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The Drama Room

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19 September 2011, 01:29 AM   #1
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Welcome all to the Aerons' Academy for Criminals' Drama Room! This room is pretty much a large theater filled with seats and space that is mostly occupied by a large beautifully ancient looking stage. Stage Curtain Pictures, Images and Photos Current Teacher & Assistant---- Photobucket

19 September 2011, 01:44 AM   #2
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Mila walked into the theatre, seeing a man with blue-ish black hair. "Hol-Hello?" She
asked, correcting herself.

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Lucien & Luna walked into the theatre, side by side. "So this is the
theatre...? It's actually quite nice, here." Lucien commented to Luna. "It really is. I'm
just glad  this place even has a theatre." Luna replied to her twin brother. It was after
she said this that she spotted a blue-haired man. She smiled to herself, for whatever
reason. Luna tapped Lucien on the shoulder. "I'm guessing that's the drama teacher." she
said, pointing at him, so he would see who she was talking about.
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19 September 2011, 01:56 AM   #4
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Mila twirled around, her long black hair tied in a ribbon whipped around. "Hola." She
said to Lucien and Luna.

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"Hola." That was what the twins heard from the girl when she turned
around, and looked at them. "Hello...there." Luna in a tone that sounded slightly
confused, and creeped out. She wasn't so sure about this girl. She seemed partly strange.
Who just turns around, and randomly starts talking to complete strangers? Apparently this
girl did. When Lucien recognized his sister's tone, he elbowed her. "Luna. Stop it." he
muttered to her. "Hi there, I'm Lucien Lestrange. This is my twin sister, Luna Lestrange."
Lucien introduced them, and smiled at Mila.
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19 September 2011, 02:31 AM   #6
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"I'm Mila." She introduced, her thick Mexican accent sounding remotely attractive. I
hope he doesn't know what I am capable of. She thought quietly to herself. "Mila de la
Rosa mi Guerra o Rosalinda Rameryiez ...I'm trying to get it shortened."

19 September 2011, 02:41 AM   #7
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ooc: I can't post Silvian here until Death Embrace--long name I don't feel like finishing spelling, accepts him. lol So for now, there is no teacher here. C: bic: Amy pushed open the dramaticly desgined doors to the Drama Room and peaked inside. It was sorta dim and there was visible figures standing around the brightly lit stage. It wasn't much of a class, though. Amy figured the class was new. She looked at Effy and motioned her fox-friend to follow as she walked down the rows and decided to greet the other people in the class. Her eyes waundered over the interesting looking small crowd of people. Most of them looked extremely dramatic, gothic, creepy, or just annoying. why is is always like that? she mused with a bit of amusement. Still, she wasn't there to judge. She was interested in getting to know the other people of the school. Her gaze fastened to a pair of twins. Something about them looked extremely cool, so she walked over and decided to greet them. "Hello." "I'm Amy." she introduced. "What's your names?" she asked with a geniune curiousity. Then she looked over at Effy, who she almost forgot for a moment. "Oh, and that's my friend Effy." she pointed out. Amy waitted for thier reply.

19 September 2011, 02:45 AM   #8
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Effy waltzed into the theatre, heading backstage first thing. She wondered at the set and
costumes, stroking the soft material they had used to sew it. This was even better than
when she had broken into the biggest theatre in London. Effy had always been a sucker for
fancy costumes and makeup. There was nothing she loved better than being onstage, with the
lights on her, singing beautiful sings, wearing beautiful costumes, and working with
beautiful people. She loved the very scent of sawdust from the set, the glint of metal
swords in the prop bin. She twirled around, breathing the air, burying her face in the
costumes, spinning, spinning, until she tired.

