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Half-Blood Wars: The Wicked Wolves

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Chapter One
   I noticed right away how cold it was outside.
      I mean, Louisiana winters were like spring. You only brought out a light jacked for
emergencies and put on your boots, but that was it. It normally didn’t drop below sixty,
but today it was below fifty. I bundled my jacket around me tighter. Dammit, Mom, if I
didn’t need a car right now. But, no, money was tight at the house. Plus, I had just got
this off-road four-wheeler I hadn’t asked for that cost like $5,000. Excuse the hell
outta me for being unappreciative when ya’ll get me a four-wheeler I can’t drive and I
have to walk to school.
    I sighed and took off running. More like waddling with the swaddle of clothing I was
wearing. I was used to running long distances, thanks to my best friend, Jean-Luc
Boudreaux. He was a quiet, cocky boy of seventeen and French heritage. His brown hair was
usually messy and over his head, which is why he kept it short—kind of. It was pulled
into a fohawk. His eyes were dark brown with light blue flecks, and he was about 6’5
with muscles. He was also cute, but I never really noticed. Only when he took his shirt
off, but that was every guy everywhere.
    Anyway, he loved to run. We ran everywhere we went most of the time. His fault, yes it
was. I wasn’t a runner until I met him when we were in third grade—and even then he
was cocky and quiet with something to comment on. Always.
    The cold wind slapped at my face, making me freeze. I’m happy I put on my extra
thick socks today and my leather boots. I could run for four miles without breaking speed,
and I often ran the mile in track. But I hated to run. I only did it because Luc did it.
If he didn’t do it, I would stop. Plus, I love him being at the meets and giving me my
water and a hug right after I finish running.
    I ducked into an alley. It smelled a bit—like musty hobos. Which was fine because
you had them in New Orleans. I slowed my pace down, careful not to step into anything
because hobos, dogs, cats, and every animal imaginable pissed and pooped every single
where down here. Sick, yeah, it was.
   One of the hobos gave me a toothless smile. I handed him three dollars and kept moving.
“May God bless your soul!” he called out.
  About seventy down the alley, there was a white door, chipped off, which led into the
house next door and Luc’s room. I knocked once and then opened the door. I was greeted
by the familiar scent of forest in his room, and his dark green walls and black carpet.
His bed was right on the other side and would more than likely be wrinkled and unmade. 
   However, I didn’t see Luc. And I knew he wasn’t trying to scare me. He didn’t do
stuff like that to me. I knocked again, louder this time, and called his name, “Luc? You
in here? Or in the bathroom?”
   “Bathroom!” came his voice.
   I closed the door behind me and kicked my boots off and threw my jacket off in the
corner. This was like my second home, my own bedroom. Plus, he would pick it up when he
came out of the bathroom.
   There was a choked, strangled noise, and then some puking. I frowned. “You okay,
Luc?” I called, worried. He almost never got sick. Not once had I ever seen him take a
sick day off from school. He took almost every day off from school, though. And none of
the teachers questioned it or anything. It made wonder what was going on and what he
wasn’t telling me. But I didn’t care that much. He told me, that was  fine. If not,
whatever. But, still, it hurt a little.
   He flushed the toilet, then ran the water. To brush his teeth I assumed. He came out a
few seconds later, stretching, shirtless. And then I noticed how cute he was. I smiled and
waved at him, jumping in his large, four-poster bed. “Hey, buddy!” I said, watching as
he placed my coat on his desk and my stood my boots up straight. “You alright?”
   He flashed me a smile. “I’m perfect, thank you. What’s up?” 
   “Nothin’. Hated school. Wanted my best friend there.” I pouted, then pulled the
covers on top of me. “I thought it was cold outside—it’s colder in here! Oh, and I
passed the test for math and science. Perfect.”
  “Just gettin’ ready to ask that,” he responded, pulling a muscle shirt over his
head. There were no other chairs or anything in the room so he just kept climbed in with
me, sitting outside the covers. “I’m hot as hell. Aren’t you?”
  “No.” But that wasn’t a surprise. We were polar opposites. He was rarely cold, I
was rarely hot. I pressed my arm against his skin and sighed. “You’re hot.”
   “Thanks.” He flashed me a perfect, all white smile.
   “Welcome,” I answered, rolling my eyes. “What’d you do all day?”
   “Tried to do the work, finished it, not sure how well I did. No, I don’t want your
help. But I do want to see your tattoos.” 
   I pulled the covers off of me and peeled my shirt off. “The room right here says
‘imagine’ and the other says ‘playful.’” The one that said imagine was going
down a line from the edge of my bra to my waist on my side. The one that said playful was
right on the edge of my butt. “You like?” People thought it was weird I didn’t think
twice about stripping for him, but he had seen more than my underwear, so, yeah it
wasn’t nothing to take off my shirt or pants. 
   Not that we had ever slept together. Weird things just automatically happened at my
house. He walked in, I was running after my little sister, butt naked when I was fourteen,
screaming at her to give me my clothes back. He just stopped, looked, and burst out
laughing. I, still mad at Tonya, just snatched my clothes up and dressed right in front of
him. Tonya told Mama and Mama didn’t listen so Tonya decided it wasn’t worth the
trouble of wasting her breath.
   “Cute,” he remarked, his warm hands brushing against the one that said playful. He
smiled. “Playful? Imagine? Yeah, you tell a guy that an’ he’s gonna imagine some
playful things.”
   “You imaginin’ playful things?” I teased, slipping my shirt back on and climbing
back into his bed.
   He just arched an eyebrow and changed the subject, shifting in the bed slightly. ?
“You still goin’ to the party tonight?”
   “Still goin’? I never was goin’. Totally not my scene—rich, preppy brats and
arrogant, sex-addicted fuckwhole boys.”
   “You’re one of those rich, preppy girls,” he pointed out.
   “At school. Otherwise Mom’d kill me for ruinin’ her ‘reputation’,” I
pointed out. “You know that. Plus, you’re not gonna be there. I won’t have any
   I climbed back under the covers, shivering slightly. He pressed his arm on my forehead
and sighed. “I get tired of takin’ care of you.”
   I took that to heart. I admit, it hurt a little bit. I liked him taking care of me. And
I thought he liked taking care of me, too. I sighed. “Yeah, well, one day a hot magical
vampire king will come an’ make me into a vampire and I’ll be strong and you won’t
hafta take care o’ me.” My voice wavered slightly, but I disguised it with a cough.
   He arched an eyebrow again. “Twilight?”
   “More like True Bloods,” I said. “Vampire King—the Mississippi
King….y’know, the one who wanted to overthrow the Louisiana Queen or somethin’ like
that?” I had to go back to watching it. I had missed the last twelve episodes, being so
busy….and punished for that b minus I made. My parents were the shizz, but they didn’t
know much about parenting. I often told them I was going to go to college, get on drugs,
drop out, and murder somebody but get caught years later where they would have to take my
child who would be around four at that point and explain to her why Mommy wasn’t there.
That’s where Tonya would pipe in, “Can I take care of her?” And I would hit her and
say, “Of course not!”
   “Oh.” He paused. “So, what are you doin’ Friday night?”
   “Comin’ here like I usually do—Daddy told me I could finally spend the night.
That’s if you want me,” I told him. there were two rooms on this floor—his and his
parents. The top two floors were remodeling at the moment, so there were only those two
rooms. And his parents were never home—and when they were, they didn’t care much about
what he did or who he did it with.
  He nodded. “Yeah, but, there’s somethin’ I need to do Friday……” He judged my
  I kept it neutral, my eyes guarded. Wonderful. He was skipping school so he could ignore
me. “That’s cool. I’ll see you….whenever I see ya. Jus’ call me or somethin’,
kay?” I pushed the covers back. Kill me if I wasn’t just getting me warm. “I hafta
   I was already standing up when he grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me back on
the bed with a grin. “I have to do somethin’ Friday. Not today. Stay a lil’ while
later,” he pleaded, using the full force of those blue specked brown eyes on me.
   I almost did. I swear, I wanted to. But I forgot I was supposed to be mad with him. So
I sighed. “Look, I have to go,” I told him, getting back up.
   “They can wait,” he said, tugging me down again. He pulled me with enough force so
that I was pressed against him. “I need you. Right now.” He tilted his head down and
smothered me with his eyes again.
   “Why?” I growled. “What if it’s somethin’ important?”
  “If it was, you would’ve called to come see—not actually came.”
   He had a point. I went back on the offensive side. “I always come see ya. You’re my
best friend. I care about you,” I explained, my voice catching again. I coughed. 
   He released me. “Don’t go, Gigi,” he said. “Please. Whoever it is can wait.”
  “My boyfriend,” I told him, trying to see how he would react to that bit of news.
   “Vincent Hugh.”
   He stiffened and got up angrily, pacing against the room. As soon as he left, the heat
faded from him. I yanked the covers over me and glared at him. “Excuse me, what’s your
  He whipped his head around and glared at me. “I thought I…..break up with him. Now.
He’s no good for you, Ginger Ale,” he growled, tossing me my phone. Six new messages.
I instantly went to text them, but they were just alerts from this site I was on. Nothing
   “Chill, Lucky,” I said, using his nickname. “I lied. We flirt around a lot, but
we’re not goin’ out….yet. Even if we were, you wouldn’t do anything ‘bout
  He gave me a cold, hard glare that chilled right to the bone. “You bet?” he asked.
  “I bet,” I answered, voice cracking. Truth was, I didn’t bet. I knew he would get
his way in the end because he just had that….dangerous personality.

