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Chapter 3 of Charlotte Hathaway

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From the author: ''Um, if you have any questions send me a message or letter.  

Chapter 3
‘Weird Day’

My name…. To Charlotte Hathaway, I shake my head and told my-self that their might be
another girl same as my name or a lost twin but, not me, NOT ME!!
I screamed so loud that every-body stared at me. I dropped the book and fainted.
This is absurd I fainted two times… this is my second time at the line above.
When I woke up tall people were surrounding me including Aunt Betty.
‘’Where am I’’, I said softly. Then a mist of dust came roaring in the window.
‘’’Aunt, I’m scared, and where am I ‘’?
‘’Your in a small hospital just a check up, kind of thing, here’s Doctor
‘’Hello, your going to be fine, you just have a lot shocks lately’’.
‘’Here’s Nurse Woods, she’ll take of you in a while, in about three hours we’ll
get your brain scanned’’.
‘’Aunt, why and I don’t need my brain scanned’’!
‘’Dear, like I said it’s not normal to faint mostly, you’ve been through many
things these days, and maybe something got in your brain like an earwig in some sort, when
you fainted the doctor was in the hotel and he told me so’’.
When Nurse Woods came into the room she looked like my fifth Grade teacher, just a
 Then three hours came I felt a bit sad that our chatting needed to stop. Doctor Hedges
came in and showed a grin in the most peculiar way. I stiffened my shoulders and closed my
eyes and said to my-self this will be over soon, while I was closing my eyes I had a sort
of dream.
In my dream,
I was walking through a familiar hall-way with ‘vote me’ posters scattered all the
way, the poster said, ‘’vote me, James Ken Hathaway for class president and I will
give free skiing lessons’’ . I recognized the name it was my dad…
My dream became blank…
I woke up feeling cranky, the scanning was over I sighed in relief, then a tall guy came
out of no where; it was Jake with flowers on his hand, 
 ‘’here you go Charlotte, I hope your ok’’. Then he kissed me on my cheek.
 ‘’sorry, I was… was, bye’’. Then, he ran out of the door, I blushed in a big
way and sighed in a lovely way, I was smiling. It’s a good thing no-one saw it. This has
been a weird day, dream, kiss, scan. ‘’What a day’’!
After that day I think Jake’s avoiding me. I feel a bit down that I think he is, even
though it was a sunny day. I looked at the gloomy floor and sat on a couch which seems to
be old and rotten, then Jane came up to me,
‘’What’s the face’’?
‘’Nothing in particular, I’m just sitting’’.
‘’Sitting, eh’’?
‘’Jane, stop giving me a cow-gal voice and go away’’.
‘’We still have a mission you know’’.
‘’I know and you know I’m going to find my parents right now’’.
‘’Ok, let’s do it’’. Me and Jane stood up and ought to find my parents.
Just remembered I didn’t go to my date with Jake.......!
By, a secret Author (me)

20 March 2009, 03:16 PM    #2
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LOL LOL I was good for a ten-year old LOL I didn't know I had such a Talent LOL I just
left this story and never continued! how sad... but I will now!!
By, a secret Author (me)

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