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The Three keys. Chapter 2 The key to Treevorn Mansion

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Chapter 2 The key to treevorn mansion.

The children felt tense as the nurse was coming nearer and nearer.
'Your Mother has passed away...Im sorry' said the nurse quietly
' please...'muttered Anstha.
Kaylee and John didnt know that Anstha was crying.
'couldnt you do anything?' Asked Anstha.
'Im afraid we cant'replied the nurse.'But your father would like to speak to you'she
Then the children came running down the hall, and entered their fathers room.
Their Father looked weak and unhealthy.
'we dont have time'he muttered
'what do you mean?'asked Kaylee.
Their father took out a piece of paper and a little box.
'Kaylee,because your the oldest I want you to take theese objects.Its the key for the
mansion.'he said weakly.
'What happened anyway?'asked Anstha.
'well we got attacked but we didnt know who it was.But all I remember was an intense heat
and explosion.'He replied
Kaylee walked to the other side of the bed.The sun was bright and it gleamed through the
The children hugged their father.He had a faint smile on his face but his eyes were ready
to shut.Then a machine which was next to the bed started beeping,and as they watched they
knew their father had gone.

A few hours had passed,Kaylee had a plan.They knew that they had to be adopted and not
have time to visit the mansion.They had never stepped in the the mansion ever in their
life.They grew up with their Aunt Felicity.Their parents knew if they lived with them they
wont get enough care because Mr and Mrs Treevorn was very busy.Every time the children
asked their Aunt Felicity, what their parents were doing she just changed the subject.The
Children had to stay in the hospital room until their foster parents arrived.In their room
was a cupboard  a window and a sofa.that was all.Of course Kaylee thought of the plan!!The
children was just sitting down in the room.Then they heard the clock outside struck one
o'clock at noon.Thats when the plan starts.
Kaylee ripped off a piece of leather  from the sofa.then John took the bed sheets and
shaped them like a rope.Anstha took a clothing from the cupboard with sleeves.She then
opened the window.
'I'll just get the children now.'said the nurse.
'hurry up!'said Kaylee.Out the window was a thick wire.Kaylee threw the leather over the
wire and held on the ends.They wrapped pillows around their body so if they fell they
would kinda be Kaylee slid down and landed safely.Then the door knob started to
'Children let me in!!!!'Shouted the nurse.
Then Anstha threw her long sleeve over the wire and then held tite then slid down with a
James then threw the bed sheet and slid down too.they took off the pillows and ran to the
exit.Near the door was a man.
'Children!!!aaahh there you are the nurse is looking for you !im so sorry to what happened
to your father!!!The man said
The children kept on running.Finally they arrived on the road.They saw a slope and they
slid down it.
Now all they knew was they werent safe a s they ventured into the unknown.

next chapter is called: 3 The Mansion

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can any one comment on this?plz?i will write the 3rd chapter only when  i have enough

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Guest Poster
i commented.

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did u like it??

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Cool, its very mysterious
By, a secret Author (me)

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