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Hello, My Name Is Crazy.

10 July 2009, 06:31 PM   #1
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"Hello, my name is Crazy, good day to you too." Lordy, this is more fail than my KP chibi. xD I'm not sure if I was allowed to use Paint for the posts here or paper drawings, I'm just so used to using the traditional art stuff. So um, opinions/comments? :D
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10 July 2009, 08:04 PM   #2
The Founder
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..o.o wow... she does look crazy. Anyways, Axel, since you're a friend of mine, please
excuse me if I criticize a bit harsh. :D -can overkill sometimes- 

(And it doesn't matter what medium you use to draw, as long as it's art, it's fine.)

First off I love how you drew her face; the small pupil in the rather large eye emphasized
that she's crazy. I love the way how you drew the mouth as well, but I can't help but
think that you drew the mouth a little bit too low. When I first looked at it, I though
that the crease above of her lip was her mouth and that the real mouth was her chin. 

There are several things wrong with the perspective, I rather like to think that her
head's tilted downwards however her nose remains upwards. I took the image (don't mind if
I did) and selected the nose and moved it downwards. It didn't look good, so I opted to
move the mouth a little bit upwards. The product (if you really don't mind me taking your
picture and modifying it) came out a little better to look at. 

Result when mouth was moved a bit upwards (maybe not as far as the one I did to the bottom
picture but a little bit upwards): 

Of course, I don't know if that's how you drew it or not, but yeah. I think you should
show a bit more chin unless the person is tilting his/her head downards. 

Also another factor I'd like to point out is the head. It's oval shaped and it's a bit too
large. ^^; Right where the spike of hair is should be the ideal place where you could have
ended her head. 

But then again, I think it's your style. xD Anyways, a very awesomely done picture. :D She
scares me.

-runs away now-

10 July 2009, 08:11 PM   #3
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
Posts: 391
e.e That was some intense critisism, dude. -runs away too-
Art is love. ♥

10 July 2009, 08:44 PM   #4
The Founder
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...D: I'm sorry. 

Maybe I should make it a bit shorter next time...e___o

10 July 2009, 08:46 PM   #5
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D: It's okay. e___e Mhmmm...
Art is love. ♥

11 July 2009, 07:09 AM    #6
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This is amazing! It feels really Higurashi :D
The fact that she is CRYING (or wtv) BLOOD is so cool. I love these yandere pics *u*

The sketchy outline really fits the dark feeling, but otherwise, when you're normally
drawing, use 'one line'/cleaner lines. (Oh wait. Does that make sense? >.>

What kinda bothers me is the immense white head. It might be your intention of doing so
though, so hm, I'm not sure. 
Oh and like Kyun, if she was looking down, then I suppose the hair line should be lower.
Like the part above the eye. But I do find the low mouth interesting and in a good way of
course; I think it gives her a more malicious sense. 

Ok, and the clip is a bit out of place. I have to say the design on it is unflattering. I
find it a bit random so maybe if you just left it blank or even colored it red, it'd be
cooler. :D 
Oh, and from neck down, I can't make out what is going on. Is the crosshatching shading
for the shirt, or just background? So yeh. 

But dude, I'm being too mean, and... I don't know you OTL. Sorry for being so criticizing.
You can kill me if you want. *dies*
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