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Two characters per person.
No powers.
No super-special thing that makes you better than everyone else.
And, please, no Mary-Sue/Stu-ing.
Please read rules before applying.
Please do not join a roleplay until your character has been accepted by me.
Real pictures only, no anime.
Also, do not put the picture in your signature, it creates spam. 
Have fun, and be creative!

Please use this format;
Name: Age: Sex: Orientation: do they like vaginas, penises, both, or neither? History: Family: Overall Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Height: Weight: Eye Colour: Disorders: what fucks them up? be original! Picture:

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Guest Poster

Name: Amelia LaRue
Age: Nineteen.
Sex: Female.
Orientation: Hetero. 
History: Amelia was born the only child to quite a wealthy family; they were highly
respectable members of society. But at around the age of five, strange things started
happening. She would be with people and go places that no one else could see. At first,
her parents thought she was just thinking up imaginary friends, something she'd outgrow,
but they soon learned otherwise. When her parents found that she had a 'weak mind', as
they put it, they made sure to keep an extra close eye on her. Unlike most mentally ill
girls of the upper class, however, she was not kept a secret at all, but exposed to people
even more than she already had at many social gatherings in hope that she would learn to
act as normal as she could, and perhaps even become normal. Amelia learned to stay quiet,
not to learn how to act, but so that they wouldn't know that she was really a Turkish
princess on the run. At the age of eighteen, however, Amelia left her family, saying that
it was high time she found her place elsewhere. She has, actually - here. 

Family: Victor and Helen LaRue, Amelia's parents, are two wealthy socialites living in
England. They want the best for their children, of course, but care a lot more than they
should about image. Victor secretly finds Amelia's mental illness quite amusing, but lets
no one see that side of him. Helen, on the other hand, will do anything she can to hide
that mental illness and maintain the family's reputation. 

Overall Personality: Amelia is very quiet, sometimes. Most of the time, she is polite yet
with obvious haughtiness. Even with her mind in disarray, she thinks herself superior to
others. When hallucinating, however, she is prone to having unhealthy obsessions with
flowers, loving to sing, and laughing spells,  as well as long-winded conversations with
people who do not exist, sometimes even losing track of where she is. "Oh, hello, Mrs.
Clipstone. How are you this fine morning?" She has asked this question many times - at
nine o'clock at night.  Strangely enough, when suffering from her delusions, she is much
kinder than when she is acting what some boring individuals would call 'normal'.

Likes: Rain, snow, reading, flowers, singing, fine clothing, olive bread, olives, tea.
Dislikes: Too much heat, sunlight, wine, animals, 'boring' people, being in one place for
a certain amount of time, people who she deems 'inferior'.
Height: 5'3
Weight: 127.6 lbs. 
Eye Colour: Her eyes are a darker shade of forest green, amber surrounding the pupils. 
Disorders: Amelia has an advanced case of schizophrenia - one that sometimes transports
her other places, gives her different ideas of her past. She often hears and sees
imaginary people as a result of said delusions, something that often perplexes others. 

