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9 December 2010, 03:28 AM   #1
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A quiet, multi-level library full of books both new and old.

16 December 2010, 10:22 PM   #2
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He sits on the top step of the flight of stairs, inky locks falling into
mismatched eyes, which happen to be trained on yet another faerie tale. The very stories
he loves so. He quietly reads aloud to the girl sitting next to him; the girl that does
not exist except in his mind. A soft, whispery sigh as he turns the page, and continued
on, completely enveloped in his little story-book world. 
His fingers ached to turn the page, to see the next twist in the story. Princesses and
dragons and rescues, giants and magical kingdoms all twined together. With a smile, James
continues a little louder, "-Then Dren wandered up the stairs, curious as to what could
cause such a sound." He paused, taking a breath and smiling at the little pixie girl.
''Before she knew it, there wa-ah!" he is cut off by a loud thump behind him, causing the
thick book to drop from his hands and slide down the stairs with a series of whooshes and
thumps. Brows furrowed, he turns around to see a girl.


16 December 2010, 10:43 PM   #3
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Lilith walks slowly, scanning the shelved books with caution. Her forest eyes dart
back and forth, looking at title and author. As she analyzes the books in front of her,
she mutters words of nonsensical meaning to herself. She never liked venturing out of her
apartment; her territory. It made her nervous and uncomfortable, as if people were looking
at her. Her eyes slid off the shelf for a moment; she was pretty much alone with the
exception of a boy sitting on the staircase and the librarian at the front. 
Looking back at the shelf, Lilith noticed a book. It was a collection of Poe; nice and
thick, possibly around six hundred pages or more. This should keep me occupied, she
thought. Her trembling, thin hand grabbed the book from the shelf. It slid out too
quickly, and fell with a very loud thud.
"Shit," Lilith cursed softly to herself. Another thud followed, and she whipped her head
to see staircase-boy staring at her. Her eyes widened with embarrasment, and fear,
remembering the words of her mother.

"Poise and grace, runt! You will never get proper respect if you trip around like a
ditz without a clue!"

She slowly turned her head, bent down, and picked up the book. She turned back to the boy.
"I'm-I'm sorry," She stammered, worried that she had made him angry.  
"I'm sorry for disturbing you," She said, correcting herself. She turned away in
embarrasment; pretending to look at another book. She let out a small sigh of shame, her
back slouching into an improper hunch.

-DNOIWNDFOIWRN. This is complete crap. Crap crap crap. /cryvomitheaddesk-

17 December 2010, 02:32 AM   #4
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He sits, watching her for a moment. The little girl lets out a soft, sad, sigh,
and he pats her head in a resigned way. He then looks forlornly down the stairs, as if the
book had broken somehow from the fall. "My-ah. My book." he frowns, making him look
impossibly younger and his wide eyes go even wider. They're slightly shiny, he realises,
with tears. Why is he such a ditz as to cry over a book? It's the girl, James thinks. She
scared him. 
Long, thin fingers rub long, thin arms. His feet guide him to her, his chucks in desperate
need of repair, or replacement. "My book fell down the stairs." he says, rather demurely,
pointing at the staircase. Leaning down, fingers finding the familiar vellum lining of his
favourite old Poe collection. A tilt of the head, a small, shy smile. "You like Poe?" he
holds it out, fingers lightly brushing hers.

17 December 2010, 03:06 AM   #5
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"Yeah, I like Poe," Lilith smiles awkwardly, hoping she does not make anymore
stupid mistakes again. She straightens her posture, and looks the stranger in the eyes.
Lilith smiles a tight lipped, polite smile. "I've been reading him since middle school. He
was my secret garden, I guess. My way of escaping this world and going to better one."
Realizing she's said too much, Lilith's smile drops.
"I'm uh, sorry for scaring you. And for making you drop your book." She looks at her still
trembling, freezing hand, and gives it a scratch. She made it look as nonchalant and as
light as possible, even though her nails were digging deep into her skin. 
She turns around, towards the stairs. Skipping two steps down the stairs, she went and
picked up the book. She came back up and gave it to the boy, with her tight lipped smile
on her face. 
"I've never been one for fairytales. I dunno, I find that deluding myself into happy
endings isn't as satisfying as deluding myself into sad ones. At least with sad ones, they
can give you the taste of the real world. Happy tales usually lie fifty percent of the

(OOC: I severely hate hate hate my writer's block at the moment.)

