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Well, I decided to change like almost the whole story. Not all of it, but I thought it
would just be easier if I made a whole new topic. Don't worry I deleted the other one. The
reason for this is because I wanted to change the plot just a little bit, so the title of
the story fits better. I am going to have a prologue too.

I have not yet typed up the prologue, but hopefully by the end of today I will finish it.
Don't count on me though. I will probably not update this one very often, because I am
writing one book and editing another one. You can count this one as my second book I am
writing IF I get into it. You can tell if I get into it by how often I update.

I made the covers, in case you were wondering about it. I like the second one better, but
please help me decide. Which one do you like better?

How I came up with this book was a dream and then fooling around with GIMP. Yes, GIMP can
help you with books. Well, for me anyways.

I am thinking about posting this book on inkpop, but only if I actually like how it turns
out. I do have TWTCC (The Way The Cookie Crumbles) posted on inkpop in case you were

That's all for now!

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Guess what! It's been about almost two months, and I finally have the prologue. I know
right? The reason it took me forever was because of me trying to decide an event, and I
finally came up with an idea! The beginning of the book is going to be similar, so I will
probably update a little bit more. The prologue is short, and I do plan on making it
longer when I feel like it.

Comment and enjoy!

	Five Years Ago…
	It was three in the morning, but I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited being at the beach
again, that I just wanted to be with it the whole time. I got off my bed and walked over
to my window. I looked out and noticed that it was still pretty dark out. I quietly went
downstairs and grabbed the flash light next to the back door.
	I slowly and carefully opened the back door. I didn’t want to wake anyone up, just yet.
I was about to close the door behind me, when I heard foot steps coming from the house.
Either my mom or Rosie is going to kill me if they find out that I was out here, but it
wasn’t either of them. It was Jason. 
	“Joyce, what are you doing up so early?” asked Jason. I smiled.
	“I wanted to see the beach,” I said. 
	“Well, you shouldn’t have to go alone,” said Jason, and with that he was walking
with me down to the beach. Jason and I knew that it would be impossible to swim, but that
didn’t mean we couldn’t sit in the sand and look up at the stars. It was so beautiful
out here. I took my flip flops off and let my feet squish the sand. I suddenly got a
brilliant idea.
	I got up and held the flashlight pointing towards the sand. I needed to watch what I was
doing. I noticed that Jason was watching me, but not saying anything. I quickly stuck my
index finger into the sand and wrote Joyce’s and Jason’s Beach. Once I was done, I
stepped back and studded it. Jason noticed and he got up to look closer at it. He smiled.
	“Now we can spend every summer at the beach,” I said. Jason laughed.
	“Joyce, we always spend every summer at the beach and nothing can change that,” said
Jason. I smiled and I believed him. After ten minutes I decided that I needed some sleep,
so we both went back into the house and I finally fell asleep. 

20 July 2011, 07:58 AM   #3
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Okay, so since you waited FOREVER for the prologue I decided to just go ahead and post
the first few paragraphs. This is going to be PART of chapter one. 

Comment and enjoy!

Relationships -- of all kinds -- are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely,
with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hand and
squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand trickles through your fingers. You may hold onto some
of it, but most will be spilled. A relationship is like that. Held loosely, with respect
and freedom for the other person, it is likely to remain intact. But hold too tightly, too
possessively, and the relationship slips away and is lost.

	“Honey?” asked my mom. I snapped out of my memories and looked up at my mom. I
remember five years ago Jason said something that I hoped would always last, but neither
of us was expecting what happened.
	“Yeah?” I asked. My mom looked at me.
	“Are you okay?” asked my mom. I deeply sighed.
	“Yes, I am fine,” I said. It was the fifth time she asked me already, and it was only
a five hour car drive. Actually, she would ask me all the time now, ever since last
summer. I was getting annoyed that she asked me so much, but she insisted that I answer
every single time and she always asked at least two times a day. I rarely saw my mom when
I was in school and she always worked. I kept looking at my window, but I knew the whole
car hide.
	“It’s just so unlike you. You aren’t moving at all, and you are not talking about
your plans for the summer,” said my mom. 
	I removed my glaze from the window to look down at my feet. I really needed to paint my
toes, maybe black like my nails. Focus, Joyce I told myself. I always enjoyed summer, but
this summer I didn’t even want to go. I simply shrugged my shoulders, and my mom caught
	“Joyce? Can you look at me for a second?” asked my mom. I was worried since she was
still driving, but I knew that we were still on the high way and no one was in sight. I
looked at her. “You are not telling me something, but whatever it is I would like you to
know that I am always here for you.” She then smiled and went back to look at the road.

