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Charecter Creation

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27 April 2013, 02:05 AM   #1
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Ms:Collins: Alright,let's get down to business. First,welcome to S.H.E.I.L.D. I'm gonna
need you to fill out this form. (She hands you the form. You look down to see what it
says) I'll need to know your name,age, either a picture or a description of your
looks,your letter of recommendation, whether you want to be a spy or assassin,and your 50$
fee. (You look up in surprise,you never heard about a fee! When she sees the look on your
face,she laughs.) I'm just kidding about the fee. Now,hurry up and fill that out!

Who recommended you:
 Spy or assassin:
 Recruit or instructor:
 Special talents:     
 Anything else:                                                                           
 Pic or description:

27 April 2013, 02:27 AM   #2
The Commander-In-Chief
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Name: Lisa and Lance Counts


Past: The twins were the second and third of 6. After their youngest sister,Laura died in
a car accident,their parents would send them to hang with uncle Coulson. 

Who recommended you: Phil Coulson

 Spy or assassin:Lance a spy,Lisa a assassin.

 Recruit or instructor: Recruits

 Special talents: Lisa is an master at any weapon,and Lance can blend in with the shadows
when he wants.
 Anything else:                                                                          

Pic or description:

28 April 2013, 08:15 AM   #3
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Name(s): Mathew and Ivan Williams Age(s): Seventeen Past: These two brothers who were only able to care for each other without family or friends, learned to become strong from their obstacles in life. The two boys who although had no idea what they would do or become, went through some family markings and found some family friends that would take them in. Recommended: John Allen Adams Spy/Assassin: Mathew is an instructor, while Ivan is a spy. Despite this, the two work together and only together to make a better team. S.T: MATHEW has always been able to read others' emotions, always digging in deeper to the way people feel and think. It fits along the lines of reading minds, but he can also morph into any person he sees or comes into contact with, gaining the ability to be them. IVAN, who although doesn't really like the way his talents have controlled him, has a very HOT touch. With his body overheating 24/7, a touch of his finger could melt you into a puddle of muck. He's been able to control this, yet has trouble using it for good. Recruit/Instructor: Recruits Other: Mathew and Ivan may be very close as so, but their brotherly love is not what it seems. Mathew is asexual, so it's not like he's able to process any feelings for anyone. Ivan is bisexual, though currently leaning towards curious, he's never been in love before. Picture:

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28 April 2013, 04:21 PM    #5
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thank you *~*

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