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9 June 2009, 06:47 PM   #1
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I can't believe it. really. Why does it always happen to me? Nothing GOOD ever happens. I

OK, I mean, how many people have to sit in a dark corner in a dark room in a dark house in
a dark town, listening to the screams coming from your own sister, knowing you
can't do anything about it, knowing you could be next, knowing they might not come back
for you and you could die, right there in that spot?

Not many people, I'm sure of that.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll start from the begining, where all the trouble
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9 June 2009, 11:14 PM   #2
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thats cool! i love it!write more!

10 June 2009, 12:17 PM   #3
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The Beginning
I was walking down the hallway at my new school. It was the 12 school i'd been to in 2
years, and I was so nervous. 
What if nobody likes me? I thought. What if i have to switch schools again? Then what? I
really don't want to go to more than 20 schools in my whole life.

You see, my parents are really strange. If I'm not doing well in school, They make me
change schools. I'm not talking about having bad grades, no. I get really good grades and
have never gotton lower than a C. I'm talking about the other kids, how they tease me, how
nobody likes me, ever. How its almost like there's an invisible sign in front of me
wherever i go that says, Tease me, tease me! I'm different! My parents are weird! Tease

Anyway, as I walked down the hallway, I got the strange feeling that someone was following
me. I turned around.

There was no one there.

I kept walking. The feeling came back.  I turned around again.

No one there.

Stop it, I though to myself. It's probably just one fo the kids playing a prank on you.
Just ignore it.

But no matter how hard i tried, i had the weird feeling that someone was following me and
something bad was about to happen. Finally i couldn't take it anymore. This time I was
sure I could catch the person. I turned around....

....And came face to face with  something, i dont know what, but it suddenly
grabbed my arm, put his hand around my mouth (i had a feeling it was a he), and stuffed me
in dark room where i fainted.

When i woke up, there was a greenish glow in the room. There were a bunch of things that
kind of looked like shadows dancing around a big ball where the light seemed to be coming

They were all chanting, "Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Time for food! Must....Kill....Now!!
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10 June 2009, 12:58 PM   #4
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You GOT to write more!!!!

You can't leave me hanging here!

10 June 2009, 11:07 PM   #5
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that was awsome!i love how you make it as a suspence and people like me wanna read
more!so write more plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

11 June 2009, 10:30 PM   #6
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This is really good!

13 June 2009, 12:36 PM   #7
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What the....heck? I thought. Are they talking about me? I dont want to die!
What is this all about!?

Suddenly the door opens, and in steps a guy who looks about my age. Actually, he doesn't
come in. It's more like, he kicked the door down and burst into the room, grabbing one guy
by his arm and slamming down on him. 

"What the hell are you doing!? You cant just take the first person you see and KILL HER!
And you werent even watching her! What if she got away? She could have told someone and
then where would we be!? God, do you EVER think?" he yelled angrily.

Wow, hes cute!

Then he turned to me.

"Are you alright? Im sorry that these stupid people took you. I dont know what they were
thinking." he paused. "My names Tyler, by the way. Ty for short." he helped me get up.
"And yours is...?"

I blushed a little. for someone who just busrt into a room and punched a guy, he sure was

"Ellie, and thanks," I said shyly. I dont do good around guys.

"Ellie. thats a nice name," said Ty. "Here, Ill show you to your class..."

"How do you know where my class is? And what is all this tuff anyway?" I asked.

"Its...complicated. Im sorry i cant explain it all right now. However, I can tell you that
I have special powers; what they are you will find out eventually. I belong to a special
group....Im actually the leader. I cant tell you what the group is yet, but one more thing
you shuold know is that it might seem as if im everywhere you are. Im not, but I just
wanted to warn you. As i said before, youll find out more later." Now we were standing
outside the room.

"Oh, and theres something else i would like to tell you," said Ty. "I think you are very

I blushed again. It'll never happen, I told myself. Hes just saying that so you dont get
mad at him. Stop it!

But try as I might, Now that he said that I couldnt stop staring into his beautiful deep
blue eyes....
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13 June 2009, 12:49 PM   #8
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That is sooo good!!!

You have to keep writing!!!

