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WRITING: Poetry: Unlove Letters

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21 September 2009, 05:00 PM   #1
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Uno . Things should feel right I've finally got you , I'm yours & yer mine Too good to be true . It's cliche , I know , Don't tell me twice ; In saying yes , I'll now pay the price . It's against what I am , & this status feels heavy ; What looks like a feather Feels like a Chevy . But now I digress , And you probably know why; I can't face the truth , Yet I can't tell a lie . In circles I speak , Avoiding myself , I'm broken & sick Yet I'm in perfect health . You are what I wanted Or that's what I thought ( for a year ) Now my mind's racing with thoughts , Thoughts I don't want to hear . So now and then I cry in bed Or lay about for hours . My sanity , crushing me , Toppled like the Towers . Those names you used to call me , you and all yer frans ; That label you put on me , Wasn't in yer heads . Dos . I wish I could be different, not just for me, for you; But instead I'm here without a clue On what to fucking do. I play along like a good little girl I hold your hand and say, "Baby how I missed you, All the too long day!" But when I'm with them, Those words fade away, To crumbling bits of dust; I giggle too loud & touch too much I say muy flirty things; And all of this I do, (Accidentally on purpose) & I don't even care to whom. It's this rush I get From being noticed This rush that gets me off. "Feel right here, isn't my skin really soft?" A grin and a glare We lock our stares My pulse races too fast; And each time I think of you & wonder if this'll be the last .

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Those names you used to all me ,
you and all yer frans ;

supposed to be "used to call me"

....its interesting....

the endingis ambiguous, not sure whether you want the relationship to end or not..so maybe
thats perfectly how you feel? idk

21 September 2009, 05:55 PM    #3
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Thanks , fixed . you hit the spot(; & happy birthday to helliki

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