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WRITING: Erotic: My Sister's Friend (pt II)

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My Sister’s Friend (pt II)

It was about a week after she had first swiped her sister’s vibrator that Gina decided
share her secret with her best friend, Marie. Marie was sleeping over and she wanted to
surprise her. Normally, they would have stayed up most of the Saturday night laughing and
talking about things but Gina pretended she was tired and got in bed early. The girls had
been sleeping in the same bed on sleepovers ever since they first met in Third Grade, so
she knew how to surprise her.

Marie reluctantly climbed into bed, even though it was still only 11 p.m. and she
in the least bit sleepy, but Gina turned out the bedside light and rolled over to sleep
on her side back away from her friend. Marie, said goodnight and rolled over away from
Gina and closed her eyes.  She started thinking about Derek, a guy she really was
crushing on. 

She could picture his long dark mopish hair which he would futilely brush out of his eyes
every few minutes. He had the prettiest green eyes she thought. She could see him
with is friends and imagined what his tight buns must feel like to squeeze. He always
some loose jeans and a concert tee of….her thoughts were interrupted by Gina giggling
then suddenly a humming sound and then something cold and round and vibrating slipping
between her legs. She jumped up!

“What the fuck!??”

Gina switched on the light and was laughing hysterically, holding her belly with one hand
and the purple vibrator with other. She looked almost in tears laughing so hard at
startled expression.

“What the hell?” Marie said to Gina.

Gina was laughing too hard to reply. It was all she could do to double over on the bed
and sort of hold the vibrator out to Marie. After a moment, Marie took it from her and
sat down and was chuckling a bit too.

“What is this? Is this…is this what I think it is?” she asked her bestie.

Gina wiped away a tear and managed a breathless, “Yeah,” in reply.

“Where did you get it?” Marie asked.

“I swiped it from my sister before she left,” replied Gina.

“Oh my fucking god are you serious?”

“Um huh.”

“Wow,” said Marie, a little more interested in the shiny purple cylinder she was
“How do you turn it on?” she asked.

“Twist the knob at the base.”

Marie twisted the knob and the vibrator hummed, for some reason she couldn’t help but
smile at its little buzzing sound. She held it to ear and listened to the change in
oscillation as she adjusted the dial. She was a bit weird like that.

“I was gonna tell you but I decided to wait until tonight, so I could show it to
you…..and maybe…” she left her sentence unfinished.

Marie looked at Gina with an expression half-quizzical and half-curious. Neither of them
were lesbian or even bi, though they had talked about which girls in their class they
would do if they were a guy before, and there was that one time at camp when the older
girls were off by themselves and they were all playing Truth or Dare and they had gotten
dared to make out with each other for two minutes. It had been a little weird french
kissing her best friend, and they did like rub each other’s boobs through their
while they were doing it. Marie had always thought Gina seemed to enjoy that one time a
lot more than she did but no one was supposed to no about that anways. In any case, Marie
thought, as she ran her finger along the length of the smooth vibrator, this was
entirely different than that time at camp.

“What did you have in mind?” she said to Gina, her eyes a little narrowed and raised
the same time.

“I don’t know,” Gina lied. “I was thinking maybe you might want to try it.” She

“Pshah, right!” Marie glanced up and away and around the room, then came back and
the expression on Gina’s face. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I am. It’s really good actually. I’ve already used it a few times this
week,” said
Gina quite matter-of-factly.  Seeing the reluctance on Marie’s face Gina said.

“I tell you what. Why don’t I show you how I use it and then you can say whether you
to try it, k?”

“Fine,” said Marie, a little intrigued.  

Gina quite pleased now, shimmied out of her black silky panties and laid on the bed. She
turned on the machine and went to work with the vibrator like an old pro. It hadn’t
her very long in this first week to master the various angles and positions and to get to
know just how to make it work for her. In less than 15 minutes her pussy was a quivering
pulsing mess and a large wet spot was growing underneath her from the fluids that ran out
as she moaned and trembled with a particularly long and intense orgasm. Finally, she
raised the vibrator between her breasts like some medieval Excalibur, held hilt up, and
assumed a placid peaceful expression, like she was some cover statute on a tomb. The last
aftershocks still trembling in her lower stomach.

