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10 March 2013, 06:26 PM   #1
Guest Poster
Stars shining bright above you Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you" Birds singing in the sycamore trees Dream a little dream of me What are nightmares, but dreams that scare us? It's possible for dreams to manifest themselves. It usually ends up terribly ugly and disfigured, and nearly always dissappears after a few short seconds. Dreams don't have the fuel, the energy to keep them going. Nightmares do, for they drink and drink on fear and there's always fear and it keeps them going. Nightmares always manifest and they always get through the veil from the dream world to reality. And they wait. In the shadows they wait and bide and steal humans and eat away at them and then fill the empty vessel with their being, a puppet. They spread like viruses. You could be one, your friend could be one, only you or they would know. They rarely get exterminated. But now, it's starting to get ridiclous. You could just move, like most, you could just ignore the people dissappearing and the eyes watching you from the alleyways. Or you could hunt them, block them off, fix the broken veil. It's up to you really.
There's the cutest little castle, made from candy floss in a variation of colours, it stands tall and proud with spires topped with ice cream cones. The fields are splattered with pain and stuffed animal dolls all graze on it, each of them talking to eachother in their own little way. The sun has a smile upon its face, whistling out a tune with the birds and a little girl of about six or seven is running through the castle courtyard, after a dragon which insits on bathing in the fountain of lemonade and chocolate milk. She squeals with delight as it tackles her and licks her face like a dog. It licks and licks and then it bites her and it's eating the little girls face clean off her skull and she's screaming and the sun suddenly drops and the animals and rabid and eating eachother and the castle is on fire and everything is dying and violent and horrible and and
She splutters and chokes back what sounds like a sob, trying not to draw attention to herself in this cafe at least. Madeline grips her hand over her mouth, dark eyes wide with fear and her arms shaking. That should not have happened, she was supposed to be looking after the younger dreams like instructed and it wasn't working because now they are starting to tarnish the minds of innocent children and for Madeline this is the sign that things are truly going to shit. "That poor girl, she'll never want to sleep again," Her voice is barely above a whisper as she takes a sip of the cold tea infront of her, pushing the cup back with shaking fingers and gulping it down loudly. How long had she been out this time? A glance at the clock told her an hour. An hour and nobody had noticed her. Almost a new record. Dream walking hadn't been safe for a while now, not now that nightmares were coming through thicker and faster than usual and attacking everything. She understood that taking on these things in the dream world would be madness for her, because if she died there, she wouldn't wake up. Forever stuck in that persons head didn't seem so great to her. "Stop being such a buzzkill, Maddie," She tells herself, rising from the seat in the farthest corner and popping on her cream blazer, shuffling her peach pumps back onto her feet and making her way out of the cafe, walking down the street in a sluggish manner with her eyes trained to the pavement.

11 March 2013, 04:59 PM   #2
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OOC: I love this :'D.


Maybe it was the way the woods made Jericho feel at home. Maybe the eerieness of his
surroundings offered a comfort his parents never could. Or, maybe, just maybe, he had a
sick mind that enjoyed the thought too much. The woods, even though it was clear as day
out, were pitch black, all branches covered in forest leaves that never changed color in
the seasons other than a pitch black from lack of sun. No one dared walk the woods at
night, most didn't even want to go during the day if they could avoid it. He didn't blame
them. Creepy, eerie things happened here, but he wasn't afraid. He'd seen these woods
before. Somewhere he'd seen them, and to him it felt like home. What was his purpose of
coming here? Was there something waiting for him? Or someone? The dreams always ended the
same. Blood, horror, pain, sadness, all belted into one sick, twisted nightmare he called
his life these days. He never really understood if he could clearly tell the difference
between real life and his dreams. But does anyone ever? He wasn't too sure about that.

