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My "book". (:

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9 November 2008, 01:18 PM   #1
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Well for a long time I have wanted to write a book, like a full length 500 pages one,
mind! (: However, everytime I start I get bored of it a couple of days later and well...
my bedroom is full of one page stories.

The reason for this post is that I was wondering if anyone had any tips for staying on the
same story so that I can finish it without getting bored? 
Thanks in advance if you do! 

I'll post the parts of my story here once I get round to writing it! Thanks!

9 November 2008, 01:27 PM   #2
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Well Im writeing a book and the way to keep on track is too write something you
Here is the title of my book and the back cover preveiw thing.

 Things Should Never Be Told Twice…

  As I walked down the hallway I stumbled along the wall and fell to my knees. Before I
could even breathe he was by my side. Cold hands reaching out to me.  I reached my hand up
to take his and looked up at his face. His eyes were on my face and his hand was there
before I could gasp. He lifted me in his arms and was out the door before I could scream.
I had no idea that this could happen. Was I dreaming? Right now he was a dream.

9 November 2008, 01:41 PM   #3
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Wow! That's really good, and I love the title so much. (:
You're really talented! 

And thanks for the advice.

9 November 2008, 03:47 PM   #4
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sumtimes a good strategy is to let ur mind drift off just imagine anything then rite down
sum of ur thought and try to string them into a story-usually u will end up with a really
interesting story 
hope that helps!
i can't wait to read ur story!
~Ryumaru Takehshi
Motto: Every rose has her thorns...

9 November 2008, 06:15 PM   #5
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it happens to me a lot..i actually have a drawer filled with unfinished stories..Let your
mind when you decide of a new idea..write it in..and if you're still
interested..finish the story..unless after a loong while you decide it's really
stupid..Always try to do as much writing as possible or jot down a bunch of ideas before
you get bored of it though..

9 November 2008, 07:38 PM   #6
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lol i have the exact same problem - so everyone here's advice is really helping me to :D

9 November 2008, 08:55 PM   #7
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Thats all great advice guys! And thanks for the complament! Im almost done with my book
now. Here is the chapters that i finished.

