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Pupil profiles!

3 January 2008, 09:27 PM   #1
Guest Poster
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Hi guys! Well, welcome to the club. One of the rules is that you must create a profile
before you post. And here is where you do it. So this is mine. My character is Tiff

Pupil full name: Tiffany Diamond Landgrabb
Personality: Tiff, the vain Queen b of the school and future heiress of the Landgrabb
fortune. She is hot, and what's more, she knows it. She has dated virtually every guy in
the school, well, the dateable ones. She is the lead cheerleader and drama captain. Tiff
has to be the centre of attention EVERYWHERE she goes, which means she always does the
dangerous stunts in cheer rally's and always plays the lead in the school drama
production, which takes place every year. She dumbs herself down, confirming her
stereotype as the dumb blonde. She is basically a slut, and she knows it. She loves to

Father~Sir Leonado Landgrabb~53
Stepmother~Lady Maria Landgrabb~22
Mother~Lady Henrietta Landgrabb~ DESEASED

Appearance: One word. Hot. Tiff loves her goregous tamed blonde hair, in a perfect style
of the long-and-layered look. Her face is a diamond shape, sporting her now perfect nose
(after 3 nose jobs) and her pretty lips. She has beautiful blue eyes and shows them off
with heaps of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Plus, it's not just her eyes the are covered in
makeup, her whole face is covered in layers and layers of the stuff, all designer. All of
Tiff's clothes are designer too,including her school, casual, party and cheerleading
outfits. She is certainly the top of the heiracy at Kupi High.

Ok and thats a profile! So here's the code. Please, DO NOT copy other characters!!! There
is only one queen b for example, and don't fight over characters either!
Pupil Full Name: (your characters  full name, not your own)
Personality: (At least a paragraph explaining their personality)
Family: (A list of their immediate family and their age)
Appearance: (At least a paragraph explaining their appearance)

Please use this code, I worked hard to put it up for you.

8 January 2008, 05:59 AM   #2
Annie Pentra
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I have just joined to this club and i have also jsut joined to kupika! My character is

Pupil full name: Annie leortra pentra
Personality: Annie is a really nice person. She is always commited to her artwor kadn has
a balanced diet. She loves hanging out with her friends and going shopping but her
absoloute most favourite thing to do is art. She has a great vibe and is always dedicated
to her school work. Annie is confident yet shy she will g oup to new people and introduce
herself but when it comes to school play or productins she totally backs down adn doesn't
wan to be involved.

Father: Mark Walter pentra
Brother: Michael luke pentra
Mother: Aileen dorothy pentra

Appearance: Annie is pretty. She believes that she doesn't need any make up because she
wants her skin to develope the natural way but she wears t anway. She mainly wears eye
liner and miscara so that her eyes don't look ugly because she thinks that she has a
disgusting figure adn face tho she doesn't. She has crysta lclear green eyes and has brown
hair with blonde highlights. She isn't skinny or fat she is jsut a normal weight and she
doesn't eat too muc hfat food or too much healthy food. Annie msotly wears vintage dresses
and up to date skirts and jeans.

15 January 2008, 06:56 PM   #3
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Pupil Full Name: Sumire Anne Garnet

Personality: Sumire is very shy  because she just moved to the area three days ago she is
a A+ student and is a bookworm sge is here to get another sholarship to colage and grades
are at the top of her "most important things" list and friends sadly at the bottom she has
never been outgoing she is calm and is very worued at her health and loves to volenteer
plus she always sits at the frount of the class.

Father: Cliff Mark Garnet
Mother: Dee Marie Garnet
Sister: Lucia Mars Garnet
Cousin: Austin Riley Tognacie

Appearance: She is tall and brown hair and eyes hates to were tight jeans shirts or
make-up never weres a mini skirt but most of the time weres cow print because cows are her
favorite animal.

18 January 2008, 04:37 AM   #4
Guest Poster
Pupil full Name: Aranee Shizuka Brale

Personality: Aranee or Ara, is an emo constantly getting teased by others for being
different. She believes in artworks and has a boyfriend, she is always worried about him
going off with some other girl. Even though she is always getting teased or called a
freak, she finds peace in the library or the Art Workshop and starts painting pictures of
her sadness. She carries around with her a book based on the movie "Death Note", she
writes down all her feelings in that book though some people had a rumour that whose name
she chooses to write down in the book will either die or be cursed. 

Mother: Kutsushiro Chiaki Brale
Father: UNKOWN
Sister: Haruka Hisaishi Brale

Appearance: She is about 1.79m tall and she has black hair and blue eyes, she hates
wearing skirts though it really depends on the style. She also doesn't like frills or
frocks or ribbons, she is always seen wearing black or khol eyeliner. She likes to wear
black tank tops and combat 3/4 pants. When on a date with her boyfriend, she always wears
either a dress or a skirt with a tank top showing her navel, she believes in seducing her
own boyfriend.

20 April 2008, 11:44 AM    #5
Guest Poster
Pupil Full Name: Ai Siya
Personality: fun, sweet, outgoing. 
loves to have fun. 
flirty, somtimes sexy. 
most times happy but can get upset easy! 

Family: no family

Appearance: cute. 
sliver hair, red eyes. 
always smiling, tall. 
always wears dresses or uniforms!

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