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Which Dorm Room to Choose?

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10 November 2009, 04:23 AM   #1
The Dean
Joined: 14 Jan 2009
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I am pasting here, a question/diary from AMYXNICOLE which I think provides a really nice
illustration of a typical choice about housing that you might have to make when
considering your first year of college. I am also reproducing my advice for her here.

This is nowhere near final, but these are my top three choices for living
arrangements next year (today, at least). And I'd like you to help me make a
decision. Because I've got a ton of them right now (as this is only one of three
schools I'm considering).
Please help me pick from:
1. Super New (4 person)

Pros: Awesome location, great amenities, brand spankin' new
Cons: One bathroom, expensive
2. Compromise (4 person)

Pros: Two bathrooms, a little cheaper than option 1, my own sink
Cons: Further from campus, not as new
3. Regular Dorm (2 person)

Pros: On campus, only sharing bathroom with one person, can paint the walls, much
Cons: Really old, not a lot of space

.........my advice to her:

before i give you my advice, the big question is whether you will
have the "lottery of roommates" or whether you might be able to room
with a friend going in?

i got really lucky and had an awesome roommate that i was thrown
together with and we ended up livng together for 3 years including
summers basically..until i sort of stole this girl he was really
interested in an fucked it up ><

We were complete opposites, i was the clean cut, bible reading
jehovah's witness and he was the long-haired KISS fan from Pittsburgh,
but we shared enough common interests that we each enlightened each
other and got along swell.

Of course everyone has a roommate from hell story (including me) so
what is going to matter most is not your environment but your roommate
or mates and how well you get along.

You might think that two rooms means you only really have one roommate
but it wont work like that. If you are getting thrown in with 3 other
girls the chances are higher that you will clash with one of them and
all it takes is 1 to ruin everything for everyone.  Also, if there are
three other girls the one you are sharing with, might actually prefer
the company of the other two a lot and you might find yourself left
out of activities, isolated or not having a wingwoman to go and do
things with..whereas if its just your one only roommate and you are
her only roommate you are almost going to be forced to become friends
just by the situation.

Your first year of college (im assuming this is your first year) is
majorly important in setting the tone of how well you are going to
enjoy the rest of the time there and in making some good friendships
to get your through it all.  It is much better to be on campus the
first year then even a little ways from it, even if the facilities are
not as nice. Trust me, you will be spending a lot of time visiting
friends in their rooms, at clubs, functions, intramurals, etc. etc.
plus it wlll make the actual studying getting to and from classes, t
othe library, etc. a lot easier.

so to me the best choice here is the 2 person option for the reasons
ive given.

This is a great topic for my club College Life which ive been
neglecting but hope to be beefing up over the next couple of years as
more Kupikians go off to college/university.

10 November 2009, 04:29 AM   #2
The Dean
Joined: 14 Jan 2009
Posts: 13
btw, i just noticed that option 1 has bunkbeds...
you want to avoid bunkbeds at all costs!!!  

lets just leave the various reasons for this unstated..but u can guess
at them

when me and the aforementioned roommate were in our studio apt, we
detached our bunkbeds and made ourselves two separate twins...it was a
lil sacrifice of space but way worth it..

option B says its for 4 but doesnt specify if those are bunks too but
shows only one bed per bedroom...

if you do get into a room with bunks (which are a university fav btw)
make sure you make them two beds....

7 February 2010, 06:12 AM   #3
Joined: 7 Feb 2010
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i like the 1st one

18 May 2010, 03:29 PM   #4
Guest Poster
What's wrong with bunk beds? I like them, though I've only slept at the bottom of one.

21 June 2010, 09:52 PM    #5
Guest Poster
id say the last one 4 people is a little bit too much people to be with cause what if 2
of them r always fighting and crap and it might be really annoying and the last one is

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