1.	The Dark 

   I knew that we were moving but I had no idea it was going to be so far away from all my
friends…and civilization. Well my mom just keeps saying that I’ll get used to it soon
enough. I have my doubts. Well since we now live in Maine in a house so very far away from
California, I might as well look around. I walked up the big staircase and down the
hallway to my new room. I sat on the bed and stared out the window. But then I could have
sworn I heard something in my doorway. I turned to look but there was nothing there. My
mom just came through the door down stairs.
“  Sadie? Are you hungry? I made pizza.” She said.
“Yeah I’m coming.” I called back.
Sharon has always been the kind of mom who was over protective. You would think at
seven-teen she would let her guard down a bit but it just got worse. I can rarely drive
around the block without her calling me twelve times. But she is very motherly and I like
that. I slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Feeling the gashes in the railing .
They looked like cat scratches but they were a little too big. When I got into the kitchen
the smell of burned cheese and sausage was in the air. I sat down at one of the wooden
chairs and my mom set a paper plate of three pieces of pizza in front of me. I started
nibbling at the ends. When I looked at the clock on the stove I started to hurry up by
taking huge mouth full’s. After a few  minutes , I was all finished and walked up to my
new room.  I got changed for bed and pulled out a book and began to read. It got really
cold in my room so I pulled the covers over my legs. I pulled my pony-tail out of my
tangled hair so it would warm up my neck and ears. My hair and skin have always been
darker than anyone in my family. My brunette hair and my tan skin made me stick out from
the crowd. My mom had bleach blonde hair and almost pale whit skin. It had a little color
in it but mostly you could mistake her for a snowman. I got tired of reading so I set the
book on my nightstand. It got a little colder I my room so I snuggled in deeper. I heard
my mom trot up the stairs and head for her room at the other end of the hall. When she
turned off her last light, it was so dark that I couldn’t see my hands over my face. The
only light in my room was the moonlight coming through the big window. I have to admit,
the dark was creeping me out completely. I got up to switch the light on, but before I
could, I heard voices coming from downstairs. I knew that I must be crazy but I know that
I heard something. Instead of turning on the lights, I crept down the stairs. When I got
to the bottom I now figured out that the voices were coming from the basement, naturally. 
I slowly tip-toed to the basement door to peek in but when I got to the kitchen the voices
stopped and I could only hear  the  fridge hum and the wind howl outside. I still wanted
to know if this place was haunted or if I was crazy so I opened the basement door and
turned on the light. I was so scared at that moment that I brought a large Boucher knife
with me. I slowly walked down the wooden stairs watching for anything that I might trip
over, because I was the most clumsy  person in my entire family. When I hit the cold
concrete floor and paused and looked around. All I could hear was the washing machine purr
and the pitter-patter of my bare feet as I walked around. I turned a corner to see a big
black shadow of darkness at the very end. I froze. I knew if anyone was hiding down here,
they would hide in that black shadow. I slowly crept toward the black abyss. Right then
and there I swore that something moved. I was about to scream but then I felt cold hands
over my mouth. I was so petrified that I couldn’t move. Then someone whispered in my ear
so low that I possibly could only hear. It was defiantly a boys voice. He said “ I
won’t hurt you if you don’t say anything to your mother about me being here. I’m
going to let you go now but you can’t scream.”  His voice was so soft and soothing
that all I could do was nod. He let go of my face and stood in front of me so I could look
at him. He was about my age maybe eight-teen. His hair was a dark blonde but it was hard
to tell since it was really dark down here. His eyes were a blazing honey brown. The dark
purple circles under his eyes looked like he hasn’t slept in days. Weeks?  His skin was
a bluish white. The blue must be from the moon but I didn’t care. He was beautiful! Has
anyone ever been so handsome before? I couldn’t take my eyes of his. They were now soft
and a brilliant yellowish brown. Had they just changed color in four seconds?
“W-why are you h-here in my house?” was the only I could manage to say to this
beautiful angel in front of me.
“I live here with my family. I was just wondering the same thing about you being
here.” He said. He was so calm that it made me feel like he has known me for years. Like
he was talking to a friend. I can’t believe I blushed. He must have noticed because he
was holding back a smile. I can’t believe I smiled!
“What’s your name? Mine is Sadie.” I said to him. Then his smile broke the force
that was keeping it away. O’ my god! He was so beautiful! I just stared like a dimwit. I
can’t believe he is real!
“My name is Daniel. Nice to meet  you Sadie.” He reached his out to me like he wanted
to shake hands. So I brought my hand up slowly enough to make a normal person impatient
but he just stood the smiling. When I finally reached to take his hand I finally
remembered   how cold it was. A shiver ran through me. Must have been able to see because
his hand quickly left mine and his arms were behind his back and he took a step back. That
confused me a bit. He must have known that his touch was freezing and forgot or
“Sorry about that.” He mumbled. It was so quiet I could barely hear it.
“Sorry about what? You just shook my hand. I don’t see how you should apologize for
that.”  At that moment he looked up from the floor and stared at me with confused eyes.
He put his arms in front of him like he wanted a hug. How do I react with that? He started
to walk towards me and I took an involuntary step back. When I did, his arms fell and he
looked down. I could he was sad or depressed from my movement. So to cheer him up, I
walked towards him. He must not have heard me walking because he froze where he stood.
When my bare feet made on sound on the ground his head snapped up to look at me. I kept
walking forward not caring what his reaction would be. But he had no reaction at all. He
just stood there, stone still, looking at me. Then I noticed that his eyes changed again.
Now they were a deep gold bronze now. Almost brown like mine but not quite.  When I was
directly in front of him, so close that there was  only a thin line of air in between us.
I now realized how much taller he was than me. I was only about up to his shoulder. I
reached my arms around his back and pressed my head on to his shoulder. The coldness of
his skin didn’t bother me after a few minutes. When Daniel realized that I wasn’t
going anywhere, he put his arms around my waist and rested his head on the top of mine. I
just now realized how great he smelled. Almost like candy but sweeter.
“Aren’t you cold Sadie?” He asked after a few seconds.
“No. Not anymore at least. You are unbelievably cold at first but I got used to it. So
no worries.”
 Then after about four minutes I heard feathery foot steps up stairs. They were coming
from the front door and they were walking toward the kitchen to the basement door. Then
suddenly were are in the black abyss of my basement. Before I could scream his hands were
on my mouth. He gently whispered  “ Please Sadie. Be as quiet as you can. I beg you not
to speak. And slow your breathing. They can hear that.” That caught me off guard. Who
was they?  Why was Daniel suddenly urgent? Wow, wasn’t his hands  just on me? Wasn’t I
just standing next to him? I looked around frantically searching for Daniel. I spotted him
standing at the edge of the basement stairs looking up. Did he hear me take a step? Daniel
turned his head quickly and waved his finger at me like a mom would do if there son did
something wrong. I took three steps back until I hit the back wall. I could barely see
Daniel now but he smiled and nodded his head yes once and looked back up the stairs. Then
four other beautiful, pale, people walked down the stairs.