Without a moment's pause, Jericho lifted his palm and let his fingers spread across the
trunk of an old, black tree, dead of life and leaves. As if in response to his inner self,
the tree seemed to heat beneath his palm, as if it were coming to life before his very
eyes. His very touch. This had happened in the dream before, too. So what came next? Would
the dream happen as he'd seen it a million times as a child? Would he soon die, too? One
could only hope. When his senses finally came to, he looked around, solemnly studying his
surroundings to see if anyone was approaching, or anything was in sight. But alas, it was
just the trees that whispered soft 'oohs' and whistles from the wind bristling their
leaves, and pushing through the hallow holes in their trunks. To anyone other than
Jericho, it would have been scary enough for them to flee quickly, the flight instinct
overcast above the fight. But he wasn't afraid. No, not at all. He felt like this was
where he was meant to be, and he didn't want to leave. Jericho's tummy growled and twisted
in his gut, causing him to press his palm to his abdomen and whisper that everything was
going to be alright and that he would get food soon, as if his organs were precious
children inside him. "Soon," he murmured, easily, before he started walking again, the
earth starting to light up before him when he started to reach the entrance of the woods.

Darkness seemed to follow every step taken by the elementalist, and if he hadn't had known
better, he would have been a goner. But the darkness was like a mother, nurturing and
kind, protective and calming, but could be dangerous if used in the wrong sense. He turned
his chin up and looked around, not really paying much attention to his surroundings before
he felt his foot come out from under him. Down he went, until he went face first into the
grass below him, spitting out a mouthful of dirt that had been stirred up from him
scuffing his sneaker as he fell. He clearly was not impressed, as he pushed himself to his
knees, wiped off his shirt, and then pushed until he was back on his feet again,
straightening his dark posture without hesitation. "Stupid limbs," he hissed out softly,
allowing himself to bend and dust off the knees of his jeans, until the skinny jeans were
once again cleaned away from the dirt. Once satisfied with his look, he started off again,
keeping his eyes downcast when he reached the side-walk and started down it silently, his
feet kicking up loose rocks that skittered across the road in a series of 'clacks'.
Before he realized it, he felt his body collide with another, and he instantly skittered
back so he didn't fall flat on his face once again, just to tilt his chin up and look at
who stood before him. A woman had been walking his direction, but it seemed she wasn't
watching where she was going, either. He pitied women for this reason. Instead of speaking
like the gentleman he was, he gave a soft grunt of surprise and arched a brow, watching
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11 March 2013, 06:59 PM   #3
Guest Poster
OOC; thankyou so much omg ;v;

The slam of another body against her own sent Madeline sprawling backwards, her hand
catching a building and stopping herself from falling onto the floor. She shook for a few
seconds more, her glassy eyes staring at the man on the floor but not seeing him, not
clearly anyways,her mind going back to the dream she witnessed before quickly flitting
towards others, half her being anchored to the ground, the other half exploring beyond the

Madelines eyes blinked in rapid succession as she straightened herself up, brushing down
her jacket and giving a sleepy, almost confused looking smile at the other.
"Did I do that?," She seemed to question, staring off again and then answering the
lingering question.."Might've done that I guess. Not too sure, this plain is solid. Earth
back on earth," She mumbled, going forwards and holding out her hand to Jericho."Try not
to pull me down. I'm a bit frail,"

