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Dream Team? Tell us what they are!

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The title says it all.  Tell everyone what your dream team is!

1.  Your team must have at least one pokemon and at most, six pokemon.

2.  Your team must be of pokemon. *should be simple ^‿^

3.  You can describe each of your pokemon if you'd like!

4.  Never forget to have FUN!

Some other stuff you might want to add, but don’t have to:

1.  What region have you been to?  *five regions:  Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh,

3.  Do you have any games? If so what?

4.  Any badges so far?

5.  You can also add pictures of your pokemon or whole team. If they have an item
on them etc.  

Here is a good site to help you figure out what pokemon want!  It shows a lot about any
type of pokemon etc.

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~My Dream Team~

In order, my team is: 

      Star        Flare            Boo            Chill           Puff         Dino

*Once I finish Unova, I'll try to gain my dream team.  It'll be hard though, since
there will be three shinies @_@; 

Though I think my team looks cool B)
I also think that the power is pretty even as well!

  *Chibi Otaku drew this for me
Star:  She is the leader of my team. Her name is Star because of her tail; it has
five spikes instead of four. She can be hothead at times, but knows a lot of what she is
doing.  Most of the time she is correct, but if she is stumped, she and the rest of the
team go to Flare for an answer.  She wears black shades/glasses sometimes. Her favorite
move is Thunder Fang.  She has a bad habit at biting people, though she means no harm and
it's more of an "I LUV U, U ARE AWESOMEEE" type of bite, it hurts like a sun of a
gun >:U
Her move set is: bite, chomp, Thunder Fang and Spark.

Flare:  She is very sneaky.  She is a smart pokemon who knows what to do in tough
situations.  If Star doesn't know what to do, everyone heads to Flare for an answer. 
Flare can be a bit of a perv, and has a crush on Star.  If she doesn't want to fight, she
will hide behind her tails.  Her fire is blue instead of; yellow/orange/red.  She doesn't
wear/hold anything. Her favorite move is Attract.  She likes to watch others fight more
than she, herself, fight.
Her move set is: Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Tail Slap, and Attract.

Boo:  He is a little prankster.  Boo is the third pokemon in my team.  He loves to
frighten anyone.  And loves it even better if it is Chill.  He likes to hold a ghost
tablet, but rarely does he hold it.  He is very silly, but can be VERY scary at times,
though that rarely happens. His favorite move is Trick.   He has a bad habit of sticking
his blue tongue out, he bites his tongue a lot by doing so.  Another bad habit he has is
that he will take someone’s things when they are not looking.
His move set is: Shadow Claw, Sucker Punch, Lick, and Trick.

Chill:  She is a bit shy.  Chill is my fourth pokemon in my team. Chill is called
such because when someone is near her, she freezes the air around her to keep them away.
She is shy, and snow sometimes forms around her. She is happy in this team and so does not
hide herself from us.  Her favorite move is Frost Breath.  She holds Quick Freeze Water. 
Though it is a bit childish, she loves to like like she is smoking, though in reality, it
is just cold air.  She dislikes Boo's tricks, but at rare times, it does make her laugh.
Her moves are: Aqua Tail, Frost Breath, Ice Beam, and Blizzard.

Puff:  He loves sweets!  Puff is my fifth pokemon in my team.  He will go after
anything sweet, like cake, ice cream, candy, etc.  He tries his best to help the team; he
doesn't want to disappoint anyone.  He likes being with Boo, though he never does any
pranks, he enjoys watching Boo make a prank.  He holds nothing.  He doesn't have a
favorite move.
His moves are: Leech Seed, SolarBeam, Energy Ball, Cotton Guard.

Dino:  He's quite.  He's a relaxed pokemon.  He is the last pokemon in my team.  He
loves to sleep, and he is a bit lazy.  It's rare to hear him talk.  Though if you see his
face, he is easy to understand.  The thing is, he hides his face by his hair.  He holds
nothing, and he has no favorite move.  
His moves are: DragonBreath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail.

I've played diamond, and finished it.  I'm working on White, and only have one badge at
the moment.

This is my Dream Team and also an example on what/how to post.

though you don't need to add so much words like me.
you could even just tell us the pokemon you want for your team and be done with it...


My dream team is 

      Star           Flare             Boo             Chill            Puff         Dino

I think they are awesome :I


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