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Name: James Oliver Rooke.
Age: Seventeen.
Sex: Male.
Orientation: Asexual.
History: James was born in an abusive house-hold. His parents were on the border of
rich, and he was basically a bastard child. His mother had had an affair with his father,
and gotten pregnant with the man. Then, of course, James was born. He was severely altered
as a child, sent into experimental, and possibly dangerous, tests. He came out unscathed,
and with no physical anomolies, though his mind was an entirely different story. 
Family: He continued on until age thirteen, when his parents died in a brutal
murder at a hotel, only for their money. With no living connections, he moved on from
streets, to orphanage, to the streets once more. Until now, when the state can't
technically consider him an adult, but do anyway. He now lives in a small cottage he
bought with what litte inheritance was left over from his parents. He now lives under the
radar, and none of his neighbours go near him.
Overall Personality: James, a very strange boy, which under his circumstances is
understandable, is very young, in nature. He acts like a child, incredibly distrustful,
but once you show him some act of kindness, he'll cling to you as if he'll die otherwise.
He tends to be very quiet, but has a lovely singing voice. He is quirky, and often
succumbs to hallucinations, nightmares, and is very fond of attention, in whatever form.
Due to the constant torture of the experiments since he was young, pain is now a welcome,
and pleasurable feeling to the boy. He is a masochist in every form, and happens to be
very innocent, despite that. But by no means is he naive.
Likes: Piano, Cello, animals, especially cats, painting, singing, knives, stealing,
tea, stars.
Dislikes: Needles, doctors of any kind, complete darkness, any body of water larger
than a small pool, thunder.
Height: Six foot five.
Weight: One hundred and fourty pounds.
Eye Colour: One cerulean, one forest.
Disorders: James is clinically diagnosed with severe schizophrenia, OCD,
kleptomania, pyromania, severe masochism, depression, bi-polar disorder, ADD, anxiety
disorder, insomnia, synesthesia, and self harm. 
Physical Description: He is tall, lanky, and usually wears simple clothes.
T-shirts, jeans, but will occasionally and randomly dress up in a suit, or some victorian
era clothing. He has long straight, shaggy ink-cloured hair. He is incredibly pale, with a
sprinkling of freckles over his cheeks, shoulders, elbows, collarbone, back and knees. He
also has a strange obsession with seemingly meaningless tattoos and piercings. Mostly it's
about the pain. He'd cover his whole body with random scribblings of tattoos if he could.
But currently he has a quote- "You are the smell before rain, like the blood in my veins"
on each wrist. And another quote, on the back of his neck, "deja entendu". Also, a cat on
the inside of his lip, and anchors on his thighs. Along with a barcode on the back of his
neck, a spread of polaroids on his side, and a large octopus over his right shoulder.
Shooting star on his hip, and several ear piercings.

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Guest Poster
Obviously enough, a work in progress

Name:  Connor Deluca. 
Age: nineteen – twenty one [haven’t quite decided yet.]
Sex: male

History:  middle class family. Normal ass kid. However ignored by his parents. Got mixed
up with the wrong sort. Car accident, best friend and little sister killed on impact. 
Severe head trauma.  Antisocial tenancies way to cope with guilt.  

Overall Personality:
Likes: sweet treats, afternoon rain,  the feel of a broken in pair of jeans, clothes fresh
out of the dryer. Basically things that can pull him from the surreal sort of world he’s
unwittingly immersed himself in. 

Height: Five foot ten
Weight: one hundred and fifty
Eye Colour: grey/blue

Disorders: depersonalization | derealization

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Name: Anthony "Tox" de la Hayes

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Orientation: Swinger

History: His parents argue that they might have been given the wrong child at the
hospital, but has tried their best to lover and care their demon offspring like they're
meant to, even if it means putting up with his anti-social antics and promiscuous
personality that alienate their uptight, upperclass neighbours. It was far enough that he
had grown his hair long, bleached it blue and mutilated his body with piercings whenever a
huge sum of money was given to him but recently his trouble has been gotten a lot more
worse. His usually late nights stumbles into bed had become quite rare, as he hardly comes
home at all, only on some occasions if felt like it or if they have to pick him up from
the hospital, or the police station again. They knew he was doing this for attention, they
knew all he wanted was for them to worry about him. It was hard for them to keep him out
of trouble, to keep him safe from his own harm. It could possibly be because he was
expecting a new sister, meaning less attention for him. It was what they thought, but it
was untrue. Tox only felt bored, having dropped out of sixth form at 16 and doing
absolutely nothing for himself in the same old place he had been for 20 years. Eventually
he decided to move out. With an account full of expenses for the month, Tox was ready to
create havoc in a brand new environment. 

Family: A conservative family; Father a banker and their mother a pa, currently on
leave for pregnancy.
Overall Personality: Boisterous, ballsy and at times obnoxious.  A dare devil and
trouble maker, discards his own safety but tends to worry about the safety of others, but
would also like others worrying about him. 

Likes: Thrill of danger, an audience, hair dye, death metal.

Dislikes: Being in the same place too long, being restrained, authority and rats.

Height: 5"7
Weight: 9 stone
Eye Colour: brown
Disorders: Histrionic disorder and ADD.

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Guest Poster
 Thank you very much...

Would that suffice?

