indicated that it would be
alright to rub it a bit then she went back to bracing herself against the railing which is
good cause we were still being crushed. It seemed to me that she thrust her ass back a bit
and deliberately rubbed her jean skirt hard against my jeans which by the time had a
significant bulge in them…but thank god for the darkness and the crowd cause no one
could see anything down there.

I guess she liked the idea of an older guy touching her tight teen body and I wasn’t
going to let her down. I spent a few minutes playing with her stomach and making ever
widening forays up the front of her shirt until finally on one pass I felt the lacy bottom
of her bra. I glanced at her reaction and she sort of cocked her head and smiled at me.
This time cupped her bra firmly so there wouldn’t be any ambiguity about my intentions.
She bit her lip and closed her eyes for a moment. Within moments I had pushed the bra up
over her breasts and was alternating caressing, cupping and squeezing one and then the
other. I brushed her nipples with my finger and tugged at them and she leaned her head
back onto my shoulder and half-closed her eyes. It was clear she really enjoyed this. I
spent all of “Dance, Dance” playing with her breasts, tugging them tickling her
nipples which were hard. She turned her head and kissed my neck and I smiled. Then we had
our first kiss. It wasn’t a long one or a deep one cause the pressing of bodies was
still jostling us around but it was sweet. Her lipstick tasted like strawberry.

Then I got my second surprise, she reached around her back and started rubbing my cock
through my jeans. Again thank god no one could see anything. Now I thought, to myself ok
this girl wants to take this to the next level so I traced my hand down and slowly ran my
hand over her soft hips. I caressed her ass and ran my hand underneath her short skirt. To
my surprise she was wearing a thong and her ass felt so nice small and firm. I put my hand
in front again and probed underneath the front top of her low hanging skirt. Deeper and
deeper I slowly slid my hand, which being that the railing was high and it was dark, I
knew no one, not even the pit guards could see. Eventually I came to the top of her
panties and I let my fingers duck underneath. My this time her grabbing and tugging and
stroking my cock had me pressing it stiffly into her behind. I felt she was trimmed and
could feel just the top of her pubic hair which I let my fingers glide through for a few
seconds. Then I pushed down farther and my finger naturally slid between brushing right
over her clit. I watched her face as I did this and saw her visibly stimulated as her eyes
widened slightly and her mouth opened. Between the pressing of the crowd, the excitement
of doing this in the open and yet unbeknownst to anyone, and of course my own experienced
skills at touching a woman, she came before the song was over. Her pussy was thobbing and
grippng the tip of my finger which was inside of her and she was shaking. She just leaned
back and was kissing and biting my neck.

Then came the final surprise. She must have been skilled too or maybe it was an easy job
but with the one hand she had had on my crotch the whole time she managed to unzip my
jeans and pull by long hard cock of the window of my boxers. She stroked it and ran her
fingers in circles over the head of it and I thought I might blow right over her hand and
backside. I was already pressed so hard into her from the crowd that it was easy for her
to lift up just a bit and throw her skirt back up a little and before I knew it, my cock
was sliding along her thong between her thighs. This lasted for a minute until she reached
underneath the front and slid aside her thoung. She bent forward a bit and raised up and
guided the tip of my cock inside of her. This time the crowd helped cause a sudden surge
from behind helped me thrust deeply inside of her. She felt so tight and wet, like liquid
velvet and the “O” of her pussy was gripping my cock like a vice. She just grabbed the
railing dipped her head and started pressing back into me as hard as she could. I
couldn’t get a lot of movement since we were all being smushed but I was able to glide
it up and down, in and out a little and do it harder and faster. For a moment I couldn’t
believe how I was suddenly fucking this incredibly hot girl in the middle of a FOB
concert. I imagined what would happened if f Patrick or Pete could see us in the darkness
and they all of a sudden yelled out some encouragement or called attention to us fucking
against the railing. I sort of laughed a bit as I imagined a giant spotlight suddenly
lighting us up and the crowd clearing away to reveal our secret coitus to the masses. But
that didn’t happen and Elizabeth’s moans brought me out of my daydream. Fortnately it
seemed no one but me, who was paying attention, could hear her or noticed as she moaned
and bucked back and her face wriggled up with pleasure as she came over and over again on
my cock. This last orgasm was more than I could take and I started to tremble, my whole
body tingly with passion. I exploded deep inside of her and we kissed as passionately as
we could. I slowly withdrew out of her and my cum and hers dripped down her thighs and
covered by cock. She reached back and smeared some on her fingertip and then deliberately
watched me as I stared astounded at her licking it off. I said she was hot didn’t I? 

After that, we both sort of straightened up our clothing and I put my cock back in and
zipped up. I glanced at the girl who was crushed right next to me and she gave me a little
mischievious grin. I suspect she might have noticed something. I just smiled a bit
embarrassed. Liz grabbed my arm around her and we spent the remainder of the show cuddling
and kissing some. After the concert, we walked outside hand in hand like we were boyfriend
and girlfriend and spent another half-hour making out in my car. Then she had to go to be
at where her dad would pick her up so we said goodbye but not before exchanging info and
making plans to see each other again.  We aren’t dating too seriously, in fact, I think
she has a boyfriend now, but every so often she still calls me up and we manage to hook-up
at my place or out somewhere so our getting together is kind of random which works for me.
 Oh but we do have one date set. We’ve got tickets to the next Fall Out Boy concert
coming up real soon where we are hoping to re-enact our hot secret/public fuck. She’s
promised to have a surprise in store for me and I’m not sure what it is but I think
mayber she wants to introduce me to her younger sister.

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