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i like this alot you HAVE to keep writing!

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Chapter Two

    The next morning I rifled through my closet for something warm to wear. Like I said,
winter in Louisiana was like spring. You could normally get away with leggings or capris.
Not today. I frowned and forced myself into the corner of the closet where my jeans were.
I pulled out three pairs—skinny blue jeans, skinny black jeans, and hip-huggers. I
looked the best in the black jeans, but it was just school.
   I yanked the blue jean skinny jeans on with my tight red tee-shirt and black hoodie. I
put on my leather black boots because I was walking to school again. I hated when Lucky
didn’t go to school. But, I was used to it. He maybe went forty days out of the 100 and
something we went. I grabbed my book sack and ran down the hall to the kitchen where I
grabbed some hot French toast and kissed my mother’s cheeks.
  She waved by and I rubbed the top of Tonya’s brown and ignored her protest and her
trying to take my French toast. I’m so evil I take the last piece every morning and no
matter how early she gets up, I always get it. I opened the door to find a sex god waiting
for me.
   Vincent Hugh.
   His dark brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, his even darker eyes gleaming with
charm. He smiled, bowing slightly. If anybody could be a vampire, it would be this guy.
Except he was always darker than I thought a vampire would be. I grinned at him, not
noticing past his neck. “Hello. Can I help you?” I asked.
    He nodded, his eyes twinkling. “Actually….you can. I’m looking for a beautiful
girl to take to school today and you seem like the perfect one. Ride with me?”
   He added something else to the end of that sentence, but I barely heard him because sex
god number two was pulling into my driveway. I knew he was a senior, two years older than
me, and a player. Tall, slender, fast, with dreadlocks and big brown eyes. He got out the
car, glaring at Vincent, but smiling at me. “Hey, I see I’m not the only person to
offer a ride this morning,” he said cheerfully.
   Obvious tension passed between the two boys. Vincent glared disdainfully at the boy and
the boy glared right back with a ‘bitch, get the fuck away’ look. I decided to
intervene as yet another sex god came. Except, I knew this one.
   Unlike the other two, he didn’t come with cheery smiles for me, or glares for them.
He didn’t rush up nor did he look even the slightest bit angry with them or me. His car
was even better and he was dressed for Louisiana Winter—spring. He was wearing dark
jeans and a button-up black shirt with the top three buttons undone. His brown hair was
pulled into that infamous fohawk and those blue-specked brown eyes were hard and serious.
He took his time walking up there and then it was a sexy, cocky walk.
   “C’mon, Ginger. I’m goin’ to school today and I’m drivin’ ya.”
   Lucky said it with such conviction, such a normal voice that had an underlying sound of
hate and disgust, that I didn’t argue. I just smiled at the boys and closed the door,
starting to walk to it. However, both started arguing.
   “Man, what the fuck?” the black one growled to Lucky. “I was here before you.
She’s coming with me.”
   Vincent laughed. “I was here first. Plus, I love this girl. And I know she feels it,
too.” He winked at me. “Don’t you, Ginger?”
   My heart melted, but that happened with anybody sex god that smiled at me. And three in
one morning was an over-load. Plus, I was cold. The only thing I felt was a dire urge to
jump into one of the cars.
  “But I love Ginger the most. And she knows it,” said the black guy, winking at me. 

