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Lame Story Number: 3 :)))

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Yeah...another one! LOL You know what to do...get three comments keep

	“Nikkie just shut up!” said Nikkie’s friend, Caroline. Nikkie and Caroline have
been friends since 6th grade, but now since it was 7th grade all of her good times were
gone. Sure Nikkie had other friends, but she thought Caroline was the most hyper and she
liked to be around her. Of course it wasn’t her favorite friend she could never rank her
	Nikkie just got her tray and walked down the counter thinking of what she wanted, for
lunch while feeling hurt, because of what her friend said. She finally decided and paid
for it. Then she sat down at her table right next to the popular boys. Nikkie wasn’t
popular, but her friends wanted to set there and that was that. 

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