12 March 2013, 06:47 PM   #4
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OOC: oh hahahaha you're welcome :3

Jericho watched the girl go backward, but she'd seemed to catch herself in the nick of
time. Fine by him. He didn't have to do anything that required any more physical activity
that he called walking out of boredom. "Mmm," he muttered, as he lifted his gaze behind
his veiled black and red sunglasses, and watched her sleepy expression changed to a
slightly tired, weak and agile smile. He moved slightly and got to his feet, brushing
himself off after shrugging his shoulders, for what felt like the eighth time that
morning, and watched her. He kept silent, observing the girl who spoke sleepily to him.
She had questioned herself. But for what reason? Wasn't it clear that it was both their
faults that they both should have watched where they were going? Didn't she at least care?
Didn't seem to, that's for sure. He slowly tilted his hand away and shied at the attempt
of her hand to touch his, so he could avoid contact, and listened to her speak. But he
wasn't going to touch her. Something seemed a little off and he was getting a 'get the
hell out' vibe starting to climb through his nerves. He lifted a perfectly shaped, thin
brow and watched her, before he slid his slightly snake-split tongue across his lip ring
and adjusted the ball in place so it didn't stick to his face. "Yeah," he mumbled after.
"Don't worry about it. Wouldn't dream of pulling you anywhere," he murmured easily,
allowing his passive aggressive side show beneath the flesh. His tone had changed to a
softer one, but just as cold and shut out as before. "Frail?" he asked, almost to himself,
and shook his head, flicking out his tongue just to fix his other lip ring instead.
"Frail." he repeated himself, nodded, and then sighed out. "You okay to walk? You look
like you're going to knock yourself out. Do you need to sit down somewhere? Go home or
something?" he asked blankly, as if he could show a tad bit of concern, and kept his eyes
on her.
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12 March 2013, 07:35 PM   #5
Guest Poster
"If I sit down, I'm afraid I'll fall to sleep again," Madeline had taken to
twisting a finger round her hair, her eyes slipping shut for a few seconds  and
transcending back into the veil for a short while before coming back around and rubbing
her eyes in a tired fashion.
"I could fall asleep now. Doesn't matter if I get home, I'll sleep there to," She shrugs.
This man was interesting, something there that wasn't exactly humanly whole, but he didn't
come off as half god like herself.

"See? Frail?" Her right arm clamped around her thin wrist of the left arm, and then
tapping her prominent collarbobe. "Don't each much, don't get a lot of proteins, get a lot
of sleep but that's it," Madeline gave a toothy grin, another yawn escaping her mouth.
"I'm babbling again right? Sorry I do that a lot. Seen anything....odd or vicious looking
around here lately?,"

13 March 2013, 04:38 PM   #6
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Jericho watched the girl while she twisted a finger aimlessly into her hair in strands.
He slowly shook his head, almost as if surprised at what she had to say. Fall asleep?
Again? Just how many times, exactly, had she fallen asleep before he woke her? Silence
followed as he waited for a response he wasn't sure he was going to receive, and stared at
her when she started to rub her eyes and go a little wobbly. She obviously wasn't safe to
have around at this point. A hazard, he thought she'd be. What if she'd fallen forward on
the road and passed out? Would people be smart enough to stop? He shook the thoughts away,
sighing out. Why exactly did he care? He didn't control the girl. She was her own being.
He cocked his head, letting his hair drop over his shoulder, and pushed his sunglasses
down just a tad, so she could barely see his pale, miss-matched eyes, left being green,
right being blue. (I think that's the order I'd put it in his sheet XD) They seemed to
glow a light, faint red from the fire burning within him, coaxing him to move. He
straightened his head again and put his sunglasses back into place to hide the difference
between the two, refusing to speak.

"Frail." he murmured, for what seemed like the tenth time, and watched her clamp onto her
wrist and tap her collarbone as if to prove her point. "You should eat." he mumbled out,
gently kicking a rock with the tip of his sneaker, turning his gaze down to hide his pale
face. He didn't like eye contact much, so he tried to avoid it as often as possible. "No,
no," he murmured out, keeping his gaze away as he waited for her to speak. Odd? Vicious?
No. He'd seen, felt, and heard the woods, but was he going to admit that and look crazy?
No, of course not. "N...No," he stammered softly, allowing a soft pink glow to rise in his
cheeks, but he dropped his head lower, masking the lie, and then looking back up at her.
"Do you want me to carry you home?"
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14 March 2013, 05:52 PM   #7
Guest Poster
"You're stammering. Are you lying to me, perhaps you are?" Madeline walked right
up to Jericho, staring him in the eyes through the sunglasses with a frown on her face,
eyebrows brought together so much they nearly melded together.
"You might not be though, that's ok I guess," She gave a smile and then a gasp, placing
her hands on her hips in an almost offended manner, her mouth drawing into a line.
"Carry me? Do I look like an invalid! I have legs I can walk, thank you very much!" She
huffed out, crossing her arms and looking extremely annoyed for a couple of seconds. Her
arms slowly dropped and her eyes darted about, the hairs on her spine standing upon end.
Madeline became very still, something else was near, she could feel it, her Demigod
instincts tingling all over.

