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18 March 2008, 07:09 PM   #1
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Seth Monday
Forrest Marlette

The room is quite small with a south-facing window. The walls are magnolia with dark blue
curtains and bedspreads. There are two beds, one at either side of the room but they can
be pushed together if necessary. There are two bedside tables with drawers and each has a
dark blue lamp. There is a wardrobe in one corner and a small desk in the other. The desk
has a radio and a small portable TV on it.

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18 March 2008, 07:31 PM   #2
[Moderator] [Forrest Marlette]
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Forrest walked through the drafty halls of the school, carefully mumbling to himself. The silence of the hall scared him, so he had to do something to break it. He scanned the labels on the doors for the same number he had written on his hand. Two. He counted to two to himself over and over again. One. Two. One. Two. One. Two. One. Two. One. Two. One. Two. One. Two. The words fell into rythmn with his foot steps, and he twitched when he saw the right room number on a door. He carefully grabbed the doorknob and turned it slowly, opening the door just as cautiously. He had been told that he would have a roommate. This frightened him terribly. Everything frightened him. "Hello?" He called out. The sound of his voice shocked him, and he didn't know why. This worried him. When no answer came back at him, he crept quietly into the room, picking the bed on the left. Left was his favorite direction. He didn't exactly know why. Maybe because it was less common. He loved less common things. Maybe it was because he was left handed. he didn't know. It scared him not to know this, but he tried his best to ignore it. He placed his three leather suit cases on the bed, then went over to sit in the desk chair. He pulled his legs up close to him, His long, thin arms wrapping tightly around his shins. He stared around the room. It looked like everywhere else in the big school. Drafty, lonely, dusty, dark. He carefully flipped on the lamp sitting on the desk and basked in the light of it. He sighed and rested his forehead on his knees and sat there, mumbling to himself to avoid the silence.

18 March 2008, 08:00 PM   #3
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
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[OoC] Sudden addiction to centering text? xD

Seth hated moving. He hated the monotony of walking up and down corridors he didn't
know. He hated the unfamiliarity of the building he was being forced to explore. He hated
the frightening possibility that  he would never find his dormitory. He hated the funny
smell that the corridors had. He hated it all. The building itself begged to be hated,
what with it's gruesome history and sinister outer appearance. He was unnerved just being
there and wished he had more energy to hate it with.
But he was annoyingly exhausted. He felt awful, he wanted to cry. He wanted to curl up and
disappear. He wanted . . . well he didn't know what he wanted and that irritated him more.
Irritation that he didn't have the energy for. His arms ached from carrying his single
suitcase and he had only been walking for ten minutes or so and yet it was already driving
him crazy. He whimpered slightly and glanced around him desperately, as though expecting
Dorm Two to leap out of the ground. He was glad it didn't though, that would have been

He found it. And when he did, he hated the door for being closed. For being white.
Everything was white. White hurt his eyes. White was too clean. White would drive him
insane. His heart would have been beating faster if he wasn't so exhausted. He hardly had
enough energy to open the door. His hand was shaking slightly from exhaustion and had gone
a deadly pale colour. It would have panicked him if he hadn't been the same way for the
past three days. He closed his eyes, he hated feeling this drained, this miserable.
When he finally opened the door, he was so pleased, or as pleased as someone suffering
from depression can be, to find a bed that he didn't take in anything else in the room. He
dropped his suitcase in the doorway and, leaving the door open, dropped on the free bed
immediately. He was shaking all over now and for some reason, cold. It's the
whiteness he told himself. White is a cold colour. Cold. Cold was dead. He felt

He wrapped the duvet around his shoulders and shivered into it. It was then that Seth
noticed the other boy. He blinked at him. And he hated him for being there when all Seth
wanted was to sleep. He wanted to disappear again. He always wanted to disappear. 
And yet he was oddly comforted by the other boys presence. It may have been that he had
run out of energy all together and couldn't find any means of which to care with. Or it
might have been that he was just there. Not interrupting, not doing anything, not
speaking. It was calming and Seth's view on the stranger changed suddenly to an irrational
fear that he would leave. Leave because Seth had hated him. But he was being stupid,
people couldn't hear his thoughts.
He whimpered again, drained of everything. He shifted his position so he was lying down.
He closed his eyes but had to open them again. He couldn't sleep, he could never sleep. He
could only lie there and choke on whatever it was that was doing this to him. He hated it.
He wanted to sleep. He needed to sleep. Why the fuck couldn't he sleep?
He couldn't answer that, no one could apparently. No one could cure him, no one could tell
him what was wrong. He couldn't tell them what was wrong. He couldn't. He never would. It
was completely out of his control.

[OoC] Crap ending, sorry. :|
x- Seth Monday -x x- Not That You Would Understand -x

20 March 2008, 05:06 PM   #4
[Moderator] [Forrest Marlette]
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OOC- Yeah. I love centering things. D: It makes it pretty! :D BIC- Forrest jumped at the sudden footsteps leading in to the room, and his head shot up. He was almost suprised to see the boy there on the bed, he almost forgot about his roommate. But he didn't. He wouldn't let himself be suprised, he wouldn't let himself forget. "I...I'm sorry, do you want me to leave? I'll go and let you sleep... Uh..." He didn't know what to do. He flipped off the light, letting the darkness fall akwardly over the two. He automatically squeaked. He hated the dark. He hated this person for making him turn off the light. Well... He didn't hate the person. He hated the dark. He would never like it. He missed the windows at home. There was a whole wall that the windows covered. That room was always warm, always bright, no matter what time of day or night it was. It was just perfect like that. He missed the windows, he missed the neverending brightness that flowed into that room, the calming happyness that came with it. He couldn't feel that here. Everything here had a ghastly, drafty, gray touch to it. There wasn't any calming walls of windows. The whole place barely had a speck of sunshine inside it. He wanted his windows, he wanted home. "This... This isn't home." he mumbled to himself, trying to picture himself in the room. He couldn't. Why couldn't he? "It... It's too cold here." He whispered. He would be suprised if the stranger could hear him. It was too cold there. He wanted the warmth of the room, and it felt like he would never get it back. He would never feel the sunshine fall over him like a blanket, The soft carpet underneath him would never be his again. He clenched his fists tightly. If his skin wasn't so pale, his knuckles would be turning white. He was allready white. "I... I want it all to be mine again..." he didn't want to be cured of his "problems." He didn't want to start all over again. He didn't want any of it.

24 March 2008, 09:31 PM    #5
[Moderator] [Forrest Marlette]
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OOC- Premiumcracker_Salty, you are not a member of this dorm. Please do not roleplay

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