	She never has said that to me since last summer, and ever since then she has said that
countless times. She never stopped; she always wanted to know what put me into this
“stage”. I simply told her that it wasn’t a stage, and this was actually the real
me. She never bought it, and always knew that something had to happen. Something did
happen, but it was for the better.
	Finally, my mom took the same exit and from here it was only an hour left of a drive to
the beach house where I spend the summer. We did this every year, ever since I was born. 
	My mom still kept in touch with her one friend from college named Rosie. Rosie had brown
hair and brown eyes. She always kept her hair short, and well she was totally fun. Rosie
had a son, Jason, the same age as me. My mom thought that was the greatest thing ever, so
she thought it would be nice to see spend the whole summer with them. Rosie and my mom
rented out a beach house for the whole summer. 
	Jason had brown hair and brown eyes. His eyes were a lot darker than Rosie’s and his
hair was also a dark brown. It never got lighter, no matter how many hours we sat in the
sun together. His hair just reaches his eyes and he was always flipping it to keep it out
of his eyes. He was super tan, but that was only because of the summers on the beach.
Jason and I would spend the whole summer hanging out, mostly swimming in the ocean.
	The summers changed, after I turned ten years old. The family grew. Rosie had another
baby. My dad ran away once I was born, and my mom didn’t want to date anymore. Rosie was
married, but her husband thought it was best to let Rosie have fun with my mom alone, so
he never came to the beach with us. Rosie’s second child was a girl named Stacy. Stacy
was going to be seven years old and I couldn’t wait to see her blond curly hair and
bright blue eyes run to me once I got there. That was the only thing I was looking forward
to, this year. 

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I am actually updating this one again! Anyways, this is still part of chapter one.

Comment and enjoy!

