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DREAMLAND: Déja vu...

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30 May 2010, 05:13 AM    #1
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Right now it's 10 am, on my laptop writing about the dream I had the night before this

Ok, there's this murderer from a book named Count Olaf, and I was outside in my garden
with my friends when he was chasing us with a wave sword (don't ask). When we lost his
trail, we ran into the garden of my dad's boss to find the primary school were playing a
baseball game. I found my primary 1 teacher (Miss Waugh) and she was standing next to a
small window and she said I was one of her favourite pupils and that I could bring back
memories by looking inside the primary 1 dormitries. (I forgot to tell you this, but my
dad's boss' house was a boarding school in the dream because it was like a castle.) The
window was really small but I managed to get in. When I was inside there was barely enough
room for me because the ceiling was about 3 and high. No joke. Everything was pretty small
inside too, and was suffering major claustra-phobia. There was a really small door that
lead to another really small room when I went in it. It was smaller than the last room,
but the freaky part was that it had the exact same wallpaper as my old room when I stayed
at my gran's each summer (I don't sleep there anymore). The carpet was also the same in
both rooms. A couple of 1st years came in and I told them to move along. They were the
avrage size of a 5 year old, but when they walked in the room everything in it seemed to
fit them perfectly. There was another small door at the end of the room (and I had trouble
getting out that one) which lead to a carpeted castel hallway (normal size). I saw my gran
(the french one) carring laundry. When she saw me she asked what I was doing in the 1st
year's dormertry (she said it in french, but I heard it as english in the dream).
Suddenly, Count Olaf appeared and my gran took out the other wave sword and stabbed him.

In my opinoin, I think the moral of that dream was that i'm too old for things that I used
to enjoy as a kid. T^T
I don't know what Count Olaf had to do with it, but I do know something:
Every time I dream of me in my garden, I always get chased by something.
Here's a list of the things I got chased by in different dreams:
~ Poo (don't ask (!!!))
~ A car with a mind of its own
~ A Run-away steam train
~ A gang of Weeping Angles (If you don't know what these are, type it in google images)
~ And more recently, Count Olaf
I think this is because I live in the middle of no where, and it's a bit of a drive to get
to town for some help.
Plus my dad says never to stray away from the garden, so I'm basicly trapped in these
What do you think is causing the repetition?

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