15 March 2013, 09:23 AM   #8
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Jericho stepped back when he was questioned at such a severe level, and he fumbled with
his hands, trying to find the pockets of his jeans to regain his cool, but failed
miserably. "N-No," he coughed out, trying to cover up the lie. But why would it matter if
he was lying, anyway? Who was this girl to think that she could just demand an answer,
anyways? Jericho finally found his weight and heaved himself to stand still, watching her
bring her eyebrows together and then smile, but it turned into a twist of what might have
been anger or annoyance, and smirked at the result he'd gotten from his question. "Thought
so. Wasn't going to carry you anyways," he mumbled, almost smug with his own attitude as
he watched her, but she seemed to drop every nerve in her body the moment her arms slipped
and fell to her sides, eyes darting, and from what he could see, she was getting
goosebumps perhaps. She was still. Didn't move an inch, and she seemed far out of it.
"Miss?" he called softly, taking a step closer and examining her blank stairs. "Miss?
Girl. GIRL!" he almost shouted, wanting to desperately shake the blank stares from her
face. "MISS." he repeated this multiple times, refraining himself from grabbing onto her
shoulders, knowing full too well he couldn't control the heat within him. His eyes started
to burn, as if embers were held within his irises, turning his eyes to a smokey, darker
color than they were, as if the flames started to flicker and catch the oxygen. His hands
started to heat, and he tried to swallow the fright and the anger back down, but it seemed
to bubble within when his arms shot out and grabbed her shoulders, shaking her repeatedly,
the heat in his hands burning everything in it's wake. "GIRL. LOOK AT ME. WHAT THE HELL IS
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15 March 2013, 02:31 PM   #9
Guest Poster
The white hot pain brought Madeline out from her trance, jacket and skin
smouldering to ashes under the touch of the man infront of her. Her mind came back,
bringing up her arms and shoving Jericho hard away from her, the smell of burning flesh
heavy in the air.
"O oh my fffucking," Her eyes were wide with fear, tears leaking from her eyes and her
breath coming in short gasps. Her skin was melting, her skin was melted and it was black
and red and her shoulders looked like Picasso had drawn on them.
"Oh Christ what did you do?", Her voice was barely above a whisper, her feet dragging her
backwards. She made a wrong move, hitting against a wall and she screamed, another cry
tearing from her lips.

16 March 2013, 12:00 PM   #10
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Jericho stammered as he fell out from the thought of burning, shoving himself back at the
same time she did, looking at her in astonishment. Had he done that? Just now? Had he
burnt the snot out of her skin and clothes? He stammered out the words he couldn't think
of, dropping his hands as if he were ashamed of himself. "I...I didn't mean...I didn't
mean to...I'm so sorry...I just...I..." he gasped out, unable to get out an entire
sentence without looking like the complete opposite of a genius. He watched her start to
cry, and he yanked his hands back before he could reach for her. "I didn't...I swear I
didn't mean to I saw red I'm so sorry..." he gasped out, as if he himself was about to
either pass out or bawl his eyes out, which was rare. He turned away. "I...I can't control

OOC: UGH ;~;
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22 April 2013, 02:00 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Deep breath, in and out, Madeline choked back another sob, the sound coming
out strangled and strange as she entered a world of complete calm, the pain still fresh
but her mind wandering, numbing it. Sleep would heal, it was how she did it, sleep heal.
It wouldn't be smooth skin, it'd be jagged and ugly. It was better than no skin at all
though, better than hospitals.
"Calm," She said, a salty tear dripping down her chin and onto the floor. "Calm is good.
My name is Madeline," She tried to keep her shakey voice still, her mind still wandering,
getting ready for what she knew to be a healing coma.
"And you need to show me to a bench before I pass out, got it?"