   Honey, I don’t know your name. Much less love you.
   Lucky just grinned. “She’s comin’ with me—whether I love her or not. And
that’s the truth. But, if it matters, Gigi, darlin’, I love you more than those two
idiots. A lot more.”
  Now, Ginger, I tried to tell myself, he loves you like a friend. Nothing more. But that
weird little flip was going through my heart, that small smile was fighting to cross my
features, and this warm tingling was spreading throughout my body.
   This was like ‘py-yow!’ Three sex gods at my house—to drive me to school. And
they all drove nice cars. Except for Lucky had a—never mind. He had obviously finally
traded in that old, rusty, ’69 Chevy for a nice, sleek, black…..Ferrari. I swear, I
think I drooled a little bit.
   “You feel yourself loving me, don’t you, Ginger?” Vincent asked.
   I frowned. “The only thing I’m feelin’ is a slow, long drawn out chill in my body
from standing out in the cold,” I answered.
   Lucky smiled. “That solves it. She’s comin’ with me.”
  He started to reach for me, but the black boy grabbed his arm. There was this God-awful
snap and then Lucky turned to the boy and shook his arm out, glaring at him. Vincent
grabbed my hand. His hands were as cold as the rest of me. He started pulling me to his
car. “You’re not going with him,” he growled.
   I wiggled and kicked, trying to free myself. “Let me go you jerk!” I growled in his
ear. I planted my feet in the ground and pulled back. He laughed and picked me up,
slinging me over his shoulder. This dude was deluded if he thought I was just going to let
him put me in his car without a fight.
  So I did what every girl in my situation should do—I opened my mouth as wide as
possible and sunk my teeth into his neck. Two punctured, bite-marks was there like he had
been bitten by a vampire. He also had a cheap cologne taste—so strong I could taste it.
I spit out the skin I had pulled off as he dropped me to the ground.
   I scrambled up towards Lucky, who was making his way towards me. Vincent dashed right
behind me, grabbing my foot. I yanked my foot out of the boot, and scrambled up, my sock
hitting the icy ground. It froze me to the top.  
  Lucky helped me up with the arm I had previously thought was broken, but it was not.
Instead, it was firm as if breaking it had actually caused for more muscles. Lucky put me
in his car and then got in on the other side. With a smile he said, “We’re not goin’
to school so go to sleep.”
   I laid my head against the window and slept.

“C’mon, Gigi,” Lucky said, pulling me to my feet.
   I yawned, still groggy. We had drove for a few hours, this much I knew. I had no idea
where we were or why we was there. I just went along for the ride. I grabbed Lucky around
the shoulder and leaned on him. “I’m sleepy,” I muttered.
  He chuckled. “A few more feet,” he replied. “I’ll hold you.”
  He put his hands behind my knees and lifted me up. I rested my head against his hot
shoulder. “You’re so danged hot,” I muttered, already half asleep.
   “Thanks, baby girl.”

