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26 September 2010, 09:24 PM   #1
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Plot:Mickenzie Ari has taught at Apple Ring Elementary for five years but never has he
delt before with a mysterious girl such as Akia Arlington she is quite with no friends and
seems prone to bullying.She keeps to herself most of the time and has long dark hair, she
seems to enjoy writing morbid poetry that gets her sent to the principal's
office.Mackenzie is trying to figure the girl out and he begins to realize she's in love
with him even though she is only twelve and isn't making any effort to hide it.He tries to
make sure she's aware of the fact that he's suppost to be nothing more then a school
teacher to her.She only tries to get closer, and even demonstrates a bit of some
promiscuity how will he handle such a girl?

Sometimes I catch myself wondering why i'm still here why i'm still on this Earth.I'm
twenty three years old and i've had many near death experiences.One when I was five and I
almost drowned and another at the age of eight when I almost choked to death.Because of
them i'm really doing my best to appreciate life for what it is.My name is Mackenzie Ari
i'm a school teacher at Apple Ring Elementary.I've been teaching here for five years now
summer break is over i'm about to meet my new sixth grade class, a new school year is full
of oppurtunity.I'm really anticipating new experiences with news kids!I tidy up my desk a
bit and stand near the open door and I begin to hear the sound I was anticipating
chatter,laughter, the foot steps of the kids.They all begin walking in not paying me much
attention but that's okay once everyone is seated I can introduce myself to everywhere and
have them all get things settled in their desk.A few minutes later everyone is sitting
down and I get everyone's attention.

''Okay I will be your new teacher for the school year and you can all call me Mr.Mickenzie
I hope to get to know each and everyone of you's names!"I said introducing myself trying
to create the impression that I was kind and caring.

I scanned over all the kids for a bit and observed that there were lots of blonde haired
kids,more boys than girls, and one girl inparticular who had very long dark hair and red
eyes.I wasn't sure rather or not she were wearing eye contacts.

''Any questions?''I asked feeling confident that everyone would catch on to things soon no
matter what questions they had.

''Yeah what do we do now?''asked a blonde haired blue eyed girl.

I see so these kids want to just delve into the day all ready huh?

''Well first off you can all start setting things up in your desk and put anything you
have to in the garbage take your time but please don't take too long I would like it if we
could get started on everything.''I instructed taking a seat at my desk with a smile on my

I watch for a bit before getting started on some paper work I have on my desk I get out a
pen and start reading and filling out papers.I start thinking about what the new school
year may hold and things such as who will be the star students and who will be the trouble
makers.It's not long before everyone has finished getting organized I notice in the corner
of my eye the girl with the long dark hair and red eyes is writing something in her
notebook.I tell everyone to begin writing about what they did for the summer and what it
was like it will be nothing I will grade just something for them to read out loud to the
class.As everyone gets, out a notebook to use for the assignment I walk over to the girl
with the long dark hair and ask for her name.

''My name is Akia''she says quitely in a way that leads me to believe she may be shy.

She continues writing what I believe isn't the assignment I just gave everyone.

''Mind taking out some blue leaf or a notebook and doing what I assigned everyone?''I
asked in a nice and very questioning tone.

''I don't want to stop writing my poem''she replied sounding just as quite as before with
no expression on her face.

I stared only for a few seconds wondering why she wouldn't do what I assigned and I have
to admit she did infact look very pretty, but that wasn't important at the moment.

''Well then mind getting up and reading to the class what you've written there?''I ask
crossing my arms.

She gets up and goes to the front of the class with her paper without looking at me and I
feel a bit annoyed for some reason, yet still wondering what she will read out to the
class.Akia stedies the paper infront of her and begins reading in a quite monotone.

''Death is like a rose gone mental red the cherry that is blood's cherished soul I wonder
when will the people I hate grow old?They should truly die and go towards the sky, and
leave me to be in my lone devine.''

The intire class stared at her I believe some didn't understand what the poem meant but as
they all stared at her I think they all knew it was of morbid interesting for some of them

''Alright Akia to the principal's office with me now''I said grabbing the paper from her.

I open the door for her and she walks outside and I tell everyone to carry on with their
assignment and when finished to read a book as we walk down the hall, I can't help but
wonder what's wrong with her.

''Honestly wanting people dead and writing about morbid things such as blood?''I ask her.

She keeps walking without turning to look at me and I begin to wonder if i'm overreacting
this isn't exactly the best way to start off with a student.We arrive at the principal's
office and I walk her in we, both look at the short curly blonde haired woman infront of
us with wrinkles on her face, and dull green eyes with eye shadow on her eye lids.

