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17 January 2008, 10:52 AM   #1
Bella & Audrina
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Here you can create a character, and see who everyone else is role playing. Keep the Character Rules in mind, and remember, we need varied races & genders. Up to two characters, one for each land. Character Application Form Name: This is quite obvious. Name your character. Now. Race: Demon? Rabbit? Spoon? Try to have only one human character if you have two. Age: Again, this speaks for itself. Your character can be as old or as young as you'd like. Gender: Female, male, or it. Side: Blackland or Wonderland. There are no 'in-betweens.' Appearance: Describe how your character looks. Please be specific, not just 'Hair & blue eyes.' Personality: Describe your character's traits, interests, style, temperament, whatever you like. History: Describe your character's past. No tragic pasts like dead parents or a near death experience. Other: Anything else? Now listen closely, BlackWonder members. Don't start posting over sized, anime pictures in your signatures. No way. Nunh Unh. If you absolutely must have a picture, make it small. It's fairly easy to adjust the size of PhotoBucket pictures, you know.

17 January 2008, 01:54 PM   #2
Guest Poster
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Flower; Waterlily (oh you can learn alot of things from the flowers!)

She has long, brown hair with white ribbons tied in it and smaller white lillies. . Her
eyes are green and she is quite tall. She wears a while dress which is knee length and
goes into white petals at the end. She wears small green slippers. And her skin has a
slight green tinge to it. She has white eyeshadow which goes round her eyes (Like Ru/l
from Ergo Proxy, just not blue lol)
She likes to sing but can be quite shy, and it gets on her nerves when people mention
weeds. She is also scared of Dandelions but quite likes Tigerlillies. She likes playing
with bees as well.
Being able to swim well she has avoided anyone plucking her up. 
She is a flower by herself and strays away from the crowded lives of other flowers and sit
on her lily pad in the dark ponds in the forest and would like to visit Blackland although
she has been taught to hate whatever comes from there.

17 January 2008, 01:56 PM   #3
Guest Poster
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OOC// Well, I'm going to have one from each side I guess, so here is the first.

Name: Ravin
Race: Half raven, half human
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Side: Blackland 

Appearance: Raven coloured hair, which cascades down her back, forming in loose
ringlets around her shoulder blades. Her eyes are deep black and glossy, so they don't
reflect anything. Her skin is deathly pale, but she has large, black raven wings sprouting
from her back. She has a strange tattoo, that spreads across her shoulders, up her neck
and ending at her jaw line. She wears a black, strapless dress, a-line dress, which comes
down to her knees, and is slightly flared, with a black mess under skirt, and she wear a
pair of gloves, which reach to her elbow. On her feet, she wears nothing, just has bare
feet, but has a black leg band. She has silver chain cross necklace. 
Personality: She is very reserved, and prefers not to speak. She is very graceful,
when on land or air, and she keeps to the shadows, out of notice. Sometimes she can strike
out, very violently, and likes to be in control of things. She is not very sociable. She
is also a talented seductress.
History: Has lived in Blackland all her life, keeping low and out of notice from
everyone else. One of very few Raven-girls left in existence. Apparently, she was banished
from her tribe, which then died out, leaving just her, and Grace of the Swans alive. They
are rivals.
Other: She can transform her feathers into swords. Otherwise, she has no magical

17 January 2008, 06:22 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Last edited by mewmewichigo, 18 January 2008
Name: Lila
Race: Bunny-girl
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Side: Wonderland~!

Appearance: Long, blonde hair with a red ribbon on the back. Shiny blue eyes that
always seem to watch you. Fair skin with a little tint of a tan. Wears lolita dresses
almost everyday. Has bunny ears on the top of her head, but no tail.
Personality: Shes hyper and crazy. Shes the cutesy type, but is mischevious at
History: Lila is the white rabbit's daughter. But since the rabbit married a human,
Lila is half-rabbit half-girl. Shes always wanted to go to Blackland, and is about to set
off on a journey to there.
Other: She seems to love tea-time and always carries around a teabag in her pocket.

17 January 2008, 08:09 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹jazmineeeee :D›, 23 January 2008
Name: Miyu
Race: Demonic- Dragon
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Side: Blackland

Appearance: Miyu was gifted with her Mother's brown locks, they flow out of her head in
seven braids, they sit at about mid-thigh length. She has her father's golden eyes. They
are shaped in a very cat-like form. Her red rouged lips are plump, and are usually seen in
a thin line. The palest of skin, it is as white as the snow underneath our feet. She wears
black dresses, her most common is the black chinese style dress, with her family crest
going down the side. Her family crest is a golden dragon. Black demon wings come out of
her back, they usually are hidden, but when she is angry they come out. They stand to
about 5 feet width. She is 5'8. 
The shoes that adorn her feet are black ballet slippers. Strapped upon her back is a
sword, one with a platinum blade, and a sheath made of onyx. Strapped to her thighs are
two daggers. They are sharpened daily, and come out as a secret attack.
She mostly uses them to kill bigger animals.. For meat. Her clawed hands are perfectly
curved, they are highly dangerous and are painted black, with a golden dragon on her

Personality: She is mostly quiet, and cold. When she gets to know someone she will be very
bubbly and comfortable. She'll kill without a doubt if you annoy her.

History: She ran away at a young age for not wanting to be put on the throne. She was
found in Wonderland, but retired to Blackland. Her Ancestors gave her the elements of
Lightening, and fire. 