A loud blast of music hit my ears.
  I jumped up, startled. I was in the middle of a tightly packed club laid out on a
sofa….wait, no, I was on the opposite side. There was this huge glass wall that nobody
seemed to notice that reflected a large crowd of teens, cougars, and perverts. They all
meshed together in one drunken, sloppy ball of people. The club was dark, the lights only
coming from a disco ball in the distance. You didn’t know what you were dancing with or
who. There was a bar right at the back for the people to waste even more money on alcohol
when they were already so obviously, painfully drunk.
   I was in this room alone. It was brightly lit, the walls painted light yellow, the
floors warm a smooth wood. Somebody, more than likely Lucky, had taken off my shoes and
covered me with a thick blanket. I was completely utterly warm. there was a plasma screen
TV, about 50” with a remote laying right next to me. I turned the TV on—I never did
think much of using people’s property when I needed it—and started flicking through
the channels, trying to find out where we were and why we were there.
   And what had happened to my Lucky?
   I tugged the covers up to my chin, comfortable and warm. “In Monroe…” the TV
woman droned. Okay, so either we were in Monroe or close to it. Which was a good thing.
Wasn’t that far from New Orleans—who am I kidding? Yes it was! I checked the time on
the screen. 2:15. Okay, so school would be ending in thirty more minutes….and then it
took me an hour to get home. But my parents would know I was with Lucky because I didn’t
spend my time with anybody else.
   There was a door that led to the club. Should I go? I debated with myself. I wasn’t
one of those overly-curious girls that did things like that got into trouble. However, I
did get up and pad over to the wall and press my nose against it. Three people were facing
me, but they didn’t notice me. Well, one did. She smiled and waved, flashing me an
all-white, too bright, sinister grin. I frowned, wrinkling my brow, then waved at her.
   She turned on her heel. I noticed she was wearing a silver dress that was cut up to
mid-thigh, stopped at her knees, and was strapless. She was also wearing some five-inch
boots. I also noticed that she tapped on Lucky’s shirt and started to dance with him.
Well, let’s just say I didn’t like the hoe, something in my gut was turning, and then
she was dancing with my best friend?
  I turned on my sock covered feet and sat back, watching her dance with my Lucky like she
was some prostitute getting her money’s worth. And he danced back. I mean, any average
guy would. But Lucky was different….so I thought. There goes his expectations. Instead
of being outside getting my groove on with some hot guy—or Lucky—I was sitting in a
strange room, watching the news and everybody else get their groove on. With no shoes on.
   I glared disdainfully at myself. Every time somebody slightly more prettier or could
even be uglier comes grinding on your man, you get that feeling. That small little nudge
that says, “What’s wrong with ME?” And then you start noticing that you’re either
too skinny or too fat and then you start feeling bad for yourself until you get that
‘checked out’ look by a guy or a compliment. Even a stupid, jerk-face comment like,
“I wanna bang you!” will do. Because then you know you still got it.
   The door opened. Not the one to the club, but the one on the opposite side that
must’ve led to like a closet or something. Or maybe another room. A man stepped out. He
was tall, muscular, with pitch black hair tied into a ponytail. He was wearing
leather—tight leather. But he was the type of guy who was so damn sexy that he didn’t
even look gay wearing it.
   He fixed me with a hard, penetrating, blue-eyed gaze. “Oh, so you finally awaken?
You’ve been sleeping for about, oh, six hours—including the trip.” He smiled at me
then, offering me his hand. “Come dance with me?”
  I nodded, still struck my awesomely hot this sex god was. I gave him a small smile and
started to get into my boots. I tucked my jeans into them and took his hand. He opened the
door and led me out. Just as we got out, a slow song started playing. He marched us into
the middle of the floor, a couple of girls looking like, “What the fuck is he doing with
her?” But that was okay—a girl’s jealousy and a sex god dancing with you will clear
any doubts that you are sexy.
  It was darker than it looked. And hot. The bodies were pressed so close together I could
feel some guy’s butt brushing against mine while he danced with some chick. And the girl
next to me was bumping me with her hips. I sighed and stood on my tiptoes so I could reach
around the guy’s neck.
   It didn’t occur to me till the song was over that I didn’t know his name. However,
by that point, he had turned me around and had started grinding against me. So I grinded
back, moving in that sexy way that girls could. His hands wrapped around my waist, pulling
me closer. 
  This was like….damn. This was what dancing was like. I could’ve stayed like this for
a long time. And I didn’t feel any shame or embarrassment either. Instead, what I felt
was, a strong desire to lay him down and screw him hard.
   “Wanna take this somewhere private?” he asked.
   I nodded. Oh did I. 
   He led me off the dance floor. It was funny. I had been so worried over Lucky, but now
I knew Lucky was taken care of. He had the girl. I had this amazingly hot guy who was more
than likely older than me and more experience. And more than likely not a virgin. Unlike
me. That didn’t matter, though. I knew he was gonna take care of me.
   He disappeared through the room. I looked over my shoulder to see that Lucky was
looking dead at me. A horrified/angry/shocked expression was on his face. He started
heading for us at a ran—faster than I had ever seen him before—but the guy closed the
door in his face and locked it.
   Within moments, he had my boots off, my body on fire, and my lips tingling. I pushed
him against the wall like I knew what the hell I was doing. He grinned, his hands roaming
all over my body. My body screamed with excitement and thrill. I giggled and kissed him
harder, wrapping my hands in his dark hair.
   He was of little conversation, but I hadn’t said anything had I? I thought about
that, lost the thought, tried to come back around into it, but it was already gone.
   He pulled my hoodie off, nipping at my ear, kissing down to my neck. 
   There was a hard jiggling at the door. I turned my head to look, but the guy turned my
head back around to face him. His kiss left a hot trail of sexy…..sexy….sexy something
in its path. I pulled at his shirt, trying to take the damn thing off but it was like it
was molded to his skin. 
  There was a loud crunch and the door flung open.
  Lucky stood there, his expression mad as hell. “You know better,” he growled, but he
was focused on the extremely hot sex god in front of me. “You damn well know better. I
told you what would happen if you even looked at her…”
   “She was perfectly willing,” he said, a smirk on his face, lifting his eyebrow
  “They all are,” Lucky growled. “C’mere, Ginger.”
   I looked to him, then to the guy whose name I still didn’t know. I didn’t want to
go. I wanted to stay in his arms where it was warm and hot and sexy….and where
everything I wanted to be fulfilled would be….
  “Gigi,” Lucky pleaded, using those eyes on me like he did yesterday.
  I frowned, bit my lip, grimaced. My resolve was wavering. Lucky who had always been
there for me, always loved me, always hugged me? Or the guy who I had just met but came
with a promise of eternal fulfilling?
  “Gigi,” the hot guy pleaded, trying to use those sky blue eyes on me.
  That did it.

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you gots to write more!

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   I drove home, Gigi laying against the wall. She looked sick. And I didn’t know what
to do with her. What experience do I have with girls?
  Plus, I was still seething at that idiotic vampire, Michael, who had tried to seduce
her. Well, not tried. He was a vampire whose power happened to be getting girls younger
than him to succumb to his will and sleep with her. And I told him if he even looked twice
at Gigi…..hold on, incoherent violent thoughts here.
   It didn’t help matters with him that I was in love with Gigi. And he knew that. Any
fool could see that—even a blind man. Even Gigi sometimes I wondered. This wasn’t a
case of best friend loves best friend and she doesn’t know it—no, I have to keep it
from her for her own protection. If she happens to like me or love me back, it’s
dangerous. And if she doesn’t, she probably won’t hang around me which will make her
more of an open target. So, that’s dangerous, too.
  I gripped the steering wheel tighter. I should’ve went straight to Mississippi where
it was safer. But, no, I didn’t go because I was scared that they would see how much I
had slipped, see how in love with Gigi I was. Instead, I took her to Monroe—a place
filled with vampires. Even more so then New Orleans. And they all wanted Gigi.
   My Gigi.
   I wasn’t possessive, though. It would be nice to date her, marry her…..I’m
getting off track. It would be, though. But if she doesn’t like me, well, my heart will
  “Do you hate me?”
   Her soft voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked down at her. Hate her? Never.
“’Course not, darlin’. Why do you ask that?” What could possibly make her think I
hated her? 
   “Because of what I did…..I’m like a whore!”
   She sounded so damn distressed I could’ve hugged her. Instead, I put one arm around
her shoulders and let her lean into me. “No, you’re not. I know him—he can be very
persuasive. You’re the first girl that chose me over him—or anybody over him for that
matter. So you’re the least amount of whore, short of bein’ a nun.”
   She smiled up at me, eyes so trusting. If she only knew. “Thanks for that.” She bit
her lip. “Who was that girl you were dancin’ with?”
   I frowned, thinking. I had danced with plenty of girls. “Which one?”
   “The one with the silver hoe-dress!” Did I detect jealousy?
   “Oh. Her.”
   “Brittany. She looks like a Brittany.”
   “She is a Brittany.”
   She smiled again. “I knew it. Why didn’t you come dance with me?”
   Aww. Damn. If I would’ve known she was up….but then could I handle that without
pushing her into the nearest room and fucking her? “Oh. You wanted me to?”
  “Well, yeah, you’re my best friend.”
   Always pulling the best friend card for mutual attraction. I turned the radio on. A
slow song was just beginning to come on. I pulled the car over on the shoulder of the road
and turned it up. She frowned. “What the hell are you doin’?”
  “Dancin’ wit you!”
   I pulled her out the car and into my arms where she fit perfectly..