''What's she here for?''she ask us standing with her arms crossed.

''She wrote a poem which I have here with me now and it seems she may want some kids dead
that or perhaps i'm overreacting...I suggest, we speak to her parents''I say earning me a
glare from the little girl next to me.

''No let's not start off on the wrong foot leave her here so I can talk to her''she

I tell her to sit down in the chair infront of the principal's desk and she does so.I
leave walking down the hall wondering what else I can expect from this girl.I enter the
classroom and close the door telling a girl with short black hair and brown eyes to get
up, and read her writing.I sit down with my legs crossed listening carefully still
thinking about Akia and if she hates someone so much she wants them to die.I realize i'm
probably just being too meticulous and begin instructing everyone to write a story about a
girl's life in a small town.Boring first assignment I suppose but I simply wanted to start
everyone else easy and with nothing, too challenging.After ten minutes Akia was back and
went to sit back down she observed what another girl was writing about and took out a
notebook to begin as well.Something tells me may be very interesting.

27 September 2010, 06:27 PM   #2
Joined: 14 Aug 2010
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It's second period and i'm still writing stuff on paper work I have on my desk it's time
for everyone to do their math so by now you should know that I teach reading, and math.I
get up and begin writing down math problems for the kids to solve on the chalk board.It's
PEMDAS the order of operations i'm teaching everyone begins writing down in their
notebooks what PEMDAS stands for and I do my best not to go too fast so everyone can catch
up if they have to.I finish writing down some equations down on the chalk board and get
back to sitting down at my desk.I begin filling out some stuff having to do with my job as
a teacher and lunch time, after five minutes I begin typing things on my computer at my
desk.I notice in the corner of my eye that someone has raised their hand I look up and
realize it's Akia I wonder what she needs help with or what she has to do.I ask her what
she needs.
''I need help with the math work''she answers.

I get up from my desk and walk up to her at a steady pace wondering what with the math she
needs help with once I get up I look down and think she's having a problem with knowing
what to do first.
''Okay well you see Akia first you do what's in parentheses 2+3 and than...''I say with
the intention of continuing.

''I get it''she says monotoniously.

''Okay just let me know if you need help...''I reply getting ready to go back to my desk.

''I have something to whisper in your ear''she says.

I bend down so she can tell me whatever it is she has to in my ear.

''I love her''she whispers into it.

I stand straight up quickly wondering what that is suppost to mean she should be loving me
as a great teacher and nothing else, why is it that she would be telling that to me?
''You don't understand i'm just your teacher''I say simply walking over back to my desk to
get back to work.

I continue working on my computer thinking about those three words she said ''I love

27 September 2010, 06:42 PM   #3
The Founder
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This is interesting; just be sure to use punctuation and capitalization when necessary.
I've noticed you seem to merge two sentences together that gives it the look of a run on
sentence. Other than that I think, nicely done!
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28 September 2010, 04:59 PM   #4
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Thanks I will continue my story now a bit more!:D
Third period time for everyone to leave to Ms.Ashley's classroom for science and social
studies she's a single teacher meaning of course she isn't married, and has short blonde
hair with nice looking blue eyes.I'm not going to lie I have hit on her a few times though
not often i'm single myself so I think if I could just manage to date her sometime.Well
what am I doing telling this to you the reader?I doubt you care, and even if you do there
isn't much to say about that other then I guess I sort of am infatuated with her.Anyway
everyone begins leaving my class to go line up for a bit so they can enter the other
classroom, all accept for Akia she walks up to me and smoothly you're not going to believe
this but she kisses me.She does it on the lips and I am shocked I instantly push her away
only to see her smiling.
''Do you understand that was my first kiss?I never intended to get it from a twelve year
old!"I tell her still wiping my lips.
She simply walks off calmly and I can't believe her what else can I expect from this
mysterious yet a bit straight forward girl?She is twelve, but says she loves me and she
just kissed me I am standing stunned I don't know what to do.If anyone saw I could've
seriously been in trouble.The other kids start walking in and I am beginning to think I
should do something before anything gets anymore precocious I definitely don't think this
is right for the record.I guess, I can talk to her but until then I better get to teaching
I just still can't believe that twelve year old brat.It's fourty five minutes later and
it's time for gym class I take the classroom down to the gym room the one with Akia in it,
and I am filled with caution about the distance between my lips and Akia.


28 September 2010, 10:03 PM    #5
Guest Poster
Yes...the punctuation, commas and such, and run on sentences as well.
Other than that, it's great!
despite mine which has no replies at all

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