Other: She enjoys reading, drawing, and playing the piano. She enjoys drinking green tea,
and studying the ways of Confucius.
Her Grandmother has taught her the spells of the clan history. She knows many spells.

17 January 2008, 08:23 PM   #6
Bella & Audrina
Joined: 16 Jan 2008
Posts: 38
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All accepted, and Ichigo, your history is bordering tragic, but as long as you don't go into great detail, it's fine. -Character has been completely edited due to my lack of interest in role playing him- Name: Bella Race: Vampire Age: Fifteen Gender: Female Side: Blackland Appearance: Bella has a rather tall, slim stature, and very pale skin. Her hair is very long, and black, with a full layer of poppy red underneath. She has a small nose, dark amber eyes, and deep red lips concealing her fangs. Bella wears only black and sometimes red, and whatever she wears will most likely include either bows or some lace. She has a deep, crimson rose worn in her hair, and she chooses to either go barefoot or wear black combat style boots. Personality: Bella is quite hostile. She isn't very social, even though she explores Blackland on a daily basis. You will occasionally see her smile a bit, but only when she's scaring the heck out of Wonderland residents who visit Blackland. Instead of bothering to go find other people to take blood from, she's developed a sort of raspberries that satisfy her cravings. History: She was raised by her mother and father, neither of which were vampires. How Bella became one was undetermined, but it was most likely because she was bitten by another vampire. Her father serves as the Black Queen's adviser, and spends almost every living day there, while her mother still lives at home, in a tree stump. Other: None.

18 January 2008, 07:46 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Wait, do I have to delete it?

18 January 2008, 06:33 PM   #8
Bella & Audrina
Joined: 16 Jan 2008
Posts: 38
No. o___o

18 January 2008, 08:02 PM   #9
Guest Poster
Last edited by maikochan, 19 January 2008
Name: Antoinette
Race: Half Human, Half Cheshire Cat
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Side: Blackland
Appearance: Antoinette is a rather soft looking girl, thats the trick of it. She
has the all around beautiful face, purple cat ears popping out of long, rose pink hair.
Her eyes are shocking green, seeming to glow at times, with her pupils long and slender
like a cat's. She wears a black and white maids dress with long, black and white striped
socks. Her skin is a bit pale. She has short, feline fangs in her mouth. Her face is made
up, black eye liner, and hot pink lipstick. She also always wears a black collar with a
round pendant tight around her neck. She has somewhat of a Brit accent. She is slender,
and 5"3 in height. Sometimes you will witness her in her cat form in the shadows of
Blackland, but beware of her human form, for that is when she is most powerful.
Personality: Antoinette is a devilish girl who enjoys all others confusion and
misery. She plays wicked games, and plays confusing riddles with innocent travelers
anytime she gets. The only person she seems to respect or be loyal to is the mighty Black
Queen. She also enjoys singing from afar to attrack her victims into her part of the land.
Her singing is one of the most beautiful things, but don't let it fool you. She's only
harmless in her Cheshire cat form. Catch her in her human cat form, and your in for a
miserable experience.
History: Antoinette grew up on her own, born right in Blackland. She had left her
family of her own free will, seeming to know her whole way around the Blackland area from
the time she was born. She roams the lands as she pleases, confusing lost travelers just
for the fun of it. But shortly after about eleven years, she found out her mother had been
turned into a rose bush to iluminate the Black Queens castle. She thought nothing of it,
but she comes to the castle grounds every once and a while, spending time by the rose
bush. She has also become quite loyal to the Queen, being a type of Blackland spy. But she
does things of own free will, and is quite happy playing her evil little games.
Other: Antoinette has the ability to hypnotize with her eyes. She can send her
victim into a deep trance, doing with them what she pleases. She also has the ability to
morph into a Cheshire cat whenever she pleases.

18 January 2008, 10:45 PM   #10
Bella & Audrina
Joined: 16 Jan 2008
Posts: 38
Accepted. Awesome character. o__o

18 January 2008, 10:47 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Eep..i might be editing mine..mines really retarded..

18 January 2008, 11:02 PM   #12
Bella & Audrina
Joined: 16 Jan 2008
Posts: 38
I'm editing mine rather drastically as well. I'm not entirely happy with mine.

19 January 2008, 09:09 AM   #13
Guest Poster
Thank you Duckeh :D

19 January 2008, 10:59 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Last edited by manduhh, 19 January 2008
Name: Akai
Race: Panther- elf hybrid
Age: 14
Gender: female
Side: Blackland

Akai's skin tone is light, from her elven mothers side.
Her hair is dark and long, straight and silky from her panther heritage. Has ears and
tails, but doesn't transform into one entirely.
Her eyes are green, but when she becomes angry or scared, they flash yellow.
She's not so tall, but thin and elegant.
Her hair is always let down, even when she fights in battles.
She seems to be quiet, but talks alot when you get to know her. She enjoys archery and
riding horses.
History: When she was younger, Akai had run off from her family, leaving the safety of the
forest she lived in. She learned different things from people along the way, giving her
the confusion of which side of the world to side with. Blackland finally enticed her.
has the ability of telekinisis when she is angered. (uncontrolled)

20 January 2008, 10:07 PM    #15
Bella & Audrina
Joined: 16 Jan 2008
Posts: 38
Accepted. ^-^

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