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Nature and Darkness (Promise and I)

6 May 2013, 09:37 PM    #1
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Ugh. Rain. Great. Now his books were going to become wet and he was going to have to blowdry them. This was not his day. First, they didn't have the book he was looking for. He has been checking the library every week for six months now. So not fair. This was ridiculous. He was going to have to file a complaint or something. Second, the petunias were giving him the silent treatment for who know's why. They do this every so often, which annoys him. Last time it was because his pants didn't match his shirt. Third, one of the little birds that live in one of the trees in his garden, fell ill and he doesn't know what to do. Now, it was raining! He grumbled as he entered the house and set the books on the table. He looked outside and it wasn't raining anymore. Thank Mother Nature. Maybe she was having a tantrum of some kind. He didn't know. The brunette walking into his backyard. "Felix!" The boy looked over, it was the petunias! They were talking to him again! Phew. That was a good thing. They were entertaining to talk to and gave very helpful fashion advice. "Yes?" he asked as he walked over to them. "Your outfit looks amazing today," one of them said. "Why thank you. I took the advice you gave me last week and started to go with more pastel colours." "Good. Because it really" They all giggled. Felix turned pink. "Why thank you. That's very kind." "Felix!" The boy spun around on his heel again. It was the cardinal family with the sick baby bird. Oh no! He hoped everything was okay. He jogged over. "Yes?" "Little Jimmy is cured! He's better again!" This was fantastic! The best thing ever! He smiled big. "That's great news." Chirp! "Hi, Jimmy~" he crooned. Then the phone inside rang. He ran in the house to answer it, nearly tripping over himself in the process. "Hello?" he asked, professionally. "Yes, is this Felix Manchester?" "Yes." "The book that you have been waiting for?" "Yes?" Intrigued. "It is now in." He almost couldn't contain his joy. "Thank you. I'll be right over to pick it up." He hung up the phone and cheered outloud. "THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE!" he yelled on the top of his lungs. One of the snakes slithered in. "Sssseemss like ssomeone iss having a good day," she said. "Oh yes. The very best~" he said, heading back out. He headed towards the library with a hop in his step.

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