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Character: Bakka Ranger Green, Captain/President of bkkr

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8 February 2012, 03:20 AM   #1
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*NAME: Millennium
*Gender: Female
*Picture OR picture link:

*Personality: Control Freak, Grummpy , Mysterious~<3
*Highth: 5''10
*Wegith: Unkown
*Story: She was a lab exsperiment since the time she left her mothers womb. By the age 12,
her test were turned out to be a perfect sucsess. The Lab had succesfuly mixed Zombie DNA
with human, and made Millennium. The perfect person w/ a biolgical clock slowed down to
stop her for ageing a aday past 25. Soon the man she would end up falling maddly inlove
with set her free from the lab and ran away with her , hideing for the LAB D:.
      On her thirteenth birthday the man whom had pushed his way throu all her barriors,
and delt with her bitchyness, /died/.His name was Jonathan. He was 17 at the time of his
death, dieing with a bullet to his head, chaseing after Millennium agfter one of there 
many fights. The LAB had found them and when he relixzed it a gun was allready [pointed at
millennium. So he dove in frount of her, Dieimng in her arms, since then she has been a
lone wolf running from her past never letting any one close.... till now?

*Type (For exsample is he/she a Human, Zombie, Vampire ext):
1/2 Zombie

9 February 2012, 12:16 AM    #2
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-Sending request in a minute- *NAME: Miku Hatsune & Gumi Megpoid *Gender: Female *Picture OR picture link: *Personality- Miku: Very hard edging and with a golden heart, strong willed and energetic on a flexible side. She may lash out on others, but she doesn't take no for an answer. She hates animals and despises others. Gumi: Very quiet at times, a fighter typer, and usually a shadow. She gives hard stares to people unrecognizingly and she doesn't like being messed with. She has a weakness of cute things, or animals. *Highth: Both about 5`5 *Weight: Unknown *Story: They both were best friends every since they were little, but caused trouble to alot of people. Miku always helped with Gumi becuase normally she was picked on much. After her parents died, she took her in and protected her from 'bad people'. Gumi was the silent type and wasn't good with people skills so Miku talked for her. They were both fighters who seemed to be like sisters. After they grew up abit, they learned what they were once their powers grew in. They both lived on from then, just life without curiousity. *Type (For exsample is he/she a Human, Zombie, Vampire ext): Matryoshka (A demon who uses their voices and deadly eyes to hurt others. But they aren't as normal as most creatures.)
Miku Hatsune & Gumi Megpoid | Female

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