	Hopefully, though, she would be able to recognize me. After last summer, I decided
that I needed a change. I did what I always wanted to do since I was thirteen. I was so
surprised that my mom let me do anything, but I didn’t let that stop me. I died my blond
hair, black. I had contacts, so I decided to get colored ones and change my green eyes to
gray eyes. Finally, I got a new wardrobe. I decided that I didn’t just want black, so I
got all the colors of the rainbow expect for pink and yellow.
	We finally pulled into a driveway, and I looked around. I saw the beach house. We always
got a different beach house, not that it really mattered to us. I looked at it and noticed
that it was the color of sand, with a lot of windows. I looked ahead of the car and
noticed that Rosy’s car was already there. I took a deep breath. I did not want to face
Jason. I got out of the car, and walked through the front door which was just a big piece
of glass. I wanted to see Stacy, and she would probably help me bring in my bags anyways.
	I saw that Stacy was already running towards me, she was probably watching out of one of
the windows. Her blond curly hair was flying behind her, and she jumped on me. I caught
her and I spun her around. She laughed and held on tight. I set her down on the ground and
she gave me a big hug. I hugged her back. She was so cute; it killed me to only see her
for the summer. All of a sudden I saw her eyes go wide.
	“You’ve changed,” she said. I laughed. She was so observant. 
	“It’s for the better,” I said. She just shook her head.
	“Joyce, I don’t like it. What happened to your blond hair and green eyes?” she
said. I sighed. I really hated when people asked me this.
	“I changed because I hated my eyes and hair,” I said. Her eyes lit up, like she had
an idea, and smiled. 
	“Jason loved them,” she said. I got angry. Why does everything have to be about
Jason? Yes, he liked my hair and eyes and that’s one of the reasons why I changed. The
most important one actually. She was a little kid and wouldn’t understand though, so I
changed the subject. 
	“Want to help me with the bags?” I asked. She just nodded and we both went outside. 
	I walked to the car and she followed closely behind me, probably trying to figure
something out. I noticed that the trunk was already opened. I guess my mom wanted to
unpack early. I peered in and there sat my three bags. I picked up my purple duffle bag,
which held my clothes in it and set it down on the ground. I grabbed my laptop bag and
handed it to Stacy. It was the lightest bag I packed and I knew Stacy wouldn’t drop it.
	“So how was school? What grade were you in?” I asked Stacy. Stacy rolled her eyes. I
guess she couldn’t believe that I didn’t remember what grade she was in. I just
remember her age, besides figuring out the grades can actually be kind of difficult.
	“I was in first grade. It was so much fun! I had a great time,” Stacy replied. I
nodded. I remembered when I used to like school, and then it became hell. I grabbed the
last two bags, which just held clothes. We then walked back into the house, and I went up
the stairs. I went into my room, which was painted pink. I almost gagged when I walked
into the room. I hated the color pink now. Why would they leave me this room out of all
the bedrooms?
	I sent down my bags on the bed, and then grabbed the bag from Stacy and sent it down on
the desk. At least this room was pretty big and it did have a nice closet, if only they
choose a different color. I sat on my bed and so did Stacy.
	“What about you? How was your junior year?” asked Stacy. I laughed. Stacy remembered
every single little detail about me. I wish I had her memory.
	“Junior year was hell,” I said. Her mouth dropped when I said the word “hell”.
She didn’t like it when I swore and what little kid did? But I was being honest, and she
knew that if I said any other word it wouldn’t sound as bad.
	“Well Jason thought the same thing, so you aren’t alone,” said Stacy. I got angry
once again. I hated when things always revolved around me and him. 
	“Can we not talk about him?” I asked. Stacy got off the bed and turned to look at me.
She looked serious, all of a sudden.

21 July 2011, 11:09 AM   #5
Guest Poster
I like it so far. It's amazing how many of your stories I am following right now. lol.
Can't wait to see the next update. =)

21 July 2011, 06:41 PM   #6
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Chapter one is finally done. This is the last part of it. XD

Comment and enjoy!

	“I can’t, Joyce. He’s my brother. Do you even know that my mom is outside
crying, because Jason is not coming this year?” said Stacy. Then she left, without
slamming the door. She was such a good kid. But what struck me was that Jason was not
coming to the beach. He went every year, and he promised me that we would come every
single year. I had to see if it was true, not that I didn’t trust Stacy, just to make
	I reached the back door, and noticed that the screen was opened. I also noticed that my
mom was hugging Rosy and telling her everything would be alright.
	“Everything won’t be the same. Jason is only coming down to take Stacy to the
carnival, and that’s it. Its just Stacy and Joyce, but if Joyce was the same as last
year…” said Rosy while trailing off, probably in thought.
	“Joyce won’t be the same,” said my mom. Rosy looked at her like she was crazy.
	“You’re lying to yourself. Of course she will be the same! Haven’t you seen her
hair and her eyes? What she wears? It’s not her. It’s not her,” said Rosy. She
repeated the last sentence over and over.
	I turned around went up to my room. I fell on my bed, and started crying. How is this not
me? I loved my new clothes; there was nothing wrong with them. I just got rid of
everything that reminded me of Jason. I died my hair and changed my eye color, but I’m
still the same person in the inside. Or was I?
	I thought back to two summers ago. There I was laughing and smiling. I was always in the
perfect mood, and I was always with Jason and Stacy. Then I thought back to last summer.
At first everything was great and then all of a sudden I wasn’t smiling anymore. I left
every morning and came back home late. I was always in a bad mood. I really didn’t talk
to anyone. Jason and I avoided each other, and I’m pretty sure Jason wasn’t as happy
as he should have been. I went so far that I didn’t even go to the carnival. Who was I
going to be this year? I could only hope for the better.
	A knock at my door made me sit up from my bed. I quickly wiped the tears away.
	“Come in,” I said. The door opens and walks in Rosie. Her eyes were all puffy and red
from crying. I wonder what I looked like.
	“Joyce, its good to see you,” said Rosie. She came over and sat down on my bed and
hugged me. I hugged her back. It was really good to see Rosie again. I missed her.
	“It’s good to see you, too,” I said.
	“I know, honey, I know,” said Rosie. Then she let me go and looked down at me.
“Joyce why did you change so much?” She said it so calmly like she practiced this
sentence in the mirror.
	“Because I hated my hair and eyes, and I needed a change anyways,” I said. Rosie
looked at me. Rosie was like my second mom, and it was very hard to lie to her. She could
read me like an open book. I knew she could tell I was leaving one little detail out.
	“There’s something you are not telling us,” said Rosie. She sighed. “Joyce, I am
here for you and you can tell me anything. You are just like Jason, he wouldn’t tell me
	That didn’t surprise me. Jason never really told Rosie anything. Most of the time Rosie
had to ask me about her own son. They just weren’t that close. I looked at her and I
thought about telling her everything, but then I shook my head. She wouldn’t understand
any of it. When she realized that I wasn’t ready to talk she got off my bed, and walked
out of my room. 
	The pink walls were giving me a headache, so I decided to go for a walk.