13 June 2009, 01:33 PM   #9
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that was awsome!you need to write more! 

17 June 2009, 05:00 PM   #10
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"Alright, class, let's welcome our new student, Ellie Monroe."

I looked around. Wait, how did i get here? i thought. What is going on....

"Ellie, you can go sit over there next to Tyler Bigge. Tyler, raise your hand so Ellie
knows who you are!"

A boy with sandy/brownish long, unneat hair that almost covered his blue eyes raised his
hand-wait, thats Ty!

"umm, uh, ok," I mumbeled as i walked over to the seat next to Tyler. as I sat down i

"How did I get here? Where am I?"

"Your in homeroom, Mrs. Sorid's class," he whispered back.

"I brought you here. Dont you remember? After I told you i thought you were cute, you kept
staring at me so I got really uncomfortable....then I just took your arm and led you to
class. You said you have to go to the girls' room, and, um, so i just came here. When you
didnt come ten minutes later Alex, the guy who kidnapped you, used his power to bring you


"Everyone, please turn to page 154. Ben, would you like to start reading?" said Mrs.
Sorid. For a moment all you could hear was the rustle of the pages being turned, then a
boy, Ben Im guessing, started to read.

"After the French Revolution, the people..." suddenly a peice of folded up paper landed on
my desk. I looked around, but no one was looking at me. I opened the note. It said:

Will you sit with me at lunch? We can meet in the cafateria and sit under the big oak
P.s. Would you like to go out with me sometime
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17 June 2009, 05:02 PM   #11
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oh and in the note Tyler actually crossed out the P.s. part so u couldnt read it at all
but all i could do was the strikthrough thing
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17 June 2009, 05:24 PM   #12
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omgz!that was super aswome!write more!

17 June 2009, 10:13 PM   #13
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Yeah, that is really awesome!!!

Keep writing!

18 June 2009, 10:53 AM   #14
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Love Starts
I glanced up at tyler. he smiled at me...Oh that beautiful smile! I nodded, and the smile
grew ever so slightly bigger.

Finally homeroom class ended, and it was time to go to second period. The day went by in a
flash. All the teachers here were really nice, some even seemed too nice. But that
was ok, since it was kind of like a new, refreshing start from my other high school
(except for the kidnapping part), where you get yelled at basically every other minute.

After 5 period, it was lunchtime. I made my way through the halls to the cafeteria. Once
there, I bought my lunch and scanned the area for Tyler. Suddenly I felt a hand on my
shoulder. Turing around, i saw that it was Tyler.

"C'mon," he said. 

"Lets go to the tree." I nodded and followed him outside.We went over and sat under this
ginormous oak tree, where a couple other kids were sitting, too. We started to eat in
silence, but it wasnt an uncomfortable silence. It was a
I-think-this-could-be-the-start-of-a-really-cool-friendship kind of silence.

"Ellie, I have to say. You sure are smart. Its like you really want to make a good
impression on all the teachers."

"well,"I said, "i guess you could call it that. But i think Im really just afraid of
getting teased like at my other schools, so I want to make sure I do a good job."


" parents make me swith schools alot, so its kinda hard to fit in." Tyler leaned
a little closer to me.

"Wow, it must be pretty hard to switch schools all the time! I've moved 3 times, but I bet
its nothing compared to you.

"But you are doing a good job with all the impressing. I mean, I know theres one guy who
really likes you..." He leaned closer still. I found myself moving towards him, eyes
closing, getting closer, so close......!

Suddenly, some guy appeared out of nowhere and said,

"Hey, Ellie! hows it goin? You wanna go out with me to the movies this weekend?" I looked
over at Tyler. he seemed a little mad that were interupted.

"Umm, well maybe," I said. 

"Ok!!! Well, see you!"

"Yeah see...." But he was already gone.

"Uh, who was that guy?" I asked Ty.

"That was Ben. Hes always a little hyper." He paused.

"Are you really going to go out with him?"

"No, I dont think so. Ive got all I need right in front of me-" OMG! I did NOT mean to say

But Tyler just smiled. 

"Yeah, me too," he answered. Then he grabbed my hands, pulled my close, and kissed me.
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19 June 2009, 08:43 AM    #15
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awww thats so sweet and aswome!i love it write more!

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