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Twelve years before the events at the focus of the series, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox
attacked the ninja village Konohagakure. Powerful enough to raise tsunamis and flatten
mountains with a swish of one of its tails, it raised chaos and slaughtered many people,
until the leader of Konohagakure  the Fourth Hokage  sacrificed his own life to seal the
demon inside Naruto when he was a newborn. The Fourth Hokage, who was celebrated as a hero
for sealing the demon fox away, wanted Naruto to be respected in a similar light by being
the containment vessel for the demon fox.

Konohagakure, however, shunned him, regarding Naruto as if he were the demon fox itself
and mistreated him throughout most of his childhood. A decree made by the Third Hokage
forbade anyone to discuss or mention the attack of the demon fox to anyone, even their own
children. However, this did not stop them from treating him like an outcast and as a
result he grew up an orphan without friends, family, or acknowledgment. He could not force
people to befriend him, so he sought acknowledgment and attention the only way he knew 
through pranks and mischief.

However, that soon changed after Naruto graduated from the Ninja Academy by using his
Shadow Clone Technique, a technique from a forbidden scroll that he was tricked into
stealing, to save his teacher, Iruka Umino, from the renegade ninja Mizuki. That encounter
gave Naruto two insights: that he was the container of the demon fox, and that there was
someone besides the Third Hokage who actually cared for and acknowledged him. His
graduation from the academy opened a gateway to the events and people that would change
and define his world, including his way of the ninja for the rest of his life.[5]

The main story follows Naruto and his friends' personal growth and development as ninja,
and emphasizes their interactions with each other and the influence of their backgrounds
on their personalities. Naruto finds two friends and comrades in Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura
Haruno, two fellow young ninja who are assigned with him to form a three-person team under
an experienced sensei named Kakashi Hatake.[6] Naruto also confides in other characters
that he meets throughout the series as well. They learn new abilities, get to know each
other and other villagers better, and experience a coming-of-age journey as Naruto dreams
of becoming the Hokage of Konohagakure.

Throughout all of the Naruto plot, strong emphasis on character development changes the
plot, with very few things happening because of chance. At first, emphasis is placed on
Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, who are the members of Team 7. However, other characters are
developed, such as Kakashi, Tsunade, and Jiraiya, as well as Naruto's peers in the other
teams and villages. Several major villains come into play as well, the first being Zabuza
Momochi, a missing-nin from Kirigakure, and his partner, Haku. Later, in the Chunin Exams
arc, Orochimaru, an S-Class missing-nin at the top of Konoha's most wanted list, and his
loyal right-hand man, Kabuto Yakushi, are introduced. During this same arc, three ninjas
known as the Sand Siblings are introduced. These siblings are from Sunagakure and include
Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara. Later still, a mysterious organization called Akatsuki begins
to pursue Naruto for the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox that is sealed inside of him.


    Main article: List of Naruto characters

The main characters of Team 7 (counterclockwise, from left): Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno,
Naruto Uzumaki, and team leader, Kakashi Hatake
The main characters of Team 7 (counterclockwise, from left): Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno,
Naruto Uzumaki, and team leader, Kakashi Hatake

Naruto has a large and colorful cast of characters, running a gamut of detailed histories
and complex personalities, and allowing many of them their fair share in the spotlight;
they also seem to grow and mature throughout the series, as it spans several years. As is
fitting for a coming-of-age saga, Naruto's world constantly expands and thickens, and his
social relations are no exception  during his introduction he has only his teacher and
the village's leader for sympathetic figures, but as the story progresses, more and more
people become a part of his story.

The students at the Ninja Academy, where the story begins, are split up into squads of
three after their graduation and become Genin, rookie ninja. Each squad is assigned an
experienced sensei.[7] These core squads form a basis for the characters' interactions
later in the series, where characters are chosen for missions for their team's strength
and complementary skills; Naruto's squad 7 becomes the social frame where Naruto is
acquainted with Sasuke and Sakura, and their sensei Kakashi, forming the core of his
world-in-the-making.[6] The other three-man teams of his former classmates form another
such layer, as Naruto connects with them to various degrees, learning of their motives,
vulnerabilities, and aspirations, often relating them to his own. The groups of three are
not limited to the comrades Naruto's age  groups in the story in general come in threes
and multiples of three with very few exceptions.

Sensei-student relationships play a significant role in the series; Naruto has a number of
mentors with whom he trains and learns, most notably Iruka, the first ninja to recognize
Naruto's existence, Kakashi, his team leader, and Jiraiya, and there are often running
threads of tradition and tutelage binding together several generations. These role models
provide guidance for their students not only in the ninja arts but also in a number of
Japanese aesthetics and philosophical ideals. Techniques, ideals, and mentalities
noticeably run in families, Naruto often being exposed to the abilities and traditions of
generation-old clans in his village when friends from his own age group demonstrate them,
or even achieve improvements of their own; it is poignantly noted that Naruto's generation
is particularly talented.

