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Sector Two (Kingdom of the Drow King Vincent)

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The second most powerful and wealthiest Sector of them all, Sector Two certainly is an ideal place to be. Even though crime rate is rising and poverty is still at large it may be the safest place one can be. King Vincent makes sure at most 75% of his subject are fed and safe at the end of the day for one can't be powerful without a blossoming kingdom. However if you are in the other 25% that are not under the King's care you had better know how to defend yourself because even the King doesn't know what lurks in the dark and can't promise full safety. It is said that it is almost impossible to get into Sector Two without the King's permission but there will always be those select few that find their way.

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He heard her even before she opened those large double doors in front of him. Due to those
infernal heels she refuses to take off anyone can hear her coming from a mile away. The
clicks bounce off the walls, echoing throughout the castle. Grinding his teeth he motioned
for the guards to open the doors just as she raised her fist to knock. Taking in a deep
breath he forced out a calming smile, standing up from his overly large seat to welcome

"Sullie! Such a pleasure to see you again!" Vincent exclaimed saccharinely. Thrusting her
chin up with newly gained confidence Sullie clicks into the room and returns Vincent's
smile with an equally distrusting smile. "Missed me already?"

"Oh, My Lord. You know I simply can not stay away from your charming allure." She
bantered, looking anywhere but at him. Annoyance tugging at the edges, Vincent cleared his
throat calling Sullie's attention to him. Slowly, closing her eyes, she turned back to him
but still not meeting his eyes. Simply just staring at his chin. 

"What do I owe the pleasure, Sullie?" Vincent spoke, his voice impatient. "You know I have
things to attend to. Thoughts to think. A kingdom to rule." He made his way back to his
seat he was previously occupying, sighing as he sank into the deep velvet silk. 

"Yes, My Lord. I understand that but," She paused causing Vincent's interest to suddenly
increase. He inched forward in his seat, encouraging her to continue. "The Doctor's simply
do not care." 

Vincent felt a wicked smile spread across his lips that seemed to unnerve Sullie in front
of him. Bringing up his hands he ran them through his long, dark hair and laughed. 

"I see."

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She waited impatiently beside the door, filing her nails. Her heels tapped on the ground
that echoed up and down the large hall. Lilith hated to wait and her brother was taking
forever. He had said he was only going downstairs to talk to the doctors for a minute.
It's been at least an hour since he closed the door behind him. 

"What the hell is taking him so long?" She muttered aloud. 

As if on cue the doors beside her swung open and out walked her brother, swiftly closing
the door behind him. He had let his hair fall loose which hung down past his shoulders.
Once his eyes laid on her own he smiled, his teeth as blindingly white as the shirt he

"I'm sorry, dear sister. That took much longer then I had thought it would." Vincent
apologized, his voice smooth. 

He raised his hand and laid it just underneath her chin gently. Lilith knew he was trying
to charm her so she wouldn't be angry at him. Any other night she would have smacked his
hand away and went on yelling anyways, however, tonight she didn't feel like doing so. 

"It's fine." She sighed. "You know how impatient I am." 

Vincent let out a low laugh and lowered his hand from her chin. Instead he took her arm
and wrapped it around his own, linking them. Together they walked down the large hall,
their shoes clicking on the marble flooring. 

"No worries. It was well worth the trouble." Vincent started. "It would seem the Doctor's
are getting closer to discovery. Ah, how I love the smell of power." 

Lilith rolled her eyes. "They have been 'close to discovery' six months ago. What makes
this time any different?" 

"The difference is that they got one of them to finally speak." Vincent's smile grew
wider. "They have a weakness and I will use whatever I can to get what I desire." 


"Are you sure that is what he asked?" Anissa asked quietly so the others wouldn't hear.
She didn't want them to hate her more then they already did. The girl in front of her
nodded and smiled excitedly. 

"Yes! He wants you to attend the gathering tonight. You are to go see Mrs. Shale in an

Anissa nodded and thanked the girl. The girl smiled eagerly and skipped away. She was new
and will soon grow to hate her as the others do. Shaking her head, Anissa returned to her
duties and continued sweeping the floors. 

Of all people, the King seems to favor her above everyone else. He would present her with
lavish gifts such as jewelry and clothes when the rest are left with rags. It is not as if
she had asked for his attention. It wasn't until she had become of age and matured that he
had started paying attention to her. Since then all friends she once had now ignored her,
all except one. If it wasn't for her Anissa's sanity probably wouldn't have lasted as long
as it did. 

"Are you almost done? One of the servants spilled wine in the parlor." 

