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A simile is a comparison between two unlike things using like or as. 

Well, similes are good when writing anything.

They show that you are very creative.

Some examples:

- Blind as a bat
- Brave as a lion
- Brown as a berry
- Cheap as dirt
- Clean as a whistle
- Cold as ice
- Crazy as a loon
- Deal as a post
- Dumb as an ox
- Easy as pie
- Fat as a hog
- Fit as a fiddle
- Flat as a flounder
- Free as a breeze
- Gentle as a lamb
- Good as gold
- Green as grass
- Hard as nails
- Light as a feather
- Neat as a pin
- Nervous as a cat
- Playful as a kitten
- Pleased as punch
- Pretty as a picture
- Proud as a peacock
- Quick as a wink
- Right as rain
- Round as a ball
- Sharp as a tack
- Shy as a violet
- Sick as a dog
- Shy as a fox
- Smart as a whip
- Straight as an arrow
- Strong as a mule
- Stubborn as a mule
- Sweet as sugar
- Thin as a rail
- Ugly as a sin
- Warm as toast
- White as a sheet
- Wrinkled as a prune 

Post some more!

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