2.	Not Alone

   How could all these people live down here and not have anyone notice? I mean did they
mind if someone lived up-top like an apartment? I watched as the others walked down the
steps. Looked like one was a girl and the rest boys. 
“Hello Daniel. Nice to see you again.” One of the boys said as he slapped Daniels
shoulder with a loud smack.
“Hey Oliver. So how was your trip?” Daniel asked.
“ It was great! The forest was loaded with bear and elk. You should have came! It was so
funny to see Violet take down an over sized grizzly. You should have seen it.” The one
named Oliver said.
“It wasn’t that funny! Sheesh Oliver you need to find something better to do than
harass me. Just ‘cause I’m new to this doesn’t give you permission to harass me!”
Violet must have said that. For one: It was a lovely girly voice. And second: Oliver just
said something about her. What was this about  taking down a grizzly bear? I’m so
confused right now.
“Oliver you should really be nicer to her. She’s  your new sister now and we are going
to be together for a long time.” A lower man’s voice said.
“Well are the humans asleep?” Oliver said to break the silence I suppose.
“Yeah. Go ahead and walk around. They won’t hear you now. It’s almost one o’clock
now.” Daniel said to the other guy. One of the other boys was being very quit on the
steps. I could still see him. His black brown hair, his muscular body, and his blazing
honey brown eyes. His clothes were casual. A black t-shirt and faded blue jeans. The
others were dressed the same to. Violet’s black hair was hanging down her white sweater
and blue jeans.. Her eyes were the same as everyone else’s.  Here perfect face wanted to
make me cry. It was so soft looking. Almost like snow white. The other man had blonde hair
and was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. I almost forgot what Daniel was wearing. He was
wearing a blue sweater and dark blue jeans.
“Well we were going to eat some more so we’ll be back later unless you want to
come.” The other boy finally said. His voice was almost as beautiful as Daniels. Did
they really think that restaurants were open this late? Were are they planning on going
besides twenty-four hour late Mc Donald’s. I guess that’s not so bad. Before I could
breathe again the four left and Daniels arms were hugging me again like before. His head
on my hair and his arms on my waist.
“Sorry about that. I forgot they were coming home today.”
“Who are they? Why are you living in my basement? And what was that talk about taking
down a grizzly!? What did Violet mean bout new to this? New to what? And-“ He cut me off
with a quick kiss on my cheek. His lips were ice cold. When the disappeared from my face
it was blazing where his lips touched. I was stunned. 
He chuckled “Sorry, But you do ask a lot of questions. I had no idea how to stop your
I blushed the brightest  crimson color that my skin could make. He definitely noticed and
laughed a little.
“Sorry my questions but I was honestly curious.”
He sighed and dropped his head from mine and pushed me away gently. Why? Did I offend him?
My first response was to ask what the heck was wrong but I just dropped my arms and turned
to walk away. Then his hand caught mine and I turned.
“Yes? I’m tired and since it’s killing you to tell me what the heck is going on,
I’m going to bed. If you need me I’m the last bedroom down the hall on the left.”
His hand dropped and he nodded. He looked up and said “Does your mother have work
That question made me feel like he had something to do that my mom couldn’t know about.
That was most likely the reason so I answered .
“Yeah she is. About nine in the morning.”
He just nodded. I felt my eyes drop down and I could barely see in front of me. The dark
shadow was suddenly all around and I couldn’t see at all. I knew this would happen. I
can’t stay awake for very long. I felt the ground under me now. But just for a second.
Then I felt his arms around me again. Cradling   me to his body. I didn’t care. I let
myself drift to sleep.

18 November 2008, 10:43 PM   #8
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Yeah I know. its dumb

22 November 2008, 07:52 AM   #9
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Um, that happens to me a lot too. One thing that helps in is an outline. It gets you to
think of those questions that will help you develope your story further, questions like
"In what direction is the plot going it?" and "Do I have enough plot to make a full-length
Think It.
Feel It. 
Write It.

16 May 2009, 06:02 PM    #10
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i thought that was very should write more i liked it. :D

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