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WRITING: Erotic: My Sister's Friend (pt III)

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My Sister’s Friend (pt III)

It was about a week before Thanksgiving, when Gina got out her purple vibrator, fully
stocked with brand new batteries, to have a little fun on the couch. It was a Saturday
afternoon and she was completely bored, her mom was at some meeting for work and
wouldn’t be home for hours, there was nothing on TV but college football, and none of
her friends were on Kupika.  So she thought she would entertain herself for awhile by
having a little fun.

She was wearing tight denim shorts and a white tank top, no bra. She slid out of her
shorts and took off her panties. She laid down on the couch, lifted one leg over the side
and gently eased her little friend around her pussy until she was nice and wet. She
alternated between thoughts of sucking on her boyfriends dick and kissing Marie. She
closed her eyes and slid the vibrator’s tip a couple of inches inside of her pussy. She
closed her eyes and imagined her boyfriend fucking her. She wondered whether she should
finally let him. His begging too was really getting annoying actually. She was just
getting nice and hot and wet and could feel the beginnings of an orgasm when suddenly she
heard a little noise behind her near the kitchen doorway.

“Holy Fuck!” she said and sat up suddenly. There at the doorway stood, the handyman,
Jake, just frozen, with mouth agape. Jake muttered something, turned around on his heels
and went back through the swinging kitchen door so fast it was comical. Jake was splashing
cold-water on his face at the kitchen sink when Gina came marching in wearing but her tank
and panties again. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” she demanded.

Jake red-faced turned reluctantly to face the teen.

“I’m sorry, Gina, your mom asked me to come take a look at yall’s water heater
today. I guess she forgot to tell you or something.” Jake tried to avoid eye contact
with the gorgeous girl.

“I came in the side-door and well…I didn’t really know anyone was….or rather you
would be..er..”

Gina, giggled at Jake because he was growing redder the more he spoke. Jake was their
handyman that her mom employed from time-to-time when they needed something fixed around
the house. When she was younger, she used to spend hours watching him from her bedroom
window mow their lawn, working up a sweat. One time, one summer when it was particularly
hot and she was feeling a little lolita-like, she deliberately put on her cutest
short-shorts and tied up her shirt to reveal her firm tight stomach and accentuate her
sweet and growing little boobs, and she took him a glass of pink lemonade. She stood there
looking at his muscles while he drank it all down in a few long gulps and she couldn’t
help but feel his eyes wandering all over her from head-to-toe. That was pretty fun. He
was single, as far as she knew. Maybe in his early 30s and reasonably good looking. Once
she had asked him why he wasn’t married and he had said he had his heart broken badly
and just hadn’t met the right one he guessed. Something like that.

Now as she watched this man, reduced by embarrassment to a bumbling aw-shucks schoolboy
she couldn’t help but laugh at him. And forgive him for catching her in such a private
moment. She was about to retreat to her bedroom when glancing down she noticed that his
jeans were bulging quite prominently. And just like that, the devil on her shoulder gave
her a better idea.

“When I tell my mom, what you were doing, she’s going to be so mad at you,” she
said. “I can’t believe you were standing there watching me the whole time.”

“Oh Gina, please don’t!” cried Jake, “It was only for a minute I swear.”

“Well,” she said mischieviously, I won’t tell her anything, on one condition,”
said Gina very mischieviously.

“What, anything,” said Jake.

“Well, look, this is all a big secret then, ok, in fact no one will ever find out
anything ok. I promise you and you promise me,” said Gina, as she laid her hand on his
chest. (Secretly she wanted to feel his heartbeat, and sure enough, it was racing a
mile-a-minute, which thrilled her for some reason.)

“Ok, that sounds good,” said Jake, his cock trembled a bit when Gina placed her hand
on his chest.

“But…” said Gina.

“Yes?” asked Jake.

“Well you got to see my pussy,” she said.

“Ummm,” was all Jake could answer and started to blush again.

“Well, I only think its fair if I get to see your cock then.”

“What?! No way!”

“Oh well, then, I guess I have to tell my mom about everything,” Gina turned to go but
paused when Jake cried,

“Ok wait, just wait.” He shook his head sideways. “Fine, you can see it. But you
can’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t,” she said with a smile then she took him by his hand and led him back to
the living room. She sat on the edge of the couch and looked up at him expectantly. Jake
couldn’t believe what he was about to do, but part of him, couldn’t believe this was
happening. For years he had watched Gina grow up and change from being a kid to becoming a
young woman, and though still quite young, she was incredible looking for her age, and he
had to confess, he had spent several nights fantasizing about what it would be like to
kiss her, to touch her firm smooth breasts, to lick her little pink pussy and more.

His cock started to grow a bit harder as he looked down at her gorgeous hazel eyes and
brown hair and those little perky pink lips and button nose. She was beautiful he thought
as he unzipped his jeans and unbuttoned the fly of his boxer letting is cock spring out
only inches from her face.