19 September 2011, 02:48 AM   #9
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"I think we'll just call you Mila, in that case." Lucien replied, and
chuckled. They jumped when they heard yet another voice, but this time, it came from
behind them. The twins turned around, and found a girl with slightly tan skin, black hair,
and ivy-coloured eyes. "Oh. I'm sorry. You scared us, just then. I'm Luna Lestrange." Luna
introduced herself. "And I am Lucien Lestrange. It's nice to meet you Amy, and Effy." he
finished addressing Amy, then Effy.
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19 September 2011, 02:56 AM   #10
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Effy stopped twirling and looked at the person who had spoken to her. She smiled at them dizzily and shook her head, trying to clear it. "Hi. I'm Effy." She repeated Amy unnecessarily, her head still spinning. "Don't you just love theatre? It's so beautiful... By the way, where's our teacher? Isn't he supposed to be here?" She inhaled once more and her head began to clear. She noticed the people standing before her, twins, very pale and slightly crazy looking. She smiled at them, finally able to see clearly.

19 September 2011, 02:57 AM   #11
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Amy smiled at the two twins and nodded. "Nice to meet you too." "This is going to be a cool class, I just know it." "Right Effy?" "........""Effy?" She found herself standing alone. Amy looked around and didn't see the fox-girl anywhere. Then she suddenly blushed a slight rose pink of embrassment when she saw her floppy eared friend dancing around on stage with the costumes in her hands, like she was high. Amy shifted her evergreen gaze back onto the twins and gave a small laugh. "Yea...she dose that."she said sheepishly and rubbed the back of her neck. Though, she actually felt like face-palming. Amy sighed softly, blowing a strand of dark hair from her lips. ooc: I have school tomorrow ppl, so i gtg now. Cya. C:

20 September 2011, 12:21 AM   #12
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Effy noticed everyone staring at her and flushed bright red. "Aha. Yeah. I love theatre." She mumbled a bit, embarrassed by the fact she had been caught spinning around the prop room, acting like an idiot. She stuck her hand out awkwardly, offering it to the twins to shake. She stared openly, her eyes wide as she tried to recover from her folly, not realizing she was just digging herself deeper into her pit. "Ahahahahahahaha." She twitched her ears and her tail went straight out behind her, showing signs of severe embarrassment.

20 September 2011, 12:48 AM   #13
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Luna & Lucien both laughed at Amy's blushing face. "It's fine, I know how
you feel. Luna there, can be quite crazy, herself." Lucien whispered to Amy. All of a
sudden, the two saw Effy reappear. "We can tell. But it's alright, Lucien here does, as
well. And so do I." Luna said to Effy, giving her a friendly smile. Luna took Effy's left
hand, and shook it, while Lucien took the right hand, and shook it. Just then, Luna
noticed that Effy had a tail sticking out behind her. She did a double take, and her eyes
widened in curiousity. "Lucien, look there. I do believe she has a tail. Don't worry
though, Effy, I think it suits you." she said first to Lucien, then added in the last
part, so as not to embarrass the fox-girl further. She really did believe that it was a
nice addition to Effy, though. She made it look cute.
Lucien&Luna Lestrange. Eighteen. Witch&Wizard. ♥ Addison Wright. Sixteen. ♥ Draco Stefan. Eighteen. Vampire. ♥ Ginny. Fox Demon. ♥

20 September 2011, 12:49 AM   #14
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A small piano almost literally popped onstage. It probably spun around when she wasn't
looking. She stole away, and sat on the leather bench. Positioning her long fingers on the
keys, she sang a song in Spanish, and not any near-racist ones. It sounded like a lullaby,
and her tone was sugar as she kept notes high.

20 September 2011, 01:06 AM    #15
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Effy smiled, feeling more comfortable. She swished her tail around, craning her neck to see it. "Hehe. It's a bother sometimes. But mostly I like it." She grabbed it and brought it around to her front. It's was rather odd, having people paying all this attention to her tail... Effy wasn't sure what to think of it. Then she heard a sweet tune drifting around the theatre, and she glanced behind her to see Mila at the piano, playing and singing in unison. "Wow. That's beautiful. I wish I could sing like that." She stared lazily up at the ceiling, wondering when their teacher was going to get there.

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