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Your characters

6 December 2011, 09:22 AM   #1
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 I was thinking we should give a description of your characters.........









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Name: Rima 

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Personality: Shy at times, can become very flirty, kind and lonely, inside she hates
herself and holds all of her emotions to close

Appearance:  (in my pics)

History:  She dosnt remember

Family: Dosn't know if she has one

Species: half human half vampire

Other:  Inisde she has a dark secret that she dares not to share

Name: Kai

Age: 19

Sex: female

Personality: Dark and mysterious, very sly and cunning 


History: she dosn't remember

Family: dosnt know if she has one

Species: vampire

Other:  she is almost never around and dosn't cover her tracks, she is also Rima's sister
sadness only brings joy ♥

6 December 2011, 08:16 PM   #3
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Name: Mai
Age: 15
Sex: female
Personality: Sad and mysterious 

History:  Is starting to have flash backs
Family:   She only knows they are dead
Species: vampire
Other:  She trys her best to controle the urges to feed but can't hold back

6 December 2011, 08:37 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Name: Avery

Age: 18 but probably lived at least 500 years

Sex: male

Personality: He is cocky but kind. He loves to fight but won't fight if its not necessary.
He is quite a confusing person but makes it up for being gorgeous. Girls love him and
can't help but look at him. He secretly trains.


History: Not much is known about his History.

Family: Murdered when he was 3

Species: Pure blood Vampire

Other: Not much else is known bout him

11 December 2011, 01:49 AM   #5
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Name: Easter 

Age: 16 

Sex: F

Personality: mysterious, weird (in good way energetic. but still is a bit goth) varies
from Good to evil, and is loving to the ones who dear to love her

Appearance: long straight black hair, red evil looking eyes, dark rosy red lips, pale skin
and she wears a strapless torn black dress. 

History: She grew up in an orphanage she was a loner and no one knew what she was one day
she ran away and never returned now she roams around graveyards. and hides in the sea

Family: all killed just after her birth if she wasn't hidden away she would have been
killed also  

Species: vampire 

Other: When she was 2 she was cursed by Satin so on Friday the 13 and Halloween she gets
attacked and she attacks the innocent and destroys anything she loves that is close but
she can be evil even not on those days. so watch out. she also has powers that was given
to her by a demon which she mostly uses for evil but she sometimes uses them for good a
part of her curse is that she can only eat her favorite food every 2 months or she will
die which drives her insane. And sometimes she fills in for Bloody Mary

24 February 2012, 08:19 PM   #6
Guest Poster
I do hope you like Name: please meet Sammual Erin McRidge he is very pleased to make your aquaintince, you can also call him sammy if samuel is much to formal for your tastes Age: hmm well his appearence is he seems to be 17 but his is actually centuries older....almost to the point of eons Sex: he is 100% male but just incase I will check *looks under the belt* EEPPPPP yes yes he happens to be male i am posative *blushes* Personality: look at him can't you guess his personality. He is quiet and unassuming, clever and a very great thinker, and when he speaks he usually has something worthwhile to say. this does not mean he is anti social he loves beings of the sociable nature, however he is more of a wall flower, observing in particular is his preference but if he decides to ask a question or make a friend then you are gaurenteed he will be a great friend. Appearance: well here is is appearence History: He has one you can be assured of that, however you can also be assured he is not going to go telling you right away Family: Well considering his age he has no family left to recon, and the ones that he had were killed by the black plague in New Orleans way back when. However he does happen to have a rather possesive sire who is alive in the prescence. Species: made vampire Other:He has other things to him of course, but he has no desire to open himself up to scruitiny right away

25 February 2012, 09:29 AM    #7
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Name: Abyss suzanne Sharpe (They call her Snow White Chaos) Age: Looks 17 mostly, but you knever know. Well...she doesn't either. Sex: Female Personality: Abyss is a cheerful, encouraging, smart, talented girl. On another hand, phycotic, mostly angered easily, cracked, not right in the head, and crazy most say. She is soft-spoken and calm with an almost friendly smile worn as she tears down people with her words . Appearance: History: Well, far as I know, she wasn't born as a human. Something created her, and she had awoken somewhere strange. But, she leaves that a mystery. Family: Abyss actually never had any relatives or family, so she usually had her one someone who played with her as a child and grew up with him. Species: Unknown... Other: Since she never left the Abyss, she never knew such things as others, and was never taught strange features. When she wears light clothing, she's calm and sweet, but when she's in darker clothing, it proves that she is not stable and angry, and has a damaged personality. She usually carries around a small black cat, which she named Cheshire and loves to play with.

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