“Oooh,” Gina said, as she watched Jake’s cock fall out semi-hard but growing more
firm each moment. Gina didn’t hesitate. She gently grabbed it with her hand and reached
inside to cup his balls.

Jake was astonished but didn’t resist as he watched his fantasy girl boldly take his
cock and reach inside his pants to tickle his balls. He didn’t resist when she started
to lick and suck on the tip of the head. But he did ask her, “Gina, are you sure about
this?”  She left off sucking him for a second to reply simply, “Uh huh!” and went
back to work on his cock.  After a few minutes she pulled down his pants and underwear all
the way and mad him sit on the couch. Then she hunched over and continued licking and
sucking on his cock, swirling her tongue around the head and stroking the underside with
her tongue all the way down the shaft. She dove down and licked his balls and sucked on
them too. 

She reached back and started rubbing her pussy a bit and seeing this Jake picked up the
vibrator which Gina had left on the couch, turned it on and when to work on her pussy for
her. He alternated sliding it between her pussy lips, against her clit and then finally in
and out of her. He was surprised at how readily she was taking a lot of his length, then
he turned it off and went to work on her pussy with his hands, which seemed to really turn
her on as she started moaning and taking breaks from her blow job to utter “oh god, that
feels good,” to him.

Gina was so surprised that he wasn’t cumming, it had to be at least a good ten minutes
that she had been sucking his cock now and her boyfriend had never lasted anywhere close
to this long. She started kissing his stomach and raised his shirt to lick his pectoral
muscles and his nipples which seemed to make him hum with pleasure. She found herself
straddling him and grinding her pussy up and down along the length of his rock hard cock.

“Oh god, Jake, I want to feel you inside of me,” she said. And with that she raised
up, and Jake deftly positioned the tip of his cock at her tight entrance. He watched her
face fill with passion and pleasure as she let herself slide down on his slippery hot
cock. It was much bigger around than the vibrator, or anything else, but and it felt so
tight sliding in but it felt so amazingly good too. After a few moments of gentle sliding,
she was well lubricated and used to the feel of his thick cock inside of her that she
began bucking up and down hard. Jake was kissing and nibbling at all of her secret spots
which turned her on, as though he already had a map to them. He raised up her tank top and
fondled her tight little breast and licked at the nipples.

“Hmmmm, Gina, I love this little tiny beauty mark underneath your right breast,” he
said and licked the spot.

She rode him for another ten minutes and he ran his hands all over her tigh body, at one
point sticking the tip of her finger in her ass, which was new for her, and tickling with
experience her clit until she came in long rushing washing waves of pleasure. She was
coming for five minutes straight when he said Jake said he couldn’t hold on any longer
and pulled her to her back on the couch, pulled his cock out just in time, to shower a
huge load of creamy milky cum over her lower stomach.

He laid there with her for a half-hour and when Gina told him that her mom wouldn’t be
home until late in the evening, he carried her upstairs and they made love several more
times in ways, Gina had only fantasized about.

It was, without a doubt, one of the most incredible sexual experiences of her life she
thought, when he finally said goodbye and winked and told her to tell her mom, that he had
come by but had to get some parts to fix the water-heater the next day.



That fall was an incredible awakening for Gina. She and Marie had become even closer,
though they liked to say they were “bi only for each other” and occassionally they
would have some fun.

She felt bad that her boyfriend hadn’t gotten to get her cock-virginity and for
technically, cheating on him with Jake, so she started letting him fuck her and it was
pretty good. He wasn’t as experienced as Jake but he had his own good qualities and
besides she did love him.

She continued to let Jake sneak a bit of fun with her every once in a while, mostly
because the sex was so good, and she admits she liked the dangerous aspect of it, and
besides Jake loved to do things like eat her pussy, that her boyfriend never liked to do
very much. And besides, she figured eventually, she would have to break up with him when
they went off to separate colleges anyway so why not have some fun with Jake too, or Marie
for that matter.

Speaking of college, the following week after that first day with Jake, Gina’s big
sister was home from college for Thanksgiving. After the dinner, she appeared at her
bedroom door, marched in, without knocking of course, and presented Gina with a neatly
wrapped box, all tied up with pink silk bow.

“What’s this sis?” Gina asked.

“Consider it an early Christmas present,” her sister replied.

Gina looked a bit weary and carefully untied the bow and lifted off the lid away from her
like she half-expected it to explode or something. Getting the lid, off and no mechanical
snakes springing out she peered inside.

Inside was a brand new shiny blue vibrator, also wrapped with a pink ribbon. Her sister
laughed at Gina’s surprised face.

“That’s right little sis. I got this one just for you. I know you filched my purple
one and I want it back!” she said laughing, then added, “College has been rough, and I
really miss my old friend!”

The two girls busted up laughing and giggling, each knowing what the other was thinking,
the way only sisters can do.

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