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Head Doctor Registration!!!!1!!!1

31 July 2013, 01:44 PM   #1
Pluto Richards
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 Hey. So, since Georgie left we need a new head doctor. If you want to be one,
just post your registration here and I'll pick one. If you want one of your existing
doctors to be Head, put his bio thingy here. For new doctors, here ya go.
Background info:
Pluto Richards - Seventeen  photo

31 July 2013, 07:47 PM   #2
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Name: Dr. Elliot Austin Dennis Haste II Age: 26 Specialty: Sociology, Etiquette, Psychology, Behavioral Science and Theology Personality: Dr. Elliot is a very upstanding gentlemen. He's clean, well educated, sympathetic, and cool-headed. Unless your a women. Dr. Elliot is a sexist and demeaning towards women. Especially those who are as mentally ill as the ones in this facility. He had a diplomatic air about him, and that's probably because he was raised within a wealthy niche of aristocrats. He's dogmatic and spiteful, but always has a respected tone. He's very harsh when it comes to his practices. Infact- he hasn't failed a single girl at teaching them the 'lady' they're suppose to be. Dr. Elliot has strong philosophies and believes- often, he even tries to make the girls convert to Christianity (if they aren't already.) All and all, Dr. Elliot is a pretty easy going guy. He can even be playful and fun when he's willing. Usually when he's working he's very serious, bitter, and assertive. Also, their aren't many things that make the male angry. In fact, he's pretty good at controlling himself. One of the very few things he can't stand however, is an ungrateful little whorelett (respectively). So you better try and work with him. Background info: Elliot grew up in the heart of England's wealthy class. Up at the very top of everybody and everyone. He was exposed to the luxuries of being blessed the son of a politician very early in life. With everything he came to achieve through exploiting his parent's connections, it all ended up making the doctor feel less and less unfulfilled. People were only hiring him to get on good terms with his father, and women only lusted after him because of his money and status. It was all fun and well for a time, but it slowly turned into an thankless routine. He couldn't trust anyone. And all through out his life, he's always saw the poverty stricken lower class struggle for food, and spit in his face just because Austin had it so easy. For a time Elliot had the idea to never help those beneath him because they never did anything for him in the first place. That ideal soon changed, when his great grandmother passed away, and showed him how life was ultimately meaningless without charity. Charity. Austin decided to give back. And lost all interest in winning the blessing of his father's company and ridged business suit. Elliot became very fascinated with social changes and cultural diversity so he began to study abroad. Returning to England, he was recruited as an instructor for young women at various academies and a piano instructor. Because the church is such a large part of his life, he also decided to study Theology. Very recently, Dr. Haste has found a spike in young women turning into prostitutes and dying young. It's unsettling to think, because women are suppose to be kept sacred. The doctor decided he wanted to help educate young women on how to be more 'lady' like. So that when they do leave this place cured of all their afflictions, they'll also be able to seamlessly blend back into society as a young women should. **Extra: He's been working at the Asylum for about 3 months. So he's a noob, and still gets lost sometimes (most of the time) when he's navigating through the hall. He won't eat the food hear, because the mold and the food share to many similarities in appearance. He's very passive about work and filling out documents, but he becomes a dogmatic devil when making sure all the girls stay in line. Elliot's father whose getting very impatient with his son's dilly dallying in mental illness for women is dropping- fast. So he doesn't tend to contact his family, unless it's an issue of diplomatic respects. Aka when he needs money. If there's anything Dr. Haste knows how to do it's be cruel and well spoken. His mission is transform each filthy rat into a respectable shiny new coin. So- you can either go along with progress, or die as you do. -Hope you like it guys & Thanks for the support :D
Dr. Elliot Austin Dennis Haste II
Head Doctor |||| 
Neurologist, Sociology, Etiquette, and Behavioral Sciences.

31 July 2013, 07:53 PM   #3
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^^ I vote for him ^^
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31 July 2013, 08:28 PM   #4
Guest Poster
I second that motion

5 August 2013, 09:25 PM    #5
Guest Poster
He's cool with me.

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