17 December 2010, 03:26 AM   #6
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Head tilted, James gives this girl a strange look. "These are Brother's Grimm
fairytales," he mumbles, pointing at the book. Sweeping his hair away from mismatched
eyes, he smiles a little more, but still quite shyly. "Are you looking for anything else?
I could help, I mean- uh, if you wanted." he looks down once more at his beat up chucks,
hand rubbing the back of his neck in the most adorable, bashful way. 
"I just- I really like books." he bites his lip, face burning a light crimson shade he
hopes his freckles cover. And once more, without fail, his fringe falls back over his
eyes. "Sorry." the boy sighs, running a hand through his hair. She was quite pretty, this
girl, and looking at her makes the smell of vanilla and cinnamon fill his nostrils. Along
with the feel of soft, feathery fabric. Something he can't quite place.

17 December 2010, 03:56 AM   #7
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Lilith's eyes widen. She could hear her mother raging to her in her head.
Stupid, stupid, stupid! You couldn't have looked at the goddamn title of the book?
The cogwheels in her brain were churning, trying to function correctly. All this time
without regular social contact had taken a toll on Lilith's social skills. She frowned,
eyes focusing on the boy's arm rubbing his neck. 

"I just- I really like books."

"Yeah!" She coughed. "So do I. I mean, reading books is really what I do everyday. Not
much else. It's a good form of escapism. I don't really need help though. I think this Poe
is all I'll need for right now. Thanks for the offer, though." The boy's face was turning
a shade of pink, something Lilith found quite cute. She cocked her head, smiling a little
more; something more than the tight lipped smile she usually gives to others. 


She shifted on her feet. Her eyes met two mismatched ones, of a bright blue and a dark
green. "It's alright, it's alright. I'm Lilith, by the way." She held out her hand. "It's
a pleasure to meet you Mister . . . ?"

17 December 2010, 04:08 AM   #8
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His hand shakily crept out to meet hers, not even quite shaking, but more brushing
his fingers lightly against hers before pulling it back quickly. James wasn't one much for
contact, and he had never really been taught proper "etiquette". Whatever the hell that
could've been. 
"I like reading to people. I mean- sometimes. Not many listen. But it helps me remember
things, so-" his voice cracked on the word so, and he bit his lip. "S-so I do it
whenever I can." His freckles did nothing to hide the bright rush of blood to his face and
ears once more, so he just looked down, shuffling feet and scratching his head. He really
didn't know how to do this.
"I-I'm, um, I mean, I'm James." He finally spat out, grinning rather sheepishly. "I just-
I like your name. It's very pretty." he coughed, crossing his arms over his book the way a
girl normally did, and let his fringe cover his eyes. He had always been embarrassed by
them, always worried people would stare. He even went through a period where he'd wear his
hair so you could only see one at a time, which only resulted in his loss of depth
perception and looking even more stupid. Talk, idiot. Talk! Count to ten. 
So he did, or tried to. 
-Shutup! You're wrong. Wrongwrongwrong. Just talk to her. God, idiot!
He winced, looking quickly up at the girl, Lilith, through his hair. She had very pretty
skin, he realised. It was pale, like his, but actually looked like a healthy, natural
porcelain, not just startling, too-pale white. He coughed once more, realising he'd been
silent for almost a minute now. "I just- I don't really want to stop talking t-to you." he
almost hit himself for sounding so stupid, and the air around him felt angry and tense,
but it was probably only her screaming at him yet again. The angry lioness in
James' head.

18 December 2010, 11:25 PM   #9
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"I just- I don't really want to stop talking t-to you."

Lilith felt her the temperature in her cheeks rise. Her cheeks were streaked with a faint
pink tinge. Nobody in her life has ever told her that before; or complimented her on her
name, her clothes, her grades, or anything for that matter. She would deny them before
they get the chance. It was either her, or her mother did it for her. But mother isn't
here right now, is she Lilith dear? The boy, James, looked uncomfortable, as if he had
said something wrong. His mismatched eyes analyzed her through the fringe of hair in his
face. Lilith shifted uncomfortably under his gaze; she desperately hoped that her
appearance, or whatever he was looking at, pleased him. Lilith could hear Mother cracking
her bony knuckles. Say something you twit!