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I love it ^^

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Chapter Three (Back to Gigi!)

 Okay, so the first thing I noticed was how great I fit in his hands. The second thing I
noticed was that we were closer than normal best friend dancing. And the third thing was
that I was liking the whole damn thing. A little too much for him to be my best friend. 
  I knew this song. Some sappy love song about never being apart. I buried my head against
his chest and hummed along in my head. We’ll never be apart….never fall too far away
from each other’s heart….As the song started to come to an end—the girl hitting
impossibly high notes—Lucky gripped me tighter, pulling my closer. “We’ll never be
apart,” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath dancing across.
  I grinned and let out a shuddering sigh, tugging on a brown lock of hair. “Good.
‘Cos I love you, Lucky,” I told him, releasing him with the song.
  “ Love you, too,” he replied.
  He opened the door for me like a true southern gentleman and closed it behind me. I
cranked the heat up. Even though I was locked up in Lucky’s arms, I was still cold
because those brief seconds after he released me was like…hell, this dark hole had
surrounded me. I wasn’t depressed or anything, but it was like…..well, his dance had
been satisfying. That was the problem. I was unsatisfied now.
   When I looked up, we were driving down the highway at about 90 miles per hour. I
sighed, my heart beating slightly. Not because I was scared, but because I liked being
scared. Something about the heavy hammering of my heart, the sudden rush of adrenaline,
the sense of not knowing how it was going to come out—yeah, it was like….I don’t
know. But it left me feeling all contented and such.
   “Scare me,” I muttered.
   Lucky didn’t seem to hear me. He stared ahead at the road, his hand gripping the
steering wheel so hard his muscles were straining in his hand. I reached over to grab him,
but decided against it. He was sweating. Damn. Baby boy must be hot!    
   “You’re missin’ school tomorrow again,” he said suddenly, glancing at me
slightly as he wove through traffic, barely missing cars by millimeters who honked angrily
at him.
   I arched an eyebrow but didn’t pursue the question except to ask, “I have
  “You’ll automatically get an ‘a’ on them. I got this,” he said, turning the
radio up.
   The conversation was over.
   My mind led me down to dreamland. I had always known vampires and werewolves weren’t
true—that was easy to figure out because, well, you would just know if you were in the
presence of a vampire/werewolf right? That was my rightful assumption. But, they do say
assuming makes an ass out of you and me. 
   Anyway, I tried to place every guy I knew in human, werewolf, or vampire category.
Vincent, like I said earlier, vampire. That guy whose name I don’t know to this
point—some kind of witch/demon/vampire-witch-demon. Let’s put him in the ‘other’
category. That’s with the basic assumption he doesn’t have powers. But…..making an
ass out of myself again.
  Next on my list was that black boy. First off, he wasn’t white so I couldn’t really
tell if he was pale or not, so vampire was still hanging in the air. Second off, he
wasn’t dangerous—no, I take that back, he was. Still, I would put him on the werewolf
list….just because he looked like he was a werewolf.
   Lucky. I couldn’t get a read on him for nothing. He wasn’t pale—but he wasn’t
dark either. He was in between, a California-surfer boy tan. He was always hot, which
meant he could’ve been a werewolf, but I hung out with him during full moons. He never
had tried to bite me and he didn’t have an iron-grip, so he possibly could’ve
been….hell, I don’t know. Let’s put him in ‘other’ too.
   I shifted slightly in the seat, turning my head so that it laid on the left side of the
seat, closest to Lucky. He gave me a small smile. “Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout, Gigi?”
   I sighed and heaved my shoulders up and down. “Nothin’,” I responded, knowing
that it would sound crazy if I ever let the words come flying from my mouth.
   “You look tired.”
   For some reason, my heart sped up like it was on my fear/adrenaline rush. But this
wasn’t the oddly satisfying rush I normally had. I was actually scared. And I couldn’t
even figure out why. I just knew that if he….”STOP THE DAMN CAR!” I shrieked,
gripping the handle in my arm tightly. I felt physically sick. 
   “Gigi? What the hell—Ginger? Do NOT open the door—fuck!”
  He pulled the car over the side. I already had flung the door open. I tumbled out of the
car and into the cold grass. The wind slapped at my face roughly as if it was trying to
kill me or hurt me. Get back in the car, Ginger! I ignored the mental warning, even
though the twist in my gut told me something bad was about to happen. “Shit, shit,
shit!” I moaned, holding my stomach.
   Something rose up—the French toast.
   I buried my head between my knees and tried to get it out. My throat burned, my stomach
flipped and flopped. Lucky stood behind me, not sure what to do. He reached for me. I
shied away from him. He was a monster. There was something wrong with him.
   “Don’t touch me!” I gasped, my stomach hitting another hard flip. I moaned and
rocked slightly. “Make it stop, Lucky,” I whimpered, tears filling my eyes. “It
   He reached for me, then pulled his hand back as I shied away again. It didn’t make
any sense to me either, but I knew that if he touched me, something bad would happen.
