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Marrying Forgiveness

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By: Laura Tran, asian_purple_218
Luchia-Pink Pearl Mermaid
Hanon-Aquamarine Blue Pearl Mermaid
Rina-Green Pearl Mermaid 
Noel-Blue Pearl Mermaid
Coco-Yellow Pearl Mermaid
Sara-Orange Pearl Mermaid
Seira-Mangarine Pearl Mermaid
Karen-Purple Pearl Mermaid
Aqua Regina Sama- White Angel Queen Pearl Mermaid
Katio Chan- Aqua's Fiance

Chapter 1
Aqua Regina Sama was the Queen of the Pearl Mermaids. She was really beautiful.
Katio-Chan wanted to marry her  , but Aqua refused  . Then Katio-Chan got
really mad  and then turned into a villian. Katio-Chan was trying to steal her pearl and
her mermaid's pearls. Once Katio-Chan had almost catched her pearl. But, he missed. Then,
Katio-Chan did capture her pearl and Katio-Chan made her in a very deep sleep and make her
dead and warn the Mermaids about her funeral, but she didn't die, but Aqua did got sent to
the Heavens. Then the mermaids sang there songs with courage and love to awaken Aqua from
her deep sleep. And then, Aqua was seened right in front of them! Their song worked. And
then, Katio-Chan were never seened again, but Katio-Chan's last words were "You'll change
you mind of marrying me!" said Katio-Chan.Aqua Regina-Sama defeated jim with one hit out
of her Mistic Wand. Then Kaito-Chan was away from the Solar Stystem.
Chapter 2
Finally all of the Mermaids were glad that Kaito-Chan was Far Far Far Away from the
Solar Stystem. As they all went inside the classroom, they wnet to there seats and 9 new
boys were in there class. Each Mermaid had a crush on each one. They all went on dates,
but Aqua's crush looked like Katio-Chan, but he was not him. Katio-Chan had white hair,
but the guy Aqua liked, was Blonde.
One day, They all went on a date on a Ship. Aqua was totally in love  . It was an
All-Time Chance for Aqua's crush.
Chapter 3
Many Years later, all of the 9 Mermaids crushes, ask them all to Marry them. They all
said "Yes", even Aqua. And their Married is on the same day, and have you ever heard of a
9-Twine-Marriage? Now, you do. They broke a World Record of a lot of people on the same
time of Marragie. The windows crashed. Katio-Chan was in the building. "Stop it you
fiance's of Aqua! I'm her True Love"said Kaito-Chan. "Don't worry Aqua, I'll protect you"
Aqua's Fiance told Aqua. Aqua scurried to the wall where she was safe. Then Kaito-Chan and
the Fiance of Aqua were fighting each other. People all left, but the Fiance's of 9
mermaids, 9 Mermaids, and Katio-Chan, all in there Human Form. "Stop it! I'll decide who
should be my Fiance and not by Duel!" said Aqua. Then, Aqua told them to go to the Mermaid
Castle Center Card Area. "We will solve this at a Card Battle of Pokers!" said Aqua. Then
they started.
Chapter 4
When the game stopped, Katio-Chan won. The fiance's of Aqua was sad   . "Aqua, since
I have won this Card Game, you you Marry me?" said Katio-Chan. Aqua had no choice.
"I-I-I Du-o, I do"said Aqua. Kaito-Chan took a ring out of a miniture box out of a bag. It
was a Golden ring. He slid it on Aqua's finger. Then he planed their wedding for
Chapter 5
Kaito-Chan and Aqua's wedding was today. As Kaito-Chan said "I do", Aqua said "I do,
too". They all went to a Car to a House for them. The 8 mermaids annoyed Katio-Chan and
Aqua because they were married. And they all just realized Kaito-Chan was not a villian
anymore. And the last of all, Aqua was Marrying Forgiveness.

The End
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nice story...

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