12 December 2010, 04:27 PM   #7
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Name: Robin Fletcher. He goes by Robbie.
Age: 23.
Sex: Robbie spells M-A-N. Unfortunately, he's not Muddy Waters. But hey, that's life.
C'est la viiiiiiiiiiieeeeee.
Orientation: He doesn't really have one. He Robbie just goes with whatever strikes his
fancy on Tuesday night.
History: Really, he was brought up rather normal. A white picket fence around the house
and everything. He was an only child, raised by a pinball machine conservative,
quiet couple that worried about him more than they should. He always liked music, and when
he was fourteen, he got a guitar on Christmas, which he played to death. In his teen
years, his mother just got tired of him. She tried to send him away, to a relative or a
hospital or an institution of some sort. As soon as he was out of high school, he went
three whole years living with friends or girlfriends, having no job at all and not paying
any rent. To this day, that three-year mooching is Robbie's greatest achievement. He spent
most of that time scribbling songs and poems in notebooks, plunking around on his guitar,
being hungover, and growing his hair out. Recently his girlfriend kicked him out, and his
friends all seemed to get pissed at him at once. So he moved back in with his parents, and
his mother started that "Robbie, you really should see" someone," shit again. Now
it was partially backed-up, he was acting extremely scatterbrained and looked like
complete hell. She tried to fix him up, getting him a haircut and some new clothes, and
all the while went on about how worried she was. Robbie tried to assure her that they were
personality quirks. Unlike when he was a teenager, his father said nothing about her
constant worrying. After a month and a half of straight pestering, Robbie agreed to see
someone in exchange for a new guitar. Hence he's here, wherever 'here' is. I dunno. It's
too early for this shit.
Family: A pinball machine. A boring, quiet, reasonable man was his father, and his
mother was a stereotypical gossipy-worry-wort housewife.
Overall Personality: Irritable, blunt, somewhat edgy, dreamy, and he tends to stand back
and be quietly amused by his surroundings. He'll swing from one mood to the other very
quickly. He tends to sound rather ignorant when he speaks, using outdated, offensive
terms. He also tends to use macabre phrases that don't make much sense and call people
Likes: Writing, sleep, beautiful people, carb-filled food, cats, black coffee, Pilot pens,
winter, clouds, dark clothes, general gloom.
Dislikes: Stupid people, people that think they're smarter than he is, ugly people, quiet
people, loud people, strong people, weak people, his mother, nagging, sunshine, cars,
vegetables, tee-shirts, and everything.
Height: 5"9. But he usually wears boots with Cuban heels.
Weight: scrawny. idgaf.
Eye Colour: BLUE!
Disorders: He's not crazy, just nervous. /disqualified
Picture: look at this faggot.

sorry for how shitty this history is. :I

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Name: Sugar Trance Cain.
Age: 17
Sex: Penis
Orientation: Pansexual.
  A returning addition to this group of people with psychological disorders, Sugar. As
time passed of his earlier release from the asylum, he was brought back, knowing his
childhood "brother", was still being kept under serious surveillance. Sugar's background
starts off as being an abused little boy, being raped, beaten, and shunned by his father,
he fled away. He found a teenager by the name of Kun, he had no memories but Kun
considered Sugar his little brother. Sugar tagged alongside his newly found brother from
that day forward, his jogged memory finding new ones to replace the terrible ones his
small mind was forced to have. Kun was taken to an asylum at the age of 14 for
manslaughter of an entire city, Sugar didn't care that his brother killed all those
people, he cared that he was going to be alone. He asked if he could join Kun and
obviously, they didn't care and took the both of them to the asylum. There is a special
rule for the two since they've never had a case like this, when Kun is released from the
asylum, so is Sugar. So, Sugar hopes to see the day when he can leave and start anew with
Kun. Until then, he will stay here in this hellhole and sit for awhile.
Family: Kun Hidori
Overall Personality: Spunky, spontaneous, bashful, benevolent, bipolar at times,
quiet, kind, and childish.
Likes: Cake, his brother, being by himself to think, fried foods, sweets.
Dislikes: The center part of his skull being touched.
Height: 5'
Weight: 101
Eye Colour: Turquoise to Sky blue.
Disorders: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Multiple Personality (Causes his
childish attitude forever), OCD and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (The cause of his natural child
/picture is soon to be scanned.