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I wrote chapter two. This is the complete chapter.

Comment and enjoy!

You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you and then you meet
one person and your life has changed, forever.

	I was walking down the sidewalk towards the little town. There were a couple of
restaurants, grocery stores, and clothes stores. I stopped when I noticed a purple little
building with a sign that said “Fortune Teller”. I never really believed in people
being able to tell the future, but I thought it over. I had nothing to lose now. 
	I walk into the little building and my eyes had to adjust to the darkness. There was a
lady behind a circular table, she had her eyes closed, but then she opened them and looked
right at me. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything weird, in fact she looked like a
normal person.
	“I can already see that you are upset about something. Come seat, I won’t charge
anything for you,” said the lady. I smiled.
	“Thank you,” I replied. The lady smiled at me.
	“Now, close your eyes and give me your hands,” she said. I did what I was told.
“Now think of a happy place for you.” I thought of summer four years ago. “Now
imagine you are in that place again.” I heard her whisper some things, but I was so
focused on remembering that summer, that I didn’t pay attention at all.

	Four Years Ago…
	“I want to know how to surf,” I said one morning to Rosie. Rosie smiled at me.
	“I knew this day would come,” she said. “Jason can teach you or I can sign you up
for a class if you would like that better.” I shook my head. I watched Jason surf every
single morning from my window. I liked watching him, but I didn’t want him to notice me
watching me. That’s why I always watched him in my bedroom. Jason was an excellent
surfer, since he has been surfing since he was five.
	“Jason can teach me if he wants,” I said, and I got up from the chair I was seating
at in the kitchen. I went out back, since I knew Jason would still be surfing. I walked
down to the beach and I stopped right where the waves ended on the sand. I didn’t have a
swimsuit on and I didn’t want my clothes to get wet.
	I watched Jason. He had his back to me, so I couldn’t see him. I saw that he was just
sitting out there, waiting for a wave. A perfect wave started to come, so he turned around
and paddled. Then he got up and started to ride the wave. He noticed me and waved. I waved
back. He took the wave all the way to where I was.
	“Hey,” he said. 
	“Hi,” I said. I smiled at me. He smiled back.
	“What are you out here for?” he asked. I shrugged.
	“I want to know how to surf,” I said. Jason looked surprised. 
	“And…” he said trailing off.
	“I want you to teach me,” I said. Jason took in a breath.
	“Joyce, its dangerous out there,” said Jason. I shrugged. I already knew that and I
was willing to take that risk.
	“Please?” I asked. Jason looked down at me, he was now taller than me by a few
inches. “You know how much I hate taking a class by myself.” At school, I had to make
sure at least one person I knew was taking the same class as me or else I freaked out.
Jason took a deep breath.
	“Fine,” he said. I jumped up and down, while clapping.
	“Great!” I said. “When do I start?”
	“Now,” he said. I laughed. I seriously thought it was a joke. No way was I starting
today. “Joyce, I’m serious. Go change into a swimsuit.” I looked at him for a second
and then ran back into the house. I quickly threw on my swimsuit and ran back out.
	We spent three hours on the first day out in the blazing sun. After that day Jason would
teach me every single day, at the same time. I was out in the water in no time, and soon
enough after three weeks I could actually surf. I couldn’t really do any of the fancy
tricks, but Jason taught me a few. By the end of summer I could do three tricks. I was so
happy and Jason was proud of me, but every single time he kept a very close eye on me.
	I would have never learned how to surf if it wasn’t for Jason.

