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~Character Application

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">Please copy/paste this form and fill it out. Delete the parts in italics.

do not include a history or family details in your character application, since your character would not remember anything like that. there can be humans only, and i don't want the roleplay overrun with characters who have mental illnesses or severe problems, it gets boring.

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[Name] Danae Brix.
[Age] 21
[Sexuality] Straight.


Danae is half British, half Danish and has a middle-class English accent. She has a very
pale complexion with a blush full of freckles, which she tries to hide under layers of
make-up. Red lipstick, very black eyeliner and black mascara is all she wears, other than
a lot of foundation and concealer. She's naturally light ginger, but dyed her hair a deep,
dark black. She likes to keep her hair clean cut, down to her shoulders and likes to pin
her fairly long fringe to one side. Danae likes to keep the rest of her hair down, unless
she's about to do something physical. She's fairly slim, but with a bit of chunk. When it
comes to her clothing, Danae has a very indie dress sense, with a hint of goth that
possibly echo from her teen years. Casually, she wears a tight pair of acid washed jeans,
a white tank top with a red and black plaid shirt over it. Around her neck she hangs a
ring from a black string. She has a tattoo of a simple, line drawing of a cross on her
forearm from her wrist to half-way down her arm, facing upright to her. 

Danae is very much an extrovert kind of woman. She loves to talk, she loves to laugh, she
loves to mingle. She's not afraid of talking to new people and likes making new
acquaintances. Although, this much confidence can result in someone hurting her. Trust is
something that Danae has a very bad problem with. She trusts anything that breathes, and
will take the company of anyone and even giving them too many chances if they do her
wrong. She doesn't really care as long as she isn't alone.

Danae does have a lot of social confidence, but the confidence in her own self-image she
really lack in. As stated under her appearance, she has worked hard on trying to hide what
she looks like. Wearing make up to hide her freckles and dying her hair to hide her ginger
hair. It's not that she's doesn't like the judgement of others, but it's more of her
judgement on herself. 

[Other information] She's allergic to nuts and is asthmatic.

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accepted, of course ♥

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