Character names often borrow from Japanese folklore and literature (such as the names
borrowed from the folktale Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari), or are otherwise elaborate puns;
often there is a noticeable influence of the story behind the name of a character.[8]

Main characters

The story of the Naruto series is focused in the Team 7, a group of ninja affiliated with
the village of Konohagakure, and it is composed of the series' primary characters. Due to
Sasuke Uchiha's departure from Konohagakure at the end of Part I, the team is disbanded.
During Part II, the team is reformed with two new members, Sai, who occupies Sasuke's
position, and Yamato, who acts as Kakashi's replacement when he is briefly incapacitated
and later stays with the team when Kakashi returns.[9]

    * Naruto Uzumaki (うずまき ナルト,
Uzumaki Naruto?) is the primary protagonist of the Naruto series. He was the first
character created by Kishimoto during his initial conception of the series, and was
designed with many traits from other shōnen characters, including Son Goku of the
Dragon Ball franchise.[10] In the series, Naruto is a ninja affiliated with the village of
Konohagakure, and has ambitions of becoming Hokage, or the leader of the village. Due to
being the host for the nine-tailed demon fox, a malevolent creature that attacked
Konohagakure, he is ostracized by the other villagers.[11] He compensates for this with
his cheerful and boisterous personality, and over the course of the series, manages to
befriend several other Konohagakure ninja, as well as ninja from other villages. He
obtains an especially close relationship with Sasuke Uchiha, one of his fellow ninja in
Team 7, and treats him as his brother.[12] In the original Japanese anime, Naruto is
voiced by Junko Takeuchi, and his English voice actor is Maile Flanagan.

    * Sasuke Uchiha (うちは サスケ, Uchiha Sasuke?) is
one of the members of Team 7. He was created by Kishimoto to be a rival to Naruto, as well
as a "cool genius," which Kishimoto believed was an integral part of an ideal rivalry.[13]
He is one of the few remaining members of the Uchiha clan, his brother, Itachi Uchiha,
having killed the rest of their family.[14] Due to this, Sasuke's sole desire is to kill
his brother, and he develops a cold and withdrawn personality.[15] His interactions with
his fellow teammates, especially Naruto Uzumaki, make him focus less on revenge, but an
encounter with his brother, who leaves Sasuke beaten physically and mentally, causes
Sasuke to leave the village to seek more power from the criminal Orochimaru.[16] His
teammates' attempts to recover him from Orochimaru form a major component of the plot in
Part II of the Naruto storyline. In the Japanese anime, Sasuke's seiyū is Noriaki
Sugiyama, and his English voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal.

    * Sakura Haruno (春野 サクラ, Haruno Sakura?) is
the sole female member of Team 7. Kishimoto created her as the heroine of the series,
although he has admitted that he has little perception of what an ideal heroine should
be.[13] As a child, Sakura was taunted by other children for her particularly large
forehead, a feature Kishimoto has tried to emphasize in Sakura's appearances,[17] but was
comforted by Ino Yamanaka. As the two continued to grow, however, they became increasingly
distant due to their shared affection for Sasuke Uchiha. During most of Part I, Sakura is
infatuated with Sasuke, and spurns the advances of Naruto Uzumaki.[7] After Sasuke leaves
the village, she resolves to become stronger by training with Tsunade.[18] In Part II, she
displays highly developed skills from her training, and a more open disposition towards
Naruto.[19][20] In the Japanese anime, her seiyū is Chie Nakamura, and she is voiced
by Kate Higgins in the English adaptation of the anime.

    * Kakashi Hatake (はたけ カカシ, Hatake
Kakashi?) is the leader of Team 7 and the sensei of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Kishimoto
originally had intended for Kakashi to be introduced earlier in the series, and created
him as an easygoing person that would be able to keep the members of Team 7 in check.[21]
Kakashi treats his leadership position with a detached manner, and is consistently late to
meetings as a result.[22] In a gaiden on Kakashi's past, this is shown to be the result of
an incident in which he witnessed the death of one of his teammates, Obito Uchiha, who
gave Kakashi his Sharingan eye and imparted many of his habits, including his
tardiness.[23] Due to Obito's Sharingan, Kakashi has amassed a reputation as a skilled and
powerful ninja, earning the moniker "Copy Ninja Kakashi"
(コピー忍者のカカシ, Kopī Ninja
no Kakashi?).[24] Although he mentors all three members of Team 7 early in the series, he
particularly concentrates on training Sasuke as the series continues, teaching him his
Chidori technique;[25] however, he is unable to prevent Sasuke from leaving the village to
seek Orochimaru for greater power.[26] Kakashi is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue in the Japanese
anime, and his English voice actor is Dave Wittenberg.
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