“Go back in the car,” I told him. “Please. I need…..air.” I took in two
mouthfuls. The coolness spread to my throat, cooling it off a little bit.
  He remained there, stubborn as ever. “Gigi, what the fuck is wrong with you?”
  My stomach gave one last final flop. I stood up shakily. “I’m goin’ crazy, Lucky.
I must be pregnant—my emotions are wack. I’m…I don’t know. I was scared of you.”
I felt better now—a  bit. I was trembling and cold.
   Lucky’s face tightened. “Don’t ever be scared of me, Gigi. I swear, I’ll never
hurt you as long as I love—or I won’t do it on purpose anyway.” He reached for me,
pulling me in a hug.
  I sobbed against his chest. What did I do to deserve a friend like him? His arms
tightened around me as he whispered something over and over again I didn’t understand,
followed by my name. I think it was a prayer—or a song.
   I lost myself to his warm embrace, the sound of his southern boy voice chanting in my
ear, and the feel of the wind beating against me, trying to break down my protection. I
wasn’t scared to admit I depended on Lucky for two  things—protection being one of
them, friendship the other. 
  It was a few minutes before we got back into the car.
  I buckled myself in, confused. What had happened? Was I going crazy? Like, the real kind
of crazy…? Where people went mentally insane and started to see things, hear things, and
have random outbursts? Was I schizophrenic?
   “You’re worryin—stop that,” Lucky chided, pushing my hair back from my
forehead. “Just relax. I know what’s goin’ on—I’m gonna fix it.”
  As if to prove his point, he sped up, glancing at me every so often to see if I was
going to have another weird, panic/freak attack. Honestly, I was quite happy he was. I
felt as if I couldn’t trust myself. I shivered slightly. He turned the air back on hot
even though he was still sweating buckets.
   “Here,” Lucky growled, handing me his iPod Touch—which he thought was heavenly so
this was like MEGA BIG DEAL for him. He must’ve really been worried about me.
“Entertain yourself.”
  I couldn’t resist myself.
  I arched an eyebrow and ran my hand up his arm. It was thick with his muscles which were
bulging from gripping the steering wheel too tight, slick with his sweat, and hard. I
purred slightly. “Alright. ‘Bout time you asked!” I said, grinning.
   He sighed, but a look flashed across his face before he smirked back at me. “I was
judgin’ your reaction—to see if my body was the only thing that turned you on.”
   “Oh, baby, does it,” I purred back, trailing my hand over his muscles. A thrill
went through me. Oh no, Gigi, the better part of me warned. I slapped the better part of
me in the mouth and threw it in the closet at the back of my mine. “So you went reversal
on me—instead of bein’ like the girl and not givin’ up till she knows the boy wants
her personality. Bode an’ all the rest of that too, but mostly for bein’ her.” My
voice had gotten serious at the end. Admit you’re in love with me, then pull over and
fuck me in the backseat!
  Okay, so that was a little far-fetched.
  But he could always kiss me.
  Pointed for wishful thinking!
  He chuckled and glanced over at me. “And, sometimes, bein’ boys, we have to overlook
the body and find the soul.” He arched an eyebrow, his eyes heavily guarded. “But,
straight off we can normally sense who we like and why we like her.” His voice was just
as serious.
  Fuck me in the back seat!
  That part of me wasn’t crazy. That was some left over….uh, desire, from earlier I
guess.  “What ‘bout you, Lucky? You know who you love?”
  He chuckled again. “Yep.”
  “It’s me, huh?” I said playfully, completely serious. My heart sped up quickly as
I stared at him, trying to find some kind of hint.
  His face remained neutral. He just tilted his head to the side and smiled at me. “You
can only wish, Gigi. But, you’re pretty cute, so you shouldn’t hafta wish that
hard.” He winked at me.
  I frowned. “What the hell does that mean?” I questioned. “Do you like me or
not?” Eager for his answer, I sat on my knees sideways, pushing the seat belt off of me.
“I’m confused.”
   “Does it matter if I do or not?”
  “Don’t you dare answer my question with anotha one of yo questions!” I growled,
ready to strangle him. I pulled the better part of me out. Gigi, sit the HELL DOWN!
You’re goin’ stone cold crazy! Chill out. Be normal! Nah. I pushed it back. I wanted
it to tell me something I wanted to hear!
  He gave another laugh. “Gigi, sit down an’ calm down. Put your seatbelt on and
I’ll tell you.”
  I frowned, pouted, debated whether or not I was gonna listen, the finally sat my little
brown butt down and put the seat belt down.
  “If it helps, your butt isn’t that little,” he commented, putting one arm around
my shoulder.
  I said that out loud? Oops…I glared at him. “Tell me if you like me or not!”
  “Yeah I like you. Enough.” He winked.
  I exploded. “WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?” I shrieked angrily, rolling my eyes.
“Lucky, oh my GOD! You are the most irritatin’—“
  And he had the nerves to answer his phone in the middle of my tirade, then slap a hand
over my mouth. I bit him. He shot me an annoyed look, rolled his eyes, and removed his
hand. No mark or anything. I crossed my arms again and pouted.

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"I swear, I’ll never
hurt you as long as I love—or I won’t do it on purpose anyway."

typo, but I still like you're story ^^

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Thanks. I try not to make errors, which is why I type them on Word first....I guess it
didn't pick that one up. Sorry!