"Well, I don't w-want to stop talking to you either, Mister James. You look like something
is troubling you, are you alright?" Lilith said, possibly a little too quickly. She felt
an invisible presence, with an aura of her mother's. Her cloudy green eyes shifted from
side to side quickly, checking for another being. There was no one there; just her and the

19 December 2010, 01:27 AM   #10
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His heart quickens a bit, making James bite his lip once more. He smiles, though,
feeling incredibly bashful around this strangely pretty girl. 
-Yes, James, dear. Is something wrong? 
She is speaking to him, so maliciously. Her voice, sickly sweet, makes him want to retch.
-Shut up. Please, just- just shut up. 
He brushes his fingers through his hair, eyebrows up and the small smile still on his
face. He coughs into his arm, getting up, and averting his gaze. It is actually hard to
look away from her. Her bright eyes are rather riveting, intelligent and alert. 
-Twit, you stupid, ugly twit. Say something. Say something!
She screams at him, making him wince once more. He shivers, trying to look at her for no
longer than five second intervals, since she seems uncomfortable when he does. "W-wrong?
Oh! No. I just- I haven't eaten in a while." As if on cue, the boy's stomach rumbles and
he grins sheepishly.

19 December 2010, 04:25 AM   #11
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"W-wrong? Oh! No. I just- I haven't eaten in a while."

Eating. Lilith's mind rifled through it's imaginary file cabinet to remember the last time
she ate. She ate an apple - yesterday. Her eyes slowly shifted downwards to see light blue
Converse clad feet. There was no belly to get in the way. Lilith sighed. Her mother's
voice ran through her mind once more. From Oh, you disgusting obese child! to
You're a twig! Men want to see curves in a woman! Eat more! She looked up at James,
who seemed to shift his eyes every five or so seconds; from her, to some other object in
the room.

"Okay then. How 'bout we go the cafe? I need some coffee anyways. Had a long night; need
something to wake up," She winked. Or, she hope she winked. To her it felt like a strained
blink of one eye. She was telling the truth however; she had one of her periods of
complete insomnia this week. The fuses that connected her brain together were unplugged.
Her lips curved into a sheepish smile.

19 December 2010, 04:31 AM   #12
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James smiled brightly, as if he were offered a puppy. "I'd love to!" he said,
practically bouncing. "I really like their sandwiches." he realized how hyper he was, and
immediately calmed down. "S-sorry." he rubbed his neck once more, unsure of the exact
reason other than giving his hands something to do. 
"I-, um. I just need to check this out and then we'll be on our way." He loped down the
stairs, taking them three at a time. Doing so was really no feat, since his legs were
quite long anyhow. Sometimes being tall was rather helpful. He checked out the book, put
it in his bag, and went back to the base of the stairs, grinning. 
He hadn't had company in a while, and she was quite pretty. He couldn't get over that, how
pretty she was. He wanted to just look at her. Draw the contours of her face, and that
rare smile she flashed was brilliant, if a little under-used. It was real nonetheless. 
"Ready?" he asked, holding out his arm like a proper gentleman, like he was taught.

19 December 2010, 04:53 AM   #13
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Lilith certainly was. She let out a light laugh when she saw the grin that spread across
the boys face. It reminded her of smile of a mischievous little boy in a candy shop. She
grinned, with her teeth this time, and linked her arm with his. Warmth radiated from
James' body, and Lilith's body temperature increased rapidly. No longer was she freezing
cold; but delightfully warm.

"Let us be on our merry way," She chuckled. "Lead the way, good sir."

19 December 2010, 05:06 AM    #14
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James shivered slightly, every inch of his skin touching hers was alive with
electricity. He laughed, for no reason at all, apparently. "To the cafe, then, miss
Lilith?" he asked, looking down at her with an openly curious gaze. His fingers wanted to
wrap around her little hand, to twine with her fingers. He resisted the urge, but felt it
even so. 
Why was he so attached to this girl? He had just met her, but already he wanted her to
read to him, to laugh and drink coffee and smile incessantly with her pretty mouth. He bit
his lip, rather hard, and gazed at the ground as they walked from the library. And, of
course, he held the door for her, and helped her around puddles.

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