22 April 2013, 06:28 PM   #12
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Jericho panicked on the inside, internally screaming at himself for clearly being too
stupid. But the moment she had started speaking once more, he instantly lurched forward,
swung one arm under her shoulder blades, and the other arm clean to the back of her knees,
lifting her up off the ground and into his arms bridal-style. He easily moved across the
pavement to a bench, and slowly set her down, making sure to prop his arm over the arm of
the bench to give comfort to her head, and held her on the bench so he couldn't get far
from her. He felt as if it was his duty to protect her, now that he had hurt her so bad.
He kept himself still, watching her as her shaky voice continued, and seemed to be losing
her attention span, as if she were slipping in and out of consciousness. "Are.." he
started, biting his lip to choke back a worried gasp, and looked away. "Are you okay..?"
he squeaked, finding it hard to breathe now that he was so enveloped in protecting her. He
kept his eyes out for everything and everyone, staying alert, so that if anyone would try
to touch or react with her, he would stop it immediately.
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23 April 2013, 01:58 PM   #13
Guest Poster

Madeline was initially shocked at getting picked up, her hands gripping like iron onto
Jerichos' jacket and then released at the tension running up her arm and causing a twinge
of pain. Could've just escorted me,She thought, keeping it to herself and letting
out a large yawn, her lids half covering her eyes.

"No," Her reply was slow, as if she had carefully thought it out, which she half had. The
tone suddenly took a serious note, eyes hardened slightly and those soft edges from being
sleepy sharpened like knife points. "I'm going to sleep. Whatever you see happen, don't
freak out, or it'll draw attention to...what I'm doing. That would be very. Very. Bad,"
Madeline gave a nod, stretching herself out a little and letting her body go slightly
limp, eyes coming to a close. She was asleep, her body anchored on the bench but her mind
somewhere very different.

23 April 2013, 04:14 PM   #14
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He held her, as if she were a fragile, extinct flower, like she were the last of her
kind. Perhaps she was, but Jericho didn't know anything different. He held onto her nearly
limp body with all of his strength, keeping everyone and everything away from them to
protect her. It was his fault, after all. He deserved to take the blame and now he had no
other terms of endangerment than to protect the girl who lay anchored in his lap on the
bench. He turned his head to look at her, and waited quietly, his sunglasses hiding his
different coloured eyes, worry sweeping across them when hsi irises seemed to switch
colours, from his left being one colour, to changing into the colour his right eye held,
while his right took on the colour his left just had moments before, before they switched
back to normal. He listened to her words, though he wasn't very keen on letting whatever
would happen, happen to her. "Ok...Okay..." he breathed, as he felt her body seem to grow
heavier with weariness and sleep. But yet, he still held onto her, not wanting to let go
or shy away from her body.
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23 April 2013, 04:52 PM    #15
Guest Poster
Her own dream world varied a lot, Madeline often changed it for a bit of fun; but sometimes it changed itself. This was a perfect example of them, her own pain and fear magnified. She lay in a glass coffin in the veil, much like Snow White, everything in the landscape around her pale colours of green and purples, very pretty and calming, just what she needed.
The process had begun, the burnt and bubbled skin on Madelines arms began to clear up, still leaving bumpy and un-even skin, her arms heavily scarred but healing over very slowly.
It happened fast. The fire spread in her dream quickly, turning pale pastel colours into blacks and burnt oranges, singing and burning everything in its path. It licked the side of the coffin, melting the sides of the casket and causing Madeline to panic, her hands pounding against the glass, it would hurt her, but she had to face it again in order to heal. But it still felt so real, and she kept panicking, screaming and yelling but nothing happening and she cried and sobbed but the smoke started choking her.
Madline woke up with a jumpstart, taking in a deep breath of real air and coughing, her eyes rimmed red as if she had really been choking and she exhaled and spluttered, looking slightly frazzled but definatley more awake that she'd been all day.

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