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Chapter Four

“Ya know, Lucky, I’ve always been curious—“
   “Oh, Lord,” he breathed, pulling into my yard. “You and ‘been curious’ never
finishes with somethin’ good tacked on to the rest of it.”
   I rolled my eyes. “Lucky, dammit, listen to me!”
  He arched an eyebrow.
  I huffed, irritated with him. I had sat the whole ride here—that’s four hours—in
silence. And he hadn’t talked—not once—or asked me why I was pouting. And he
definitely hadn’t asked what was wrong with me at all. “Lucky, I know you always
listen to me—that’s not the problem. Anyways, what’s yo problem? You’re…..so
damn moody today! And quieter than usual!”
   “It’s because you’ve jumped off the ‘common sense’ boat, swam in the
‘crazy’ ocean, and danced with the ‘insane’ monkeys in your head—that’s why
I’m quieter than usual! I’m tryna figure out what the fuck is wrong with you!” His
voice had went up at the end and he was glaring at me.
  I took a deep breath. “Sorry,” I muttered, ducking my head. I went to open the door,
but he grabbed my hand and pressed his lips to it.
  “That was mean.”
  I didn’t agree or disagree out loud. Instead, I shrugged, said, “Whatever,” and
got out the car. I heard the engine’s purr still suddenly and then Lucky was following
me out of the car. He slung his arm over my shoulder, squeezing me in a hug. I didn’t
notice how cold I was until I was embraced in his warm, sun-like touch. I snuggled closer
to him on instinct.
  In all truth, Lucky kept me sane. My parents were up my ass, Tonya bugged the shit out
of me normally, and then there was school. At school, I was forced to act like one of the
preppy bitches that I wasn’t. 
  My mother had what she called a ‘reputation’ to honor. She had been the head
cheerleader, the school’s slut, and the girl everyone fantasized of being. So now that I
was going to that same school, I was actually having to relive her teenage years. And I
was expected to enjoy them without doing any other extra activities I wanted to do. I was
on the cheerleading team, I was expected to date the school’s quarterback (not if he
would have me, but our parents wouldn’t let us have it any other way!) and get pregnant
at seventeen (yes, that was a requirement!).
  I liked basketball, photography, and music. I wasn’t allowed to listen to anything
other than that weird hop-hop/electronic stuff she liked. Thank God for Lucky’s taste of
rock, country, and rap. Otherwise, I would drive myself crazy….er than I already am.
   But Lucky’s job was failing now. It seemed I was going even crazier. I pressed my
index finger to my temples and sighed. “Lucky, go home,” I growled. “I need to
sleep.” As if to prove my point, I gave a huge yawn. Suddenly, my legs and eyes seemed
to heavy to do anything with them and I was barely walking.
  “Let me help you in,” he offered, not pausing to see if that was my wish. Instead,
he took my hand and led me through. For that, I was thankful because I was barely trudging
along as it was. I leaned on him as he pushed me through the door.
  The scent of garlic hit me. I backed away, trying not to puke. It was strong. “What
the hell—“ 
  Lucky slapped a hand over my mouth and nose and kept leading me upstairs with a strange,
urgent, protective look crossing his face. “You said you were sleepy remember?” he
asked quietly as if I didn’t remember how tired I was.
  I tried to answer, but he had those slim, lightly tanned fingers of his jammed somewhat
into my mouth. I tried to bite him to let go, but his hand was also in my mouth. I
groaned. The scent of garlic—freshly cut, no less and just opened—hit my eyes and
strung them. They watered. Lucky flung my room door open, glancing around.
  He pushed me in, kissed my cheek, and closed the door without so much as a good-bye.
  I wrinkled my brow, confused. What the hell was his problem? He was acting—hey, my
room doesn’t smell like garlic! But it had another scent—something hot and warm, like
cinnamon except softer, not as strong, not as unattractive. I guess it smelled like fire
or something like that—not that I would know what fire smelled like. I wasn’t a
pyromaniac or anything like that….
  I peeled my layers of clothes off until I was standing in my underwear. I debated on
whether or not to take a bath for a few seconds, but then I decided that a shower
couldn’t hurt. And I would be standing up so I wouldn’t fall asleep.
  I ran the warm water and got in, quickly washing myself off. Once out, I pulled on a
long tee-shirt over my underwear and a pair of knee-high red socks. I cuddled into my
beds, trying to fall asleep to the sounds of my parents arguing downstairs with

“What are you doin’?”
   “I am trying to protect my child,” my mother said, her voice laced with anger. “I
mean, if it’s okay with you, Luc.” 
  Lucky? I listened harder. “Of course it is—but could you have made it anymore
obvious? The smell of the garlic was puttin’ her to sleep before she came into the
house! And you know vampires don’t give a rat’s ass about garlic—they actually LIKE
it, you dimwits.”
  I gave a silent cheer. GO LUCKY!
 “Yes, but Tonya—we must worry about Tonya.”
  “FUCK TONYA!” Lucky exploded. I could picture him balling his fists, his face red
and tight with anger. “We’re worried about GIGI! Gigi is the only one who can save
part of the whole damn planet and you’re worried about some spoiled, worthless eight
year old freak?”
  “Don’t talk about my daughter that way,” Daddy interjected.
  And here I thought he had always loved me more.
  Lucky sighed. “Listen, I don’t give a damn about Tonya—send her somewhere for
God’s sake. I’m only worried about Gigi. She’s my main concern—and not because
I’m her protector. But because—“ He stopped suddenly. “What the hell—?
Thanks,” his voice was sarcastic, “they know where she is now. Thanks to all the damn
unneeded garlic because it doesn’t work!”
  There were heavy footsteps.
 A low growl came from somebody’s lips. “Lucky,” I tried to call out, but, just like
in dreams, it didn’t come out. More angry, snarling growls.
 I whimpered, trying to move the covers off of me but they were stuck on me. I could
change my dreams right? I willed the covers to move, but they stayed right where they
were, tightening it seemed. I shrieked wordlessly and soundlessly. Somebody chuckled. 
  I looked up to see a huge boy dressed in all white with long black hair to his waist,
pale skin, and dark brown eyes. He grinned at me. “C’mon, Gigi. Swear you’ll come
with me and I’ll help you out of those covers.”
  Well, if I couldn’t pull the covers off of me in my dream, I guess I could send myself
a half-cute guy to get them off. I nodded. “Sure, sure,” I said, wiggling. The covers
loosened enough for to slip out. I started to run right past him, but he grabbed my arm.
  “Where do you think you’re going?”
  I frowned. “I’ll come with you, but I need to see Lucky—I need to know if he’s
  “No. You. Don’t,” he growled through clenched teeth, his eyes turned red with
anger. I was now conjuring up psycho half-cute guys? I really need to find something to do
with my imagination…..
 “Yes. I do,” I growled back, trying to free my arm. It tightened. I cried out in
pain. “Dude, STOP!”
  He laughed and swung me into his arms. “Ah, Gigi, the realm of dreams will never cease
to exist for you,” he said ominously.
  “LUCKY!” I shrieked. “I’m comin’ for ya!”
  I wriggled and wiggled in his arms, fighting and kicking. I heard steps coming up but
the guy was going through the window. WAKE UP, GIGI! I screamed. Just as he was about to
jump, I grabbed the edges of my windows, trying to pull myself in.
  Lucky flung the door open, pain shooting across his face. I held on, panic in my eyes.
“Lucky, help me!” I cried, reaching for him just as he reached for me….

