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When The Tears Fall ~That's When You'll Know~ Part One

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12 June 2008, 08:11 AM   #1
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Written originally by Chiaki

Hi guys! It's been such a long time since I've written a story, so here's my new story! ~Summary~ It all starts on Kimira Falken's (a.k.a Carey) 18th day as she looks out the window from the second floor of the school from inside her classroom to catch a glimpse of her big-time crush, William Raiden, when Nick Jordan steps into the room and starts talking to her. Kimira doesn't know Nick much, but she soon finds him funny and engages into his conversation. They soon become best friends, but what Kimira doesn't know yet is that Nick has amnezia, a disease where a person looses their memory, never to return again. And when Kimira's mother abandons her and her sister, she is forced to stay with her father and cope with his violence. But troubles have only started with Kimira. She soon realizes that she is in love with Nick, but when Nick's amnezia gets worse and he forgets all about her, she knows her world has turned upside down. Her father looses his job, making them homeless. William offers them to come stay at an apartment where his father works, but when Kimira finds out that Nick works there as a client, the pain comes back into her mind. But she accepts the offer as she needs a place to stay. She meets Nick once again in the storage room, where he is searching for a mop. Kimira acts coldly towards him, but when William and Nick both ask Kimira to marry them, she needs to make a choice. Will she take the rich, handsome man that she used to yearn for? Or will she take the one she had once loved, kind-hearted and friendly Nick? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 1 __________________________ Listening to the blurry voices from outside, I covered my ears, afraid and scared of what he might think of me. I could hear everyone talking, but my ears were only open to the face that seemed to shine even brighter than the sun. I looked out the window again, the school looked very small from here. Coming to class faster than any other pupil might have been a good idea, but then again, maybe not. Sometimes I felt coming to school early in the morning to catch just a five second view of his face was stupid, but when he looked into my eyes, the whole world seemed right. Staring from the second floor, I could see everything clearly. The school pavement was perfectly shaped, though some pieces of cement were chipping off. Students were rushing in and out of the school, opening books, picking up their bags, and some even protesting about some boy band. He had looked at me again. I wanted to scream, but at the last minute, I couldn't. The door opened, and someone walked into the room. "Oh, Carey!" It was Nick Jordan, the new hall-monitor. "Oh, hey." I replied hastily, hoping for him to get out of the room. He stayed. He talked to me about alot of things. Football, studies, the hot school gossip going around the school. He was funny. I even forgot all about him as I was talking to Nick. * Nick walked me home that day. I felt sure that we would become great friends. Although I still thought of him, Nick was now the main topic that stayed on my mind. We talked on the phone everyday, although he seemed to forget things very easily. Weeks and days passed, and soon, we seemed to be getting very close. One day, he called me and asked me to come over to his house. I was very happy. I opened my closet and started to choose what to wear, although I didn't really have clothes that were amazingly attractive. His house was a few blocks away from mine, but it felt like it took hours to get there. I couldn't believe how much I wanted to see him. And I saw him everyday! He seemed very busy when he opened the door, but he invited me in with his very nice smile as always. I had to sit in his room because he had to do some chores in the kitchen. I went upstairs into his bedroom. It was small and comfy, with posters of cars all over the place. I looked around the room, laughing at the small but cute stuffed toys he had here and there. That's when I noticed it. There was a little orange bottle around the corner of his desk. I didn't mean to touch it, but my hands seemed to move automatically. I read the label. "Nick Jordan- Amnezia pills" I blinked. Again and again. Amnezia? Nick? But he had never forgotten about anything . . . but that's when I remembered. The time he had promised to e-mail her. The time he had borrowed her CD. The time when he couldn't remember the teacher's name. I dropped the pills. They fell to the floor with a thud, the deafening sound seemed to roar in my ears. Nick came into the room. "Sorry to keep you waiting!" he said, smiling. "Nick . . . is it true?" That's when he noticed the bottle on the floor. He picked it up hurriedly and put it away into a drawer. "NICK!" I shouted. He tilted his head to a side and said, "It's true, Kimira, I have amnezia." TO BE CONTINUED . . . .

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I LiKe iT :D

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