Nodding, Anissa wiped her hands together and set the broom aside. Turning around she faced
Maudie who stood waiting next to a stone statue of a strange man sitting. His hand was
propped up on his knee and underneath his chin as if deep in thought. 

"Let's get going then." Maudie exclaimed, grabbing Anissa's hand. Tonight she had her dark
hair pinned up in an elegant bun that Anissa couldn't help but feel jealous of. Her own
bright hair laid loose, curling at the ends. She wished she could twist her hair into
graceful styles like Maudie. 

Entering through the parlor doors Anissa groaned once she saw the spill Maudie had spoken
of. Of course the servant had to spill red wine on the only carpeted thing in the room:
the hide of a white bear. It's face stuck midroar, eyes angry.

"Poor thing." Maudie sighed. 

Anissa nodded. "Yeah. I'd be angry too if someone spilled wine all over me." 

Giving her a look Maudie let out a laugh and lightly hit her arm. Anissa couldn't help but
laugh as well. 

"Come on, let's get going. We'd better hurry and get this stain out before you have to get
ready for your big date with the King." She teased. 

"Stop it, Maudie. The King would never date a human." Anissa retorts.

"I don't know, Anissa. He's giving you everything short of a wedding ring."

Shaking her head Anissa heads over to the nearby storage closet and starts to pull out
bottles of chemicals and rags as Maudie continues to laugh behind her.

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"This is it." Lydie says cheerfully, motioning towards the building in front of them.
"Home sweet home, as they say." 

Jayce examined the building in front of him carefully, looking for anything that could
hint at deception or danger. Between the worn out roof and patched up windows all Jayce
could find was nothing. Everything seemed legitimate, at least for now. 

"Don't look so down, Jayce." Halen said coming up beside him. "Knowing you, you'll find
someone in this Sector to pick a fight with." 

Rolling his eyes, Jayce followed Lydie and led his horse to a large building a few feet
away from the house. He watched as Lydie grabbed the lower part of the latch and lifted
up, unlocking the stall. Copying her actions, Jayce unlocked his stall leading his horse
inside. It whinnied in relief as it returned home. 

"Come on. I'm sure my father is eager to see you." 

Eager was an understatement. As soon as Chale entered through the threshold of the house,
a man with scraggly graying hair ran towards them and pulled Chale into a hug. The man
laughed and hooted, exclaiming how wonderful it was to see his friend once again. Chale
returned the gesture and smiled.

"It's great to see you too, Z." 

The man, Z, pulled away from Chale and nodded at him. He wore a dark brown shirt that went
below his waist and jeans that was fraying at the ends. His hair, the feature that Jayce
couldn't stop staring at, stuck up in all directions as if held up by grease. It was such
a bizarre style that amused Jayce, causing him to smile. 

"Now that you met my girl, tell me who your boys are." Z said, slapping Chale's arm. 

"Certainly. Z I want you to meet Halen, Axiom, and Jayce. I took them in after we had

Z nodded and smiled, eerily similar to his daughter's own smile. Halen stepped forward and
took the man's hand in his own, shaking it in a friendly greeting.

"Now I'd offer you all drinks but there is an important event tonight being held in the

"What kind of event?" Chale asked as Z went over to a nearby chair and snatched up the
jacket that was hanging off the back. 

"Here it's called the gathering." Lydie answered. "Basically it's a time where the
townspeople can meet the king and his royal subjects. Contests and games are held with
grand food for everyone." 

As Lydie continued to speak about the gathering, Jayce looked over to Z who was whispering
something to Chale. His face, which just before was filled with laughter and smiles, was
now covered with a frown and slanted eyes.

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Walking down the hall towards Mrs. Shale's room, Anissa bit her lip as the nerves ate away
at her insides. With no clue as to what she was going to wear tonight Anissa dearly hoped
it wasn't too stunning. She attracted enough attention as it is with the King at her side.

Servants and maids passed her by returning to their quarters after a long day of work.
They weren't allowed to leave the castle. Most of them spent time downstairs with what
personal time that they did have. 

Finally, reaching Mrs. Shale's room, she rose her hand and timidly knocked on the wooden
door. Seconds later the door swung open with Mrs. Shale standing in the doorway. She wore
a dark blue dress, symbolic of her position as head mistress of the maids downstairs. Her
hair was held up in a braided bun with no hair out of place. The beauty she held could
never be replicated with any amount of make-up or clothes. Even with the wrinkles at the
corner of her eyes from old age she still held a beautiful radiance. 