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Guest Poster
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Name: Lilith Noora Sjögren. Age: Nineteen. Sex: Female. Orientation: Straight. History: Born into a middle-to-wealthy class family, Lilith has a 'privileged' life style. However, she lived under the rule of her success-obsessed mother. Since childhood, Lilith's mother forced her to study all the time. Lilith had no free time - she was too busy studying. Lilith was born with a photographic memory, which made her mother's strictness bear down on her more. Along with the forced studying, Lilith's mother made her stand in front of mirror and pick out every flaw that needed improvement, and insult her for anything that there was. This regime continued until Lilith's mother was raped and murdered coming home from work one day. In her mother's will, Lilith was to receive inheritance money at age eighteen. Since Lilith was seventeen at the time, she was put under the surveillance of her aunt Helgi. Once Lilith was eighteen, she inherited all of her mother's wealth. She used some of it to get her own apartment, and now uses the rest for toiletries, food, and taxes. Lilith has occasional contact with her aunt Helgi and Uncle Dagher, who runs her mother's company today. Family: Inghild Lunde, Lilith's mother, was a very strict woman - maybe due to the fact her husband, Stephen, died in a car crash while driving to the emergency room for the birth of his daughter. Lilith believes her mother puts her to blame of why her father is dead. It is believed by doctors that Inghild had a sort of psychosis, because of her often hallucinations that her husband was alive and her constant jumbling of thoughts or a 'word-salad.' Inghild also had many obsessive compulsive disorders, such as cleaning, making sure Lilith was in check, closing the door a few times before she left, and muttering to herself. She is the driving force behind Lilith's unstable mental health. Stephen Sjögren, her father, died in a hit and run while driving over to the emergency room for the birth of his daughter. Overall Personality: Lilith is usually very quiet, unless she gets frustrated. If she gets frustrated, she will through extremely large fits, consisting of screaming, throwing pillows, and smashing something made of glass. These fits don't happen often, because she is almost always inside her home, where no one can irritate her (By irritate, I mean make her nervous, gah). These happen when she makes a mistake while writing, reading, or hacking. Lilith likes heroine. That and the occasional beer and smoke are her only vices. Lilith isn't open to people, except her friend JRkraken on the hacker forum (also her supplier of narcotics), and her aunt and uncle. Any others irritate her easily, for the most part. Lilith does not eat, or rather, does not feel the need to, since she feels 'fine.' Lilith only goes outside for the occasional coffee, breath of fresh air, or to check out books at the library. When she is outside, Lilith tries to act as politely as possible, even when extremely irritated/nervous amongst the other city folk. Likes: Heroine, silence, the occasional cigarette/beer, reading, more reading, doing math problems, sudoku/word puzzles, hacking computers, sleeping, darkness. Dislikes: Eating, people in general, sappy romance novels, loud noises, going outside, doctors, daylight. Height: 5"4 Weight: 94 lbs. Eye Colour: Pale green. Disorders: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (writes random pages of nonsense, mirror checks, muttering to self, closing doors many times before leaving a room, scratching self until bleeding), Anorexia Nervosa, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Melancholic-Psychotic Depression, Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia, Narcolepsy Picture:

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Ah, no.
You will never finish.
I was apparently mistaken when I accepted you.
You must've not read the rules, since I said to make your writing small.
Your spelling is atrocious, grammar repellent.
And your sentence structure is just- ugh.
Please, just, don't bother.
You'll be deleted.

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Guest Poster
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/second character.

Name: Kun Hidori
Age: 20
Sex: Penis.
Orientation: Pansexual.
Kun was born to a poor couple of two in a decrepit, old house in Midland, Texas. He was
raised to be the sweetest little child his parents always wanted, until they were murdered
in a local store there. Their death set a huge impact on Kun, leaving him to thrive, live,
and fend for himself. By the age of ten, he needed to find a pass time to fill the void of
playing with his parents, like he used to. He heard of school but, found it's concept
unappealing and missed out on it. Instead, he decided to kill and slit the throats of
animals, Kun found them to be disgusting at the time. The years rolled by and killing
animals just wasn't doing it for him, he decided bug collecting might be fun. He found out
that butterflies have a unique attraction to him, he thought caring for them would fill
that empty space in his heart where his only family and best friends were. It did, till he
turned seventeen. At that point, he needed someone, an actual person to look out for and
be around. Kun had found Sugar sitting in an alley and from that day, they've never been
as close as anyone may ever think. His void was almost filled and, no longer would he be
violent to the world. Today, Kun has gone back to being in the quiet, killing towns people
is his pastime, Sugar disapproves of it but, whatever makes him happy is what he says. Kun
has gone to many asylums, therapists, and taken many medications. Nothing has helped him.
He's been sentenced to a special law made for him, he is to stay in the city limits until
he can stop his outbreaks. He's trying so hard to leave the city with Sugar but, that must
wait. For now, Kun's got to care for the butterflies, himself, and his beloved 'brother'.
Family: Sugar Cain.
Overall Personality: Quiet, emotional, humble, bipolar.
Likes: The dark, his brother, butterflies in general.
Dislikes: The sun in his eyes, very sweet foods, loud people/sounds.
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 105
Eye Colour: Light gray/Turquoise
Disorders: Schizophrenia, Multi personality Disorder, Bipolar, OCD.
/will be hand drawn, along with Sugar's.