	Present Day…
	“You can open your eyes now,” said the lady. I slowly opened them and I took my hands
out of her hands.
	“So…?” I asked. She smiled sadly at me.
	“You have a lot going on. You need to sort those things out, and more problems will
come your way sadly,” she said. I looked down at my hands. I knew this was coming.
“But on the bright side, your future way down the road is happy.” I smiled.
	“And how long will that be?” I asked. She laughed a little bit.
	“In about five years,” she said. I sighed. I didn’t have five years; I wanted to be
happy right now.
	“Thank you,” I said. She smiled at me again. I got up and I walked towards the door.
I opened it a little bit and right when I was about to step out, she talked again.
	“And honey, do yourself a favor, you need to talk to that boy,” she said. I looked
back and I saw she smile at me. I was confused. How did she know I had boy trouble? I
nodded and walked out of the door. 
	I was still trying to figure it out, when I came to a conclusion, she was good. She was
really a fortune teller. I walked back to the beach house. I looked in the driveway and
noticed that Rosie’s car was gone. I wonder where she went. I walked in and I heard the
TV was on. I walked to the living room and noticed my mom was sitting there watching some
talk show. I sat down on the couch next to her.
	“Where’s Rosie?” I asked. My mom looked at me.
	“She went to the store to pick up some food. Where do you go?” she asked me. I
	“I needed a walk, so I went into town,” I said. My mom sighed.
	“Joyce you need to tell me where you go,” said my mom. I got angry.
	“Mom, I’m old enough to take care of myself,” I said.
	“No, you’re not,” said my mom.
	“Last year you let me go wherever I wanted to go!” I yelled. I was really angry. I
was seventeen years old, and I was going to be a senior soon.
	“You had Jason with you!” she yelled back at me. I dropped my jaw.
	“So you trust him, but not me?” I screamed. I got off of the couch and walked back to
my room. I laid down on my bed for the second time that day. I wasn’t going to cry this
time, I told myself. I shed one tear when I saw Stacy.
	“Joyce? Are you okay?” she asked. I simply nodded my head. “I want to go to the
beach. Can you come with me?” I nodded my head again and got up. We walked down the
stairs and I noticed my mom was gone from the living room. We went out the back door.
	Stacy ran down to the beach. I followed her. She plopped down on the sand and started
playing with it. It was then that I noticed that she brought her pale and shovel with her.
I helped her build a sand castle. We both were horrible at it, but I did learn a few
tricks from Jason. We were done an hour later. Once we were done our sand castle wasn’t
that big at all. It was also lopsided and it didn’t look very good. I stepped back to
look at it and Stacy did the same too. I heard footsteps behind me and I looked over my
shoulder to see Rosie.
	“Dinner’s ready, but this sand castle deserves a picture,” said Rosie. I laughed.
	“Rosie it’s horrible,” I said. Rosie shrugged.
	“You guys built it,” said Rosie.
	“Jason helped us build it before,” said Stacy. I felt bad for her. She wasn’t going
to see her brother for the whole summer.
	“Come on Stacy let’s take that picture,” I said. She followed me as we both walked
to the castle. I crouched down beside the castle on and Stacy did too on the other side.
We smiled for the picture that Rosie took, but we all knew that we were still sad. 
	When she was done taking the picture we got up and left the sad castle there. We went to
go eat dinner and I was starving. 

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Loving it so far! Can't wait to read more. <3

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nice.... i like it!!

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