"Finally! What in the world took you so long?" She exclaimed. 

Before Anissa could answer Mrs. Shale grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside,
shutting the door behind them. She led her towards the middle of the room where a small
stand was placed in front of a floor length mirror. Anissa tentatively stepped up,
positioning herself as Mrs. Shale instructed her to. 

As Mrs. Shale went into the back room Anissa looked within the mirror in front of her. It
was true since she had become of age she had grown into her body, filling in the empty
spaces. She was not flat but no where near as full as some of the women in the castle. Her
waist was small which created a nice curve that flowed well down her legs giving her a
slender figure. Despite this, Anissa couldn't figure out what the King believed was so
desirable about her. There were many other royal women in the castle, and other sectors,
that clearly outshined her meager beauty. 

"Here it is!" Mrs. Shale cried from the back room. "It was delivered earlier today and I
had forgot where I put it." 

Mrs. Shale made her back towards Anissa carrying a box that looked large in her small
hands. Placing it down on the floor, Mrs. Shale took off the top and set it down next to
the box. Gently she reached in and pulled out a beautiful bright blue dress that shined in
the dim room. A silvery white design lined the front right under the bust with the rest of
the dress falling loosely. It wouldn't even go past her knees. 

"Isn't it beautiful? It'll look remarkable on you!" Mrs. Shale cried. "Now take off your
clothes dear." 

Doing as she was told, Anissa reached around and untied her dirtied apron and set it on a
nearby chair. Looping one arm in her sleeve she slipped her dress over her head causing
her hair to tangle. She was left on the stand in only her underwear and light pink
brassiere. The material was surprisingly soft and glided over her skin as Mrs. Shale
pulled it over her head. Her arms easily slid out the openings, pulling the skinny dress
straps onto her shoulders. 

"I was right. Oh my, such a beauty." 

It was moments like this that Anissa loved. Moments in which she could pretend that she
was more than just a maid; more then just a human slave; more then herself. She could
barely recognize herself in the mirror. The dress, simple compared to the other clothing
Royals wear, was one of the most prettiest things she owned. Her chest filled out the
dress perfectly and came just above her knees. The sky blue color made her skin shine and
her hair seem brighter, giving her the illusion that she was glowing. 

"Wow." Was all she could say as Mrs. Shale studied her. 

Mrs. Shale nodded and smiled wider. Beckoning her off the stand, Mrs. Shale pulled over a
chair and placed it in front of the mirror. Anissa sat herself down as Mrs. Shale went to
work on her hair. As she worked Anissa brought up her hands and folded them neatly in her
lap, crossing her ankles underneath the chair. She almost laughed at the person staring
back at her. It was almost unbelievable that she was the same plain girl three years ago.

Minutes flew by as Mrs. Shale brushed out her hair, getting rid of the tangles. Once she
was done she went over to the table on the right side of the room and brought over an iron
curler that Anissa hadn't seen when she entered. 

"Be still, dear." Mrs. Shale warned. 

Anissa watched with fascination as Mrs. Shale grabbed a strand of her bright hair and
wrapped it around the metal of the curler. Afterwards she let it sit there for a few
minutes before releasing her hair, watching as it bounced against her skin. Mrs. Shale
smiled proudly and started again on another strand. 

"I bought this in the square at last year's gathering, saving it for a special occasion."
Mrs. Shale explained. "I'm not going to curl all of your hair so it won't take long." 

Anissa couldn't have cared. She loved the way the heat felt against her skin after her
hair fell away from the curler.

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The lower the sun got in the sky the more people that came out and filled the courtyard.
Children were running about, going to each stall while their parents admired the various
works of art put on display. The smell of food penetrated the air, caressing their noses
and beckoning to them. 

Lighted lanterns hung from various tree branches creating a romantic glow underneath the
darkening sky. Beautiful music could be heard, however, Jayce couldn't pinpoint where it
was coming from. It created a friendly atmosphere instantly putting anyone at ease. 

"Hmm," Axiom started. "A little too saccharine for my taste." 

Jayce looked over just as Axiom was walking away, his hands stuffed into his pockets. He
had to suppress a smile as a group of girls giggled as Axiom walked by them, following him
to wherever he was going. 

"Don't look now but I think that guy has his eye on you, Jayce." Halen teased. Lydie
giggled from beside them, causing anger to flare up in Jayce's chest. Curling his hands he
punched Halen in the shoulder, almost knocking him to the ground. "Don't worry, I was only
screwing with you." 

