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harry potter role play

13 November 2007, 05:38 PM   #1
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u have tp pick a carector from the boos and movies or u can make one up, then u have tp
pick ur wand and whats in it, vella hair,phonike feather,hair of a unicorn and any others
u can think of then u have to think up what house u want to be in then what u are good at
like pionons and who is ur fav teacher then u have act it out with other pepole. ill go
first, my name is arya i am half whitch half vampire ! once a mounth i have to go out and
haunt animals to feed of of. My wand as a phoniks feather in it. I am in griffindor house.
i am good at magical creatures and tranfegation. My fav teacher is Hagrid and moody. Only
the teachers know i am half vampire. 

* i walk up the steps to the door of the castle *
" be good,dont let the other kids bullie u " my vampie mum says to me.Shes sitting on her
horse watched me 
* Snape comes sweeping down the stairs,ive never seen a wizard.i had allways levied with
my mother and had only seen motals froma distance. 
he beconded to me to come in .i turned to my mother said good buy in a hiss and stepped

30 November 2007, 03:20 AM   #2
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Im Jaylyn Ebberseinworth but I hate my name, so I beg you please call me Jay.  I was born
into a muggle family and while accepted by most, some people still think I'm weird.  Im
not weird, I just dont give a crap about anything.  I transferred to Hogwarts after my dad
got a job offer from the ministry.  My wand is made of elm with a dragon scale in the
core.  I have auburn hair and deep brown eyes.  I am in Ravenclaw and my favorite teacher
is Professor Mcgonogal. 

* Now I walk through the exquisetly ornate doors which lead into the entrance hall, *
*All around me I see students shuffling about making their way toward the Great Hall*
* I am startled by a presence I hadnt noticed yet, for just ahead of me is a rather
sinister looking girl which Snape is glarring at*

30 November 2007, 08:24 AM    #3
Guest Poster
* i walk threw the woods the moons beams percing the forest florr i am at ease nothing in
the forbidden forest would dare hurt me i hear a rusle from one of the trees.Spinning
around i galre at the bush muttering a spell the bush cattches fire a scream perced the
air *

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