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24 April 2008, 03:28 PM   #1
The blazing leader
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ok humans that want to be a pokemon has to tell me thier personality. here are some

 Kirlia: you
love making friends and you have very good ideas. you also have a dream that you will
fulfill in the future. you are smart and you will try to make to make your saddened
friends smile again.

 Mesprit: you are free spirited
and carefree. you love to do anything you want and you have a good heart. though you may
be childish you still have a way of making friends.

Blaziken: you are tough and strong willed. you will protect the ones you love and the
friends that you care for no matter how scared you may be. you will always stand up for
your friends and others. you're a very good friend that has a big, brave, and courageous

 Skitty: you are very hasty
and you want to get things done. you love making friends and you're not always easy going.
you are very cute and you're always keeping it that way.

 Evee: you are curious and
warmhearted. you love to play with your friends and hate to be separated from them. you
love to collect things and share them with others and people love your personality.

 Oddish: you like to help others
on the computer and other peoples needs.  your the best friend that anyone can have.people
thank you a lot for what you do for them and your always 
safe and positive.

 Gallade: you are fast and swift.
you hate being disrespected or underestimated.however you make a lot of friends though
you're not that popular. you are good at negotiating with people 

 pikachu: you like to greet
people a lot and turn them into friends. when it comes to a challenge that includes a
team,you always lead the way to the finish. you know about  teamwork and you will use that
strategy to lead your friends to victory!

 Mew: you are playful and
nice. you always make friends no matter how you dress. you always have your friends with
you and you never give up on love the way you are and you love to keep it that

 Castform: you love to play in the
sun and rain. your friends always like to help you when you help them. you have so many
friends that you lost count! you never worry about the number of friends that you have

 Mewtwo: you want to be the best one in
school though you may be loud. you try to help your friends no matter what happens to
them. even how crazy you may seem you always are happy in your life and you live with a
lot of support.

 Jirachi: you love to make wishes
to the first star you see at night. you catch your star and hold it tight. you hold your
star tightly with your friends in the day, you're good at keeping your friends secrets and
you have a big heart.

 Celebi: you have a shy personality and
you hate to be alone. you want more friends throughout your life your eyes shine with
happiness when you meet a new friend. even though you're shy,you still make a lot of

 Manaphy: you love to swim and
you sometimes like to play in the rain. you friends love the way you are and look because
you are always happy. you can't always sit still though. you just love to run.

 Lucario: you are nice calm and
confident but you don't always get along with everyone. you totally love to be away from
school and run around in the fields you only go to school so you can be with your

 Rotom: you love to play and say hi
to your friends a lot. you hate being alone and be mistreated by your looks. you try your
best to make up for what you did wrong even if it's your boyfriend or girlfriend. you are
the sweetest person that you can be and you have a very good heart.

 Absol: your kindness and greatness
adds you up to the challenge but you always make it. like Blaziken you have a big,brave
heart and you will always keep it that way. you sometimes get angry and stress out easily
too but you don't let that discourage you. 

 Uxie: you are full of knowledge
and you have the brains to get A+s at school. you are very helpful and you will do
anything to succeed. your kindness to others will always help you on your journey and you
have a great future ahead of you that no one can change.

 Azelf: you are strong willed and you don't give
up.though you may have a very bad temper, you still have a way of making friends. you
never let anyone get in your way you will always stand your ground to protect yourself and

 Mismagius: you love to tease
people and you are very good at pranks. you love to laugh and smile all the time though
you are a trouble maker at times. your friends laugh at the pranks you make on bullies.

 Gardevoir: you are very
beautiful when it come to nature you love to be attractive and your friends love you for
your beauty. you have a kind heart and you are very may be really shy when
someone asks you on a date.

 Drifloon: you love to daydream
and you don't always pay attention to people when they try to speak to you. you are always
laid back and relaxed. you love to play with your friends and your family. you get a
little lazy when you're at home though.

 Ralts:you are really shy and you
always try to say something to a person you really like. however you say what you wanted
to say but you sometimes run away in embarrassment. but don't let your shyness and fear
discourage you deep down you will find that courage.

 Leafeon: you are cute and funny.
you love to laugh and smile. your kindness is warming to others and you like to make
people happy and that happiness makes you a great friend. you love to keep yourself clean
a lot too. 

 Darkrai: you'll save almost anyone that
needs your help and you truly care for the ones you love though many people are afraid of
you because the darkness in your heart holds you back from the light but your heart will
find its light with the friends that you make. you will always by happy when you make your

 Riolu: you are very brave and you
don't like to fight. you are gentle to people, plants, and others. you avoid danger ahead
of you when it's close and you make tons of friends. you like to wear scarves at times
too. you are always happy and playful. most of all you are a very nice person.

i can't always do the pick the pokemon you want to be but as long as you understand
humans,nothing bad will happen. have fun everyone and if you have any questions, just ask
me. i'll do my best to help your pokemon needs! ^.^





night wing


25 April 2008, 01:18 AM   #2
Joined: 18 Apr 2008
Posts: 40
I'll post mine!!!
Umbreon:you always stay close to a the hardly go in might hate
light,but you will jump in there....especially if you have to help your trainer.Even
though you are sassy-like,you can always be a friend in need.:D




23 May 2008, 10:56 AM   #3
The blazing leader
Joined: 8 Apr 2008
Posts: 47
thanks i'll post it soon





night wing


25 May 2008, 01:56 AM   #4
Guest Poster
Hmmm...what about me?(lol.I'm Luna_Umbreon's other account XD)
Charizard:Ah,Charizard.Quirky,you spew fire in the face of others.Aggressively,you may
battle anyone in your way.
But when the time comes,you learn to control yourself and do as others tell you.
But if you're really that quirky,people may as well accept you as who you are.
And you're aggressiveness comes in handy when you try to defend your loved ones.

Lol.It's the same as my first post.XD

30 May 2008, 05:03 PM   #5
Joined: 28 May 2008
Posts: 19
hey that the perfect team B lets see lucario absol gallade

30 May 2008, 05:15 PM   #6
Guest Poster
wat about Weavile,Skitty,Plusle and Delcatty...

30 May 2008, 05:34 PM   #7
Joined: 28 May 2008
Posts: 19
B team form

30 May 2008, 05:36 PM    #8
Guest Poster
oof i accidently put skitty!XD

Weavile: o.o

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