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1 August 2009, 07:27 PM   #1
Guest Poster

chibi Shoo 8D
[shoo is a character from a yaoi fanbook by me, hikari and chiharu]
crticize me plz?

1 August 2009, 07:29 PM   #2
Joined: 14 Jul 2009
Posts: 39
Very nice picture :D

I like that fading touch to it and the nice blend of soft colors!

I can't really think of anything right now to critisize on. @_x

1 August 2009, 07:42 PM   #3
Joined: 31 Jul 2009
Posts: 15
8 m 8 your style is adorable ahh <3<3<3
I really love the soft colouring style~ it's really well drawn! <3

1 August 2009, 08:17 PM   #4
Joined: 30 Jul 2009
Posts: 46
Aww! That's adorable! Everything about it is just awesome! :D

But.. Is it just me or is the arm on the right a little.. odd?

2 August 2009, 05:23 PM   #5
Guest Poster
WOO. only 1 person criticized T_T thankyou. its odd? O_o well i guess ill have to
practice harder xD

2 August 2009, 07:25 PM   #6
The Founder
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
Posts: 124
While I think your art is really cute, (it is, really. ^^) the style of coloring is
rather blurry... I think it's just your style but it's kind of...off...and makes the
picture look really blurry when its not ^^; 

His right arm is weird, the way how it bend like that. o.O also, I don't think I see his
right shoulder... hm. the neck near that area is a bit weird, it slants outwards. o_o;
instead of curving to form the shoulder like the other arm. 

But really cute character. =D I like the pose especially.

3 August 2009, 09:13 AM   #7
Guest Poster
thanks for the criticisms :D 
ill try to keep everything you said in mind 

4 August 2009, 08:19 AM   #8
Joined: 3 Aug 2009
Posts: 63
Them pants...*u*
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4 August 2009, 08:42 AM   #9
Guest Poster
do you like them pants? 8D

4 August 2009, 08:45 AM   #10
Joined: 11 Jul 2009
Posts: 17
I LIKE 'DEM BELTS AND EYES. Oh, and the hat too. Cx
Couriousity Killed The Cat. But Since When Were We Cats? Ohyeah. I came up with that. ♥

4 August 2009, 09:19 AM   #11
Joined: 3 Aug 2009
Posts: 63
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4 August 2009, 11:37 AM   #12
Joined: 30 Jul 2009
Posts: 22
Hmm can't think of any thing to crit on but very cute o w o

4 August 2009, 01:06 PM   #13
Joined: 1 Aug 2009
Posts: 44
The glowing effect is cute : ) It gives off the " lovelovecutecute" jaja  I'm failing at
commenting. xD Erm, also I think his right arm is fine o_o I think it's just how you make
the clothing fall that makes it look awkward.  His cuff on his jacket should fall a tad
more down. Anyways, over all it's a good drawing : ) -thumbs up-

4 August 2009, 06:55 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Last edited by CLnekoo, 4 August 2009
ty for the crit 8D [i actually couldnt find whats wrong with the right arm so i figured
id just do better next time] xD

@everyone else: everybodeh wants them pants?? xDD you can strip him 8D 

4 August 2009, 07:14 PM    #15
Joined: 18 Jul 2009
Posts: 110
i love how you did the eyes! i fail at eyes... 0-0"

what i think is up with the arm is i's too long in comparison with the other one, just
noticably. i think you might have put the bend too far down and not realized... or

oh what am i sayying!

'a rose by any other name still draws blood'

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