    I jumped up, my heart racing, my body covered in a cold sweat. I was freezing. And hot
at the same time. I kicked the covers off the bottom half of me, then pulled the top half
of the cover all the way to my chin. I took three deep breaths, taking in the calming,
fire-scented air. One, two, three….it was just a bad dream.
  I got up out of the bed, chill bumps raising on my arms and going down my spine. I
sighed and closed the door to my bathroom, terrified. I glanced around, looking for the
stranger, looking for Lucky, looking for any hint that it was real. Stop it, Gigi.
There’s no reason to overreact like this. It was a dream. Just go back to sleep.
  I splashed some warm water on my face and picked up a pair of sweatpants in my room. I
left my bathroom light on and my door open. I got back in the bed, just as a text buzzed
through my phone. I checked the time. Two a.m. Gah.
  I had a bad dream.
  Lucky. I texted him back. Me 2. Come ova?
  I waited a few seconds, using that time to climb back into the bed and under the covers
where I couldn’t be bothered or cold. Or where nothing bad could see me. When it buzzed
again, I pressed the see button. U want me 2?
  I put my phone up and cuddled deeper inside the covers for a moment. It would take Lucky
half the amount of time it took me to get to his house. I sighed and pulled the covers off
of me. If lucky, it would take him about six minutes to get here. If he took his car, less
  I crept downstairs, careful not to wake anybody. Our house was completely still and
silent. I kept my hands in front of me, whipping my head from side to side. A part of me
wanted to run upstairs to the comforts of my room and douse the house in garlic and the
other part wanted to kill something.
  I stood on my tip-toes and looked out the door. Lucky was already coming up the walkway.
I opened the door quietly and let him in. “We haven’t done this since we were
little,” I whispered, closing it and locking it behind us, then checking. “Sneakin’
in like this—you lil’ rebel.”
  He gave me a small smile and we crept back upstairs to my room.
  The fire scent warmed my nostrils, calming the nervous, jittery feeling in my stomach. I
sighed slightly and closed my door, climbing back into my bed and covering up. I patted
the other side. “I’m freezin’—“
  “When aren’t you?” he responded shortly, climbing in next to me where he crossed
his arms and stared broodingly.
  I sighed, confused. Did he come here to get comfort and reassurance like I needed? Or
did he come to scream at me some more? I rolled my neck, easing the tension out, the
flexed my fingers which were stiff with the cold. I curled back into a ball under the
covers. “Lucky, why the hell did you botha me?” I demanded, looking up at him.
  He glanced down, eyes clouded with pain. “Huh?”
  “You’re bein’ mean to me—and I’m not sure what I did. And you were quieter
than usual today. What the hell’s goin’ on? Either tell me or leave.” I tried my
best to look demanding, but my voice was breaking. It wasn’t that I couldn’t live
without Lucky—it was more the fact that he was, like my dream said, my protector. He
made the things in the night go bump—just like Daddy used to. Lucky was more a big
brother to me….maybe somebody else’s big brother because you didn’t get those
feelings of possible boyfriend for your big brother. Unless you were odd like that and I
   He looked at me for the longest time before he answered. “It’s just….Dad’s
goin’ through some things in the hospital. I’m stressed.” He ruffled my hair.
“Don’t worry ‘bout it, though, Gigi. Sorry.”
  Oh. “Step-Daddy goin’ through trouble?” I asked, my eyes watering. Step-Daddy was
the shizz-nit. I loved him more than I loved my own daddy sometimes. And Step-Daddy
treated me like a daughter. He was the one that bought me those designer shoes for my
birthday that I wanted even though he could barely afford it—when my own parents
could’ve bought six pairs and it would’ve been like buying dollar store shoes. “Is
he gonna be okay?”
  “Yeah. Mild heart attack. He has to work out more, “ Lucky answered, putting his arm
around my shoulder. “What was your dream about?”
  “Vampires….you knowin’ ‘bout’em. Mama and Daddy and you arguin’ bout
it—you sayin’ somethin’ bout garlic puttin’ me to sleep….a vampire wit black
hair and red eyes tryna get me…” As I spoke, the dream was fading, as was my erratic
heartbeat. I leaned into Lucky. “Ya know what, you like my good-luck charm.”
  He arched an eyebrow in response.
  I grinned at him. “Yeah, you are. I don’t, Lucky, but you’re like….I honestly
don’t know.”
  “You’d cry if I left you?”
  “For a day but I wouldn’t go crazy over you for months and months on end…..” I
looked at him. “Would you cry if I left?”
  “I would break down and sob.”

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I don't even have anything to type with on this computer, other than wordpad, so I know
how you feel ^^'

and I still love the story.

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Awwww thanks, this is my first time sticking with a story for this amount of time....!

Ahh, I hate Wordpad! *evil look*.

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I'm glad you stuck with it.

me too...

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Okay y'all so I got this new iPod touch and i just wanted to see if it worked on kupika!
Posting more tomorrow!!!

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can't wait ^-^

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