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Schedule which works for about every day unless told otherwise. I will start with the
beginning of the demon day

1. Students sleep from 6 am to 1 or 2 pm. Students may wake up either time but some
vampires and other demons who are weak to the sunlight choose to sleep until school is in
session. There is also no school on Saturday and Sunday.
2. Students head to the cafeteria to eat breakfast
3. Get free time to chill with friends from after breakfast to 5:30 pm
4. School starts at 6 pm and ends at 4 am
5. 7 periods every day with 5 minutes in between each class and lunch period after third
period(Lunch room is big enough to fit all students from all classes) which lasts for a
half an hour.
6. Lunch period is a time for students to hang out with their friends whom they rarely
have classes with.
7. After classes are over at 4 you can stay after for any teachers for extra help or
missing work or for any clubs or activities.
8. Once all club activities are over you can hang with your friends at one of the dorms
but students from the other dorm must head back to their own dorm at 5:30 am.
9. Sleep
10. Restart entire process the next day

Thats everything you need to know about a regular demons school day. Here are some of the
schools classes and clubs:

1. Demonology-Learning all about demons and their nature and their history. Mostly the
history part.
2. Sciences-Including Physics(Everything science pretty much), Biology(Living things),
Forensics(Mostly about death and blood), Astronomy(Stars and planets), Anatomy(Human body
or should I say Demon body. Not a pun.), and I think thats it
3. Math-Just regular math. Enough said.
3. Languages-English, Japanese, Finnish, Norwegian, Latin, Italian, Spanish, and French.
4. Studys-Just free periods. You can wander the school during free periods and you can do
your homework or study. You can also chill in your dorm but you need permission from Dorm
leader to do that. You need a pass from them. If you have a study that day its best to
talk to them in the morning at breakfast. Thorne usually sits alone and Victoria sits with
her friends.
5. Phys Ed-Just because its a demon school doesn't mean there is no gym. 
6. Tech-Short for technology class. Basically another science class but you build stuff,
create things, and learn about a whole bunch of technology crap
7. Computers-Learn about computers. How to work them and all sorts of fun things.

Clubs and Activities
1. Dungeons and Dragons club
2. Anime/manga Club
3. Kendo club
4. Martial arts

Add more later. Any Questions comment.

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