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Post your character descriptions here.

Character Type:

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Name: Ven W. Lovecraft
Age: About 611, looks 17 
Gender: Male
Character Type: Vampire
Personality: Keeps to himself. Loyal to his friends. Never drinks human blood unless
absolutely necessary.
Past: In 1643, when Ven was 17, he was bitten by a vampire. A small clan of vampires
donning the surname Lovecraft took him in. After a hundred years of living with the
Lovecraft clan he was locked in a strange tomb by the humans who thought of him as a
monster. Within the tomb a long dead spirit of the werewolf Leith Fletcher awoke. This
spirit found its way into Ven's soul, intertwining with him. For two hundred more years
the two lived within Ven's body, constantly at odds. Ven was strong, however, and was able
to keep control. In 1943, Ven was given a pocket watch by a mysterious man. One year later
the spirit trapped within the watch released itself and took Ven back in time to the year
1213. There he became the captain of a pirate ship and sailed for one hundred more years
as a cunning pirate. Then in 1313 the watch sprung to life again and brought him back to
his own time of 1944. 60 years past before Ven and Leith were finally separated in the
ruins of the mysterious Hartland City. In 2013, the zombie apocalypse hit the world and
Ven lost track of Leith. Now in 2156, Ven thinks he may have found him.

Picture Subject to Change

3 February 2014, 07:45 PM   #3
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Does the picture have to be anime or realistic?

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Whatever you can find. Doesn't matter

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Name Oh Se Hun Age Appears to be 18+ Gender Male Character Type Vampire Personality Oh Sehun doesn't have much of a personality. He's not that kind, he's very hard to read and understand, and he hates being social. As the guardian of Minseok, it's his job to avoid any other relationships and sticks to his job, he simply doesn't have time for friends. Though he appears unfriendly, cool and snobby, though those are true, he usually grows on people really quick and if you're on his good side you get a few things in return. As long as you don't betray or hurt him or his 'Master'. Past Oh Sehun was a poor boy, never had anything and lived a rough life. As a troublemaker he did everything wrong, and living as a vampire had its advantages. However, when he was twelve his parents died and he had ended up on the streets with nothing but the clothes he wore and the skin on his body. He began to travel, and one day as he was admiring a small town he came across a sudden area covered in bodies, things all around were covered in blood. Except for one boy, lonely, his age was crying to himself. Fortunately, said boy was filthy rich, a prince in line for king, and needed to be fixed. From that day, Sehun promised to stay by the boy's side and put him back together. Picture Name Prince Minseok Age 100+ Gender Male Character Type Werewolf Personality + Quiet, kind hearted, though covered in pain and bad memories - Lost / Oblivious / Feared / Lonely - Not very smart or rational - He's own as the Ice Prince because it appears he has no feelings, and that he's a cold body. Past Minseok was a happy boy, a prince after his father and mother who ruled their small kingdom. But he was different, and sooner or later they were going to figure our how so. It all started when he was ten, shifting in and out of his form. And one day his parents just happened to see how bad he was, the angry monster inside of him. On his teeth birthday, he spent two years before locked up in a cage like an animal, his parents too scared to look at him. But that one day the monster took over and he killed everyone. He didn't remember things afterwards, but the next day he awoke to a kid his age nursing him to health and promising to look after him. It was a blur after that. Picture (( W.I.P)) Name Huang Zitao Age Gender Character Type Personality Past Picture

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I like them  very cool

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