Marie had sat through this spectacle at the end of the bed, one part embarrassed, one
part fascinated, and she had to admit, one part highly aroused. She suddenly became aware
that at some point and without any stimulation, her own pussy had grown very moist.

“It’s your turn,” Gina said.

“I don’t know,” she hesitated and tried to excuse herself. “I don’t really know
what to

“Tell you what,” Gina said. “Just come up here,” she patted the head of the bed,
down and I will get you started.”

Marie was still reluctant, but this was her best friend, it wasn’t like Gina hadn’t
her completely naked or anything, and she was a bit turned on. She climbed up and laid
down, carefully avoiding the signficant wet spot, Gina had made on the bed only
earlier. Gina told her to close her eyes. Marie did so but peeked when Gina touched the
vibrating cylinder against the back of her thigh. It tickled and it was warm. She raised
her leg a bit as Gina lifted it and rolled the vibrator along the back of her leg like
she was giving her a massage. Gina raised her other leg and used the vibrator on the back
of her left leg the same way, starting from behind the knee and then moving it in
s-motions toward her butt. Both of Maries legs were up and bent like this and Gina would
alternate massaging down the back of each leg, first one then the other now.

“This is nice,” Marie giggled at her friend. “Oooh,” she said this time, when Gina
made a
change and started sweepng the vibrator between her legs along the outside of her panty
line each time she would come to the bottom of the leg in her massaging motion.

With each sweep she would spend just a few moments longer and longer in her pubic area
until finally, she was keeping it there, just moving it up and down on one side of her
pussy and then the other and finally in the center trench.

“Ummmm,” Marie said involuntarilly as Gina let it vibrate between her pussy lips
her panties. After a few minutes, Gina carefully pulled her friends light green cotton
panties aside (they had little yellow ducks on them, how ridiculous) and started sliding
the shaft of the vibrator up and down between her pussy lips. She spread her Marie’s
apart a bit with her fingers so she could clearly see her friend’s clit and give it
attention with the tip of the vibrator. 

Marie wasn’t really thinking about what Gina was doing to her, she had her eyes closed
and was enjoying how good this felt. She didn’t even mind when Gina started kissing her
lower stomach very softly, or after a while when she felt Gina’s tongue run against her
clit, the tip of the purple vibrator circling around her entrance. In fact, she started
to feel like she needed to pee fo a second but then this quickly passed and she started
to feel something entirely different. A deep buzzing feeling that kept growing stronger
and stronger and soon began breaking over her in washing waves and pulses, causing her to
shake involuntarily, Gina’s tongue was lapping up and down deep in her pussy quite hard
and she didn’t care, she had never felt such incredible pleasure.

She hadn’t cooled down a bit when she raised her bottom to let Gina slide off her
and watched as Gina dived down again to eat her pussy. The rest of the night was a bit of
a blur, and if she knew she hadn’t been drinking she would have swore she was drunk or
drugged, for in the intensity of the moment and in the darkness, who switched out the
light she’s not sure, all that Marie remembered later were just flashes of that night. 

Gina fucking her hard and deep with the vibrator in so many positions she lost track of
them. Her using it on Gina while Gina ate her out in a 69 position and licking Gina’s
pussy at the same time. Their pussy’s pressed together, Y to Y, and Gina’s sucking
licking her little breasts and in the morning waking up when Gina’s mom knocked loudly
the door, on the way to the kitchen to make breakfast. It was a miracle that Gina’s mom
didn’t come in the room or she would have no doubt been startled to see the two girls
entirely naked, tangled together, half-dead asleep with satisfied expressions on their
dreaming faces.

And maybe if she listend, she might have heared, very faintly, somewhere rolled under the
bed, the last low dying murmurs of a shiny purple vibrator, expending the final remnants
of its energy, in faithful service to its masters.

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