"I don't mean to be nosy but do you, I mean," Lydie started, unable to finish the

Jayce could feel his cheeks growing hotter as Lydie spoke, knowing what she was going to
ask before she stopped. From beside him he could hear Halen snickering, covering his mouth
as if holding in laughter. Sighing he focused his attention back on Lydie, biting the
inside of his cheek in order to control his growing anger.

"No." He said bluntly. "Don't ask stupid questions." 

Without another word he turned and walked right into the midst of the courtyard, allowing
himself to being swallowed up by the crowd. It was strange. No one was cringing from him
or giving him dirty looks. Here he was just another citizen enjoying the gathering. Jayce
found himself liking the anonymous atmosphere surrounding him. He was able to stroll
through the courtyard pleasantly and at ease. A few people even smiled at him. 

There it was again- that music. With nothing better to do, Jayce decided to follow the
sound to its source. He listened carefully to the flutes high sounds as they intermingled
with the cellos low vibrations. The violin sang its solo, leading the rest of the
instruments along a stunning melody. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. 

"There you are." 

Abandoning his quest for the music, Jayce turned around to find Z coming his way. He had
pulled his hair back before they had left in an attempt to tame his wild hair, although,
it was futile. Strands of gray stuck out in odd angles. Jayce suddenly found himself
running a hand through his own hair.

"Wonderful isn't it?" Z said, motioning to the rest of the square. "The only time of the
year where one can forget what really is going on and just let go." 

A man, the size of a whale, quickly ran right past them. His porky face was a sickly green
color and his hand was over his mouth. People got out of the way for him, not wanting to
get in his way. Z laughed beside him. 

The conversations around them suddenly got louder and more excited. People started to walk
away from the stalls and towards the outer edges of the courtyard, looking in. A pressure
was felt on his arm and Jayce found himself being dragged to the outer edges as well. Just
as Z let go of his arm, a man dressed lavishly emerged from the crowd. He donned a dark
red shirt leaving the top three buttons undone, revealing parts of his bare chest. His
hair was just a dark as the night that was falling around them, held together at the nape
of his neck. 

"Ladies and gentlemen!" He called out. "Welcome to this year's gathering! I hope you all
find the festivities to your liking and enjoy the assortment of dishes I have personally
picked out." As the people cheered, the man's eyes scanned the crowd. A wide smile spread
across his lips as the people around him cheered at the man's words. 

"Handsome tonight, isn't he?" 

"Of course he is. I wouldn't expect anything short of gorgeous from King Vincent."

Jayce felt his eyebrows go up as he listened to the girl's conversation from beside him.
King Vincent, the second most powerful Royal, stood grandly in the middle of the courtyard
with his arms held outstretched to the people. Next to him Jayce could hear a groan escape
from Z's lips. 

"Don't be fooled, boy. That creature can't fathom the idea of kindness or generosity." Z's
voice was low and rough, loud enough for Jayce to hear but quiet enough so no one around
them could as well. "That monster is the reason for Sector Two's despair." A young boy
from the crowd had emerged to give Vincent a poorly drawn portrait of something Jayce
couldn't make out. 

"While he's out here celebrating and kissing babies, he holds the key to hell. Prepared to
open anytime he wishes." Z's face scrunched up as Vincent accepted the picture and hugged
the boy in return. 

"A vampire, then?" Jayce asked, his eyes never leaving the King. It would make sense.
Aside from his pale skin, vampires were seen as the symbol of hell; spawns of the devil.
That's why it was so hard for Axiom. All people saw was a devilish and evil vampire, not

"Hah! I wish. No boy, he's something much worse. The last of his kind." Z turned to Jayce,
anger clear on his face. "He's a drow. Along with his filthy sister." 

The people around him dispersed and started to return to the stalls and festivities.
Conversations resumed and the music was louder then ever; however, Jayce heard and saw
none of it. His gaze was frozen onto Z's angry face. 

Turning away from Jayce Z made his way through the crowd, his shoulder squared and rigid.
Jayce watched his disappearing figure as his last words bounced violently around in his
head. Z had said those words with such anger and disgust that it drew fear within Jayce. 

He didn't have the courage to tell him how wrong his statement was.

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It was more than what she could have ever imagined. Anissa stared in awe around her as she
made her way through the courtyard, paper lanterns providing her and others lights to
illuminate their way. There were people everywhere around her with many standing outside
stalls that sold a variety of things from exquisite art to delicious food. As she made her
way down the path numerous people came up to her offering her samples of the food they
were selling or even to just say hello. Anissa was human but, due to the work of Mrs.
Shale, she certainly didn't look like one and tonight she was okay with it. If it meant a
few hours of happiness and freedom, she would take it. 