16 December 2010, 06:09 PM   #12
Guest Poster

Name: Brin Molyneux 
Age: Seventeen  years old
Sex: Male
Orientation: “…Why do you want to know…?”

History: Life always starts out so easily, doesn’t it? Your child might be
peculiar, but aren’t all children? 
 July 26th; Amherst, Nebraska – The United States of America – Brin was born into a
family of only two others, mother and father. Middleclass of level, newlyweds for parents
were at ages of 21 and 24. 
Diana Molyneux, only recently harboring the new surname, gave birth to a healthy baby boy
near 3 o’clock a.m., Wednesday morning. How happy the newlyweds were. Fred Molyneux,
Diana’s husband, was beyond happy gestures for their new child. Their hopes were great
for their heir that had just been given life. They’d swear upon their lives – upon God
himself – that this boy would make a change in the world.
It was good of them for not having specified the ethic of the change ---
Seven years were a good set of time placed behind him. About five months after that
precious 7th birthday, his mentality was acting up. He was also a smart kind of child; he
understood what he was told, and what he’d heard… That faithful day was the first time
the signs of his disorder was showing – his main one; Grandeur. 
His actions were following up. They became malicious. Several times at their Catholic
Church he’d ‘accidently’ almost set the priest aflame. He was asked why he’d smile
afterwards that very last time he’d done it and hadn’t got away this once. Brin only
grinned vivaciously, bluntly musing an, “I don’t really know~” out to the adult
before him. That’s when more questions were starting to rise. 
Most had believed that he was just being rebellious, discourteous, disrespectful, and many
more, but keeping close to this line. It was those who strongly believed their faith that
had pointed it out, fueling the first of his long-running fire; “Devil-Child!”
 His actions were growing stiff. They wouldn’t turn at all. It would strike fear into
his parents. It was when he was about the age of twelve that he’d realized that ‘he
was a terrible being, and must be done away with before someone gets hurt’. Suicide was
always so close to him – but never once had he managed.
 When he was fourteen, everything softened. Catatonic and paranoia were beginning their
developments during this time. By fifteen both were nearly fully-functional. He became so
wary of others, his mentality was slowing down a wee bit, and his body wasn’t abiding to
him. Maybe it was because of this the paranoia had began. 
But whatever it was, it shifted in fast. 
Before he knew it, he was finding himself in runts. He’d become repetitive with actions,
all of which were nonsense and involved some sort of movement. Brin didn’t like this.
For that first year of being diagnosed with it, he was fearful. He’d be stuck in bed for
about a week, his arms wouldn’t move and many other limbs. 
What really got this off the mind was the recent discovery he’d made. Long ago, he’d
been persuaded somehow that he wasn’t the devil anymore. It should’ve been cured. 
No, it came back.
A day at class, they’d been learning about something that should be universal – the
Holocaust. He felt attached to it, engulfed with intrigue. Though he didn’t understand
German, somehow he felt motivated by the voice of ‘Derr Fuhrer”. It made him excited
and wistful to hear more. Something tugged at him – ‘shall I learn more?’. He
decided yes. In his adventure, words took his attention by bellowing out to him. It was a
name really; Joseph Mengele. There was something appealing about him.

Eventually, he was whisked away to this very place.
On his trip over, he’d ‘figured’ out what it was about that name in which appealed
to him so much;
I am Joseph Mengele.

