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Heaven *Evangeline's Story* Closed

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*Warning: These pictures are purely fictional and I am not in any way claiming these
pictures or saying anything that happens in this topic is real. I don't not mean to cause
any offense if I have already*
Some scenery of my fictional Heaven...

This is the infirmary room Evangeline will be staying in while she is here. 

"Evangeline? Miss Evangeline? Are you awake?" 

Evangeline slowly opened her eyes and looked around for the voice. On her right stood a
young girl with a white dress and billowing red hair. When Evangeline looked over at her
the girl smiled. 

"Oh, thank goodness you're awake." She said with a saccharine tone. 

Evangeline furrowed her eyebrows and sat up. She looked about her at the room and felt her
heart start to pound. Where in the world am I?

"Welcome back home, Miss Evangeline." 

Evangeline turned abruptly to the girl. "Home? As in-" 

"Yes. Heaven."

Oh my. Home? I'm back...home? It's not possible. I can't be.

Quickly Evangeline shot out of bed and ran to the window. She pulled aside the silk
curtains and gasped. 

Home. I-I am home.
Darkness. Running. Fear. 
The words ran repeatedly throughout Evangeline's mind.
Run. Threat. Death.
Evangeline felt her heart start to speed up and sweat run down her face. 

"Miss. Evangeline?"

The sudde voice awoke Evangeline into a fit of screams and panic. 

"Miss Evangeline! Miss Evangeline! It's alright! You're alright! Don't worry! You're safe

Taking in deep breaths Evangeline placed her hand over her pounding heart. Finally when
she felt calm enough she nodded at the angel girl standing before her bed. 

"Thank you, dear. I'm alright." She gave the angel a reassuring smile that felt fake on
Evangeline's face. Although it made the angel smile in relief. 

"That's good because there is someone here to see you." 

Looking over the angel's shoulder Evangeline felt as if she was about to explode. 

"Daniel? Cameron?"

Two young identical men stood in the door way of Evangeline's room smiling over at her.
Their similar black hair shimmering against their equally pale skin. 

"Hello, sis." Daniel said. 

"How you doin'?" Cameron continued. 

Without hesitation Evangeline shot out of bed and ran to them at full speed. They barely
had enough time to prepare themselves before Evangeline plowed herself into them. Laughing
they fell to the floor in a heap wrapping eachother in one giant hug. 

"We missed you too."

"Sis, are you crying?"

Evangeline sniffed and tried wiping her face on Daniel's shirt. 

"N-no. I don't cry." 

Her brothers just laughed. After pulling her off of them and standing up straight
Evangeline invited them into her room. 

"I'll just leave you alone now, Miss Evangeline." The young angel girl said before leaving
and closing the door behind her. 

After the other angel had left Evangeline started to cry once again. 

"Oh, angel. Don't cry." Daniel said soothingly. He walked over and sat down on one side of
her rubbing her back. His touch comforted Evangeline but not enough to stop crying. 

"Angel, everything is going to be alright. Don't cry these angel tears." Cameron added in
and sitting on the other side of her. He reached up and brushed away the falling tears on
her shimmering pale cheek. 

"It's just.. It's been so long."

Daniel gave her a sad smile. "Yes, baby girl. It's been too long." 

"But before we get into what we've been up to we thought you might want to know what's
going on back on earth." Cameron blurted. Evangeline stopped crying and looked up at him

"What's going on?"

Cameron and Daniel gave eachother a look before Cameron looked back down at Evangeline and
continued. "Now, before I say anything I just wanted to let you know that the Higher
Celestials are doing everything they can but they have... more important matters on hand."

"Anyways," Daniel said interrupting Cameron. "Your friend, Arionna is in danger. A being
named Naunie has kidnapped her and keeping her hostage. For what we don't know."

"I-I don't understand." Evangeline said, confusion eating away at her. 

"I know, angel. But people change and it's evident what's going on with Naunie. She's
transitioning from a Light into a Dark. We don't know how. It's never been done before.
Scientists have been-."

"No," Evangeline interrupted. "That's not what I meant." She looked up at both of them
with wide eyes. "What I don't understand are these names. Who is Naunie and Arionna?"

Daniel and Cameron stared at Evangeline with panicked stricken expressions. 

"Angel, what's the last thing you remember?" 

Evangeline just giggled. "Silly. The last thing I remember was yesterday when I was in
Friardale and celebrating the year of the horse." 

After a few more minutes of conversation Daniel and Cameron excused themselves from
Evangeline as politely as they could. 

"We'll be right back."

"We have some work we need to do then we will return."

After the door was closed Daniel ran his hands through his dakr hair and groaned. 

"It's getting worse, Cam."

"I know. If I'm correct she's forgotten everything that has happened in the past 2,200
Evangeline looked out the window onlooking the crystal clear pool being filled with happy
angels swimming about in its depths. Laughter and smiles filled Evangeline's vision.
Sighing she turned on her side looking away from the large window.
Why must I be stuck in here while everyone else gets to be out there? It's not
A small tear escaped her eye and trailed down her pale cheek. Reaching up Evangeline
brought up her finger to catch it before it could fall on the sheets. She brought the tear
before her and admired it. 
On earth demons would pay with their own limbs to just get this one measly tear. I
don't get it. It's nothing special.
Standing up she let the tear fall and walked over to the vanity that stood on the opposite
wall. She sat down on the small cushioned stool and looked within the mirror and sighed at
the reflection that stared back. 
How come whenever I look at myself it feels as if I don't know myself at all? Like..I'm
missing something?
That feeling of emptiness and sadness began to overcome her again which just caused
confusion to quickly follow. 
Why do I feel this way?
She started to reach for her hairbrush when she heard a whoosing sound throughout her room
and what sounded like footsteps land on the tile floor. Sounds like breathing could be
Someone's in my room. But I didn't hear anyone knock on my door or anything.
Fear started to fill her.
What do I do?!
She stayed as still as a statue for what felt like forever. 
No. I can't act like a child forever. I must face my fears.
Taking a deep breath she slowly turned around in her stool and prepared herself for
whatever she was about to face. What she saw though she could have never prepared herself
"Hello Evangeline Aurella Cassia." A tall man dressed in white robes spoke. Looking around
him she saw five others standing in her room all dressed in white and beautiful.
Evangeline felt a tear roll down her cheek. 
They're all so.. angelic.
"Let me introduce myself. I am Atticus Thorne and these are my comrades." 
Evangeline was speechless.
"We are the higher angels. The second generation angels created by the angels God himself
had created."
The higher angels? The second generation? They're supposed to be dead! How.. how are
they standing in my bedroom!? Am I dead?
"You are still much alive, dear Evangeline, but I fear not for long if we don't do
something about it. May we sit? I'm afraid we have alot to talk about.''


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