"Are you just going to stand there or actually do something productive?" 

Anissa jumped at the sudden interruption and turned to find Lilith standing ten feet away,
her arms crossed over her chest in annoyance. She was dressed in vibrant reds and yellows
that made her almost look like a walking flame. Her hair was pulled up in an elegant bun
with a few strands falling loose, framing her face. Despite the beautiful dress Anissa
wore, she still looked drab in comparison to the woman standing in front of her. Lilith
was so beautiful that it almost hurt Anissa to look at her. 

When Anissa arrived in Sector Two, waiting to be bought and sold, many masters seemed to
be interested in her. However, only one bought her for all the others wouldn't dream of
crossing him. King Vincent was very kind to Anissa although with his growing intrigue
along came his sister's hatred. At first Anissa had no idea why this beautiful and
powerful royal hated her. Now, even after many attempts of gaining her favor, Lilith hates
her more than before. 

"Hello, your highness." Anissa stammered out. 

"I see my brother has gone to some length to make sure you look somewhat presentable this
evening." Lilith said, raising a finger to her chin as she analyzed her. "At least you
don't look human." 

Anissa struggled to hide the smile that threatened to show. That was the first thing close
to a compliment that Lilith had ever given her ever since they had met. Despite the
bitter-sweetness of it, she could feel her heart swell a bit underneath her chest. Mrs.
Shale was right. Tonight, everything will change. 

"Maybe he's going to sell you." Suddenly all that happiness left her instantly as Lilith
grinned maliciously. "Why else would he have groomed you so well over the years? Nobody
wants an unskilled human." 
With that Lilith twirled a lock of her dark hair around a pale finger and sauntered away
leaving Anissa behind, the crowd swallowing her. Sell her? Anissa could feel her heart
jump right of her chest as she wound her hands together. She couldn't go through that
again; she couldn't. 

"Are you alright? You look as if someone stole your candy or something." 

Looking up Anissa stared into the face of a young woman only a few years older than
herself. Her bright red hair shone underneath the night sky with her even brighter blue
eyes staring at her, eyebrows furrowed. Around her the air seemed to shimmer and glow
making the woman seem even more surreal. 

Before she could answer, however, the woman took her hand and smiled widely. 

"Come on, you can hang out with me. I've been around too much testosterone anyways." 

The woman led Anissa to a large canopy which covered wooden tables all lined in rows.
People sat in clusters all around the tables chatting loudly with each other, laughing
even louder, in order to be heard over the background noise of The Gathering. 

No one even gave her a second glance as they passed by them. The woman with the red hair
still had her hand in hers, leading her to the back of the canopy towards an empty corner.
Soon Anissa's  hand was released and the woman took a seat at the table, indicating for
her to do the same. When Anissa made no move, the woman turned around and smirked. 

"Unless you have other plans." Her voice laced with sarcasm. 

"No, it's just-" Anissa struggled to find the words. How could she possibly describe why
she wasn't sitting down next to this strange woman? Could it be because of who she was? A
pure blood human that works underneath the direct rule of King Vincent, the most dreadful
and feared being in almost all the sectors? No, that wasn't it. 

"You don't get out much, do you?" 

Anissa shook her head in response. "I'm usually inside." She spoke softly, choosing her
words carefully. "To be honest this is my first time coming here." 

The woman just smiled. Although that simple smile chased away all the nerves that
bombarded Anissa, erasing all momentary fears clouded her thoughts. Her fingers tingled at
her sides. 

"That's better. You look so radiant when you smile like that." 

Anissa took her seat. 

What felt like hours later Anissa took her last bite of the custard pudding in front of
her. Lydie, the bright haired woman, had suggested it. "You haven't lived until you've
had one of Mr. Ciye's custard pudding. It's heaven." 

Anissa had to agree. She felt like she was on cloud nine, drifting with no care in the
world. No cares for the hated looks that awaited her back at the castle. No cares for the
laborious chores she had to do tomorrow morning. All that mattered to her was if she could
get a second helping of that custard pudding. 

"You having fun?" Lydie yelled. The people around them had multiplied and so had the
noise. Anissa could barely hear herself think. All she could do was smile and nod which
prompted an even bigger smile from Lydie. 

"You should come to one of my best friend's parties. She can throw the biggest party you
have ever seen with-"

Anissa listened attentively as Lydie prattled on about food and the time when she had dyed
one of her horses pink on a dare.

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