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My kinda short story.

16 February 2008, 03:18 PM   #1
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Twelve  (This story isnt about me)

Being twelve is be proud of and to fear of aswell.
This morning was my birthday.Im twelve. Everyone in my school knows.
Todays maths class was the most worst!!We had to do a test and a kinda homework/test to
bring home and we had to 
get 3 sheets of homework about area and perimiter.(crazy...)I should try to get the maths
teacher fired hmmmmmmm...
For geography we had to bring our slip in for a really cool trip but guess what I FORGOT
I had to clean the desks and take off the gum stuck under the other tables and chairs and
what not!!
And Hilary who is a real pain on the butt told me about an adams apple thingy that you get
when your growing up.
She sits on our lunch table and every time we have grapes she tells me "no!Cameron you
might choke cuz of your adams apple"
(by the way if i hadnt mentioned my name is Cameron)I know that might not happen but its
just makes me shiver just thinking 
bout it!!
And not to mention my piano lessons were canceled.Playing the piano is a way to express my
Hmmm what else.......
Lets look at the bright side.......
well i got some presents.My aunt gave me some shoes but they were the wrong size!
I got a nintendo wii!But you wont believe what happened after that!My lil bro spilled his
drink over it!!!
At least one good thing was i got a peacefull night....
At least i got my party as i planned.I was happy there and preety cool presents.And my
teacher gave me a little something.A snowglobe with my name on it.Yay best teacher!
But the band didnt show up......
I think thats the end then
Its the end

16 February 2008, 04:03 PM    #2
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Its ok but need to double check it but, still good story I guess

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