Family: Only really knew a few of them, including his parents, really. All of which
were average, religious, and somewhat syncopated. I suppose you could call Brin the
‘outcast’ of his family; he’s also the shame.
Overall Personality: Brin appears to be very vain about himself and cares not much
of other people nor their opinions. His distrustfulness of others’ leads him to be
socially awkward and/or bitter at most times with hardly a tint of sympathy found in his
voice. This child is also rather misleading in many senses. He puts on a play that he
knows what he’s doing, pressing into situations too tough sometimes, only to fail
miserably – but instead of leaving it as that, he either throws a fit or blames someone
else. He has little to no sense of humor at all.
 He’s loyal. Not to people, but to someone long gone – Hitler. Reasons for this
are below.
The last thing that should be known about Brin is past all seriousness and malice; he’s
very childish. He still likes children shows, still likes finger painting and drawing on
the walls, and many other things. Though he grows well physically, his mind is taking a
slight detour. 
Likes: Secluded areas, ice-cream, being asked respectable questions, Holocaust
stories, ‘Aryans’, believes he likes identical twins and that they should be
‘evaluated’,  sadly Nazism, acts of malicious intentions on others but not at all
himself, chemicals of all sort, specifically poisonous, genetics, his own ‘doctoring’,
abnormalities, and other fine psychological disorders [without recognizing even his own.] 

Dislikes: Other peoples’ ‘doctoring’ or concern, people really, not being
taken seriously, stress, most vegetables, being called ‘mad’ or “mistaken for a
mentally ill”, strictures on most things, gestures, and other peculiar abhorring.  
Height: About 5’10” ft.
Weight: Possibly at 125.3 lbs.
Eye Colour: A very dark brown - black
Disorders: Paranoid Personality Disorder – Symptoms; can’t adjust to people,
constant thought that someone is out to get him, that everyone has malevolent intentions,
can be very violent if he strongly believes that someone is trying to humiliate and
exploit him in somehow and someway. Cannot be easily persuaded, if at all; doesn’t take
jokes well especially if they’re on him; can become somewhat isolated; rather
 Catatonic Schizophrenia – Symptoms; Motor[moving] issues, if in a position for too long
[assumption of about 30 minutes or maybe a bit less] can cause him to be immobile from it
but for him it’s no more than a week rather than months at most [Yes, sleeping effects
it at times], does happen to partake in useless actions such as [given example] running up
and down a flight of stairs for no reason at all, and does contain [stated above] very
child-like behaviors that are occasionally involved, such as drawing on walls, and doing
other silly and inappropriate things for his age.
His worse case of all is the Delusion of Grandeur – Overview; he believes that he is, in
fact, an incarnation of or actually Joseph Mengele [Nazi; an SS physician who determined
whether those who transported to camps were to be killed or placed as forced laborers –
liked to experiment on the inmates, thoroughly interested in identical twins] at this
moment. No joke. Though, truthfully, he has no problems with other people aside from that
case of paranoia – but for some reason it’s lodged in his mind. It’s not
clear what triggered this. Afraid to really hurt people or, as he’d put it,
‘Exterminate the superfluous’ or often stated as the 'Undesirables', he’d considered
several attempts of suicide. This is actually only the second person he thought he’d
been – as a child, he had it thought that he was the devil. Can you see that malevolent
pattern coming along?   

 Important Side note; because when I first read it, I thought it of this way, but no:
Delusion of Grandeur is not superficial envy or wistful acts. It’s not there
because someone ‘really wants to be like that’ or anything similar. It really is a
personality disorder. Forms of it vary – it can be benevolent to malevolent, whether or
not the person diagnosed with it enjoys it or not. It can result to suicide or murder too.
Their mind won’t comprehend that they are not something, and only allows it to
 One case was when a boy had thought he was the devil. He was so afraid that he’d hurt
someone – he tried to burn himself, but only caught his leg on fire. Later on he started
to think he was Cain from the bible and left a mark on his forehead to warn people.
It can be rather hazardous to people around them and even themselves.
in fact, all of Brin’s ‘peculiar’ interests are hallucinations created by his
Delusion, relating to Joseph Mengele.

And now for the most important thing of all – 
The Disclaimer;
NO – I am NOT a Neo-Nazi. This is NOT a character made to profess my ‘love for
Nazism!’, alright? I do NOT support or will NOT promote it. 
Thank you.

//this was much longer than I thought it was.

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I swear I just jizzed in my pants, dollface.
Makemakemake a house.
And let's get to the fucking, 'ey?

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Guest